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NEAT Method is the best overall for home organization services

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The Best Home Organization Services of 2022

If you’re looking for the fastest route to a neater, tidier home, consider the help of a home organization service. It might sound too good to be true, but professional organizers specialize in restoring order and controlling clutter by implementing space solutions that work for your lifestyle.

While in-home sessions are often preferred for hands-on help sorting and sifting through your most cluttered messes, virtual home organization services have become popular as well. In either case, you’ll find that the professional assistance provides expert guidance on how to structure space, along with gentle guidance (but no pressure) on what to do with items you no longer find useful or valuable.

Conquer your clutter and improve your home’s function and flow with the help of these best home organization services.

Best Overall: NEAT Method

NEAT Method

 NEAT Method

Why We Chose It: The NEAT Method wins the top spot for its turnkey approach to home organizing and is available in 75 cities across the United States and Canada. Not only will your NEAT organizer help you declutter, but they deliver organized spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Pros & Cons

  • Will handle donation or consignment of unwanted items

  • Services are available in person or virtually

  • An interior design aesthetic permeates organizing solutions

  • Pricing varies by market

One of the preeminent nationwide organization services, NEAT Method describes itself as a “luxury home organizing company.” Once you experience a NEAT transformation, however, you’ll agree the company’s services could be easily categorized as a necessity. 

The NEAT Method currently caters to both residential need, though one of its most prominent accomplishments was the organization of the goop offices in NYC. This project showcases what NEAT does best—preserving the character and integrity of an entity and space.

When it comes to home organization, you can expect the same results. Your NEAT Girl, as the brand’s professional organizers are sometimes referred to, will consider your organizational needs, procure the right organizational tools and storage options, implement sustainable solutions, and donate or consign items you’ve decided need to go. Best described as a “lifestyle service,” NEAT aims to help you live a new neat life that is sustainable using customized solutions that work for you.

The NEAT Method does not list its prices, only saying that they are by the hour and vary by location.

Best Budget: Clutterbusters



Why We Chose It: Straightforward pricing and no-fee phone consultations make this organization service a great value.

Pros & Cons

  • Transparent pricing is readily available

  • Offers in-home and virtual services

  • A 1-Day Clutter Crusher service is available for ambitious clients or those short on time

  • Organization services must be booked in 4-hour sessions

  • Follow-up sessions must meet the minimum appointment windows

Clutterbusters is a great option if you’re shopping for affordable home organization services. In business since 2002, this company focuses on tackling small to medium-sized projects in four-hour blocks of time. You can opt for a single organizer or elect to hire up to 10 organizers for major manpower on your toughest tasks.

Take advantage of the free phone consultation from this budget home organization service, which will help you identify your project objectives and how Clutterbusters can best suit your needs. As indicated on the company’s website, organization services are $75 per hour (for each organizer). You’ll need to book the aforementioned time slot, which the company says should be enough time to tackle small or medium-sized spaces, like an overstuffed hallway linen closet or reorganizing your kitchen cupboards. If you spring for a package of 30 organization hours, your hourly rate drops to $65 per hour.

In-person services are available in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Washington state markets. Virtual services are offered nationwide at the same rates.

Best Virtual: Major Organizers

Major Organizers

 Major Organizers

Why We Chose It: No stranger to the virtual world, this organization service has been helping people with online decluttering sessions since 2009.

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible virtual appointment options, ranging from 1 to 4 hours

  • Affordable pricing

  • Option for in-person organizational services for larger projects

  • Virtual services are targeted toward small to medium-sized projects

  • Limited geographical presence for in-person organization

Major Organizers is inspired by the spirit of order and discipline but takes a judgment-free approach to help you declutter your space. Led by "Major Mom" founder Angela Cody-Rouget, this franchised organization service has a team of "Liberators" (another name for their professional organizers) ready to help you free your life of clutter and dysfunctional space. If you’d rather have help on the ground and you live in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, or Texas, you may be able to arrange an in-person appointment.

The virtual sessions are available via popular video-conferencing platforms and come in flexible appointment blocks. For instance, you can pick the Power Hour for a 60-minute session that costs just $88. Or, opt for the Independence Package that gives you 2 hours to use for analyzing your space. You’ll receive both a space plan and an action plan to implement the strategies discussed. This is a great option if you’re looking for a jumpstart and solid strategies to tackle your home’s trouble spots or you’re battling a specific storage situation that has you stuck.

Best for Decluttering: Merry Maids

Merry Maids

 Merry Maids

Why We Chose It: Clutter usually means lots of dust and dirt, so hiring a cleaning company like Merry Maids that also offers organization services will make the transition to a clean, neat space much easier.

Pros & Cons

  • Worry-free guarantee means you’ll be satisfied with the services you receive

  • Bundle cleaning and decluttering services to maintain your home’s appearance and order

  • Next day appointments may be available, depending on location

  • Organization services are not available in all areas

  • Will assist in identifying donation or disposal options for goods, but may not assist with transport

Best known for their nationwide presence of happy housecleaners, Merry Maids offers a suite of other services—including home organization. Decluttering a home is a critical step toward restoring order, but it often means dealing with debris and dust bunnies. The team from Merry Maids can easily handle the dirty work of cleaning up your space before putting everything away in a neat, organized manner.

If you’re looking for a home organization service to declutter and deep clean your home, Merry Maids has been in business for more than 40 years and covers a vast network of metropolitan areas. When you contract Merry Maids for decluttering services, you can expect a thorough clean before the organizing begins and a helping hand to determine what to do with items that you’ve decided need to go. In the end, you’ll have a clean and organized space that enhances the enjoyment of your home.

Best Splurge: The Home Edit

The Home Edit

 The Home Edit

Why We Chose It: Home organization gurus and social media stars, the team at The Home Edit is in demand and on-trend. If you want a swoon-worthy closet and have big bucks to spend, do it with the help of this service.

Pros & Cons

  • Rates are for a two-person organizing team

  • Sharp eye for color and aesthetically-pleasing storage solutions

  • $50 virtual 30-minute consult fee will be applied to project invoice

  • Rates for virtual sessions are pricey

  • Project spaces are limited in scope; a kitchen doesn’t include a pantry, for example

The Home Edit is one of the top trending home organization services that should be on your radar—and your Instagram feed. Obsessed with color as much as with order, the two-woman team makes dramatic changes in the homes of stars, as documented in their Netflix series. But you can tap into the fresh and functional home organization strategies of the Home Edit, also. Bragging rights are yours when you hire the same organizing company as Khloe Kardashian or Reese Witherspoon.

This splurge-worthy home organization service will fly to clients throughout the United States from their home base in Nashville, Tennessee. But the good news is that the list of cities where The Home Edit’s services are available is growing—Atlanta, Washington, D.C, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angles, New York, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and South Florida are all represented. Rates vary based upon market but keep in mind that these figures include time with a team of two organizers. This keeps the rate competitive with other luxury home organization services.

Best for Photos: EverPresent



Why We Chose It: With a seamless process to safely and efficiently organize your photos, plus plenty of options to turn those photos into keepsakes like books or videos, EverPresent makes your memories more accessible than ever.

Pros & Cons

  • Offers maintenance plans to keep things organized as you make new memories

  • Professional photo organizers handle all the sorting

  • Option to make photo books or videos yourself, or let the pros handle the process

  • Tagging is an optional service with an added cost

  • Must wait for a hard drive to arrive in the mail before getting started with the process

We take and store more photos than ever before, but before you know it, your everyday moments and yearly highlights are scattered across the cloud or biting into your valuable memory space on your phone or computer. Photo organization services like EverPresent aim to make your digital pictures organized and accessible. And in addition to online organizing, EverPresent also offers physical photo organization services in-person.

To facilitate the process—and ensure that nothing is lost in the transfer—EverPresent sends you a hard drive in the mail. Download the photos from your devices, including your phone, computer, or cloud service, and EverPresent will remotely download the files. If that sounds complicated, don’t stress—a team member from the company will walk you through the process. Once EverPresent receives the files, a designated Photo Organizer will sort, remove duplicates, and organize all photos by year and month. Optional tagging services are available as well. Once the clean-up is complete, you can download the photos to the software service of your choice.

For in-person photo organizing, expert consultations are available to help you customize your project and create an efficient system for yourself. They'll even help you scan in and digitize older photos or create a backup so you'll never lose track of them.

Just like that, you’ll be able to find the photos from family weddings, your fabulous beach vacation, or fun moments last summer. And, like any good organization service, EverPresent will walk you through the system and teach you how to find and use your new photo organization process. Since categorizing and uploading photos is an easy task to overlook, EverPresent also offers maintenance services that will keep your memories safe as you make them. In addition, you can turn your photo memories into professional-grade photo books or videos. Giving your photos life beyond your hard drive is an easy way to keep your special memories alive.

Best for Closets: The Container Store

The Container Store's In-Home Organization

Courtesy of The Container Store

Why We Chose It: An in-home extension of The Container Store, trust these home organizing pros to whip your closets into shape with a full suite of solutions from the organizing retail giant.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide availability in national retail locations

  • In-home services include measuring and installation, eliminating the guesswork

  • Expert guidance on which closet system from TCS will work best

  • Hourly rates vary by market and are not readily available online

  • No virtual services available

It’s no secret that The Container Store is the retail giant of organized living and famous for its closet organizers. However, you may not know that the chain contracts with organizational pros around the country that offer in-home organization services. Pair professional services with the flexible options from TCS, and you have a winning combination for your wardrobe.

The Container Store's network of professional organizers will visit your home to assess your storage needs, identify a system that works, and measure, order, and install your storage solutions. It first comes to mind for closets, since The Container Store’s ELFA system is one of the most popular closet organizers on the market. But these organizing pros can tackle any room in the home. Consider this service if you’re a big fan of TCS products but don’t know where to start in picking the right storage solutions for your own home.

Final Verdict

While most home organization services offer both in-home and virtual service options, there’s a wide range in pricing and many different parameters on project scope. Add in geographical availability, and you may either narrow or widen the field of home organization services available.

The NEAT Method earns our top nod for their extensive network of organizers in 75 cities and simple approach to transforming your problem areas. From decluttering to storage solutions and long-term strategy, this home organization service knows how to get it done. Confronting your clutter is stressful enough, and the NEAT Method team eliminates the extra stress of trying to DIY your project. On the other hand, you can save a bundle if you opt for our best budget pick, Clutterbusters. Offering low, affordable hourly rates and package pricing, this might be the most economical, albeit less flashy, home organization service on our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Home Organization Services?

Home organization services help you to declutter, sort, and organize any space in the home or garage. Often called upon for their organizing expertise as much as their moral support, these professionals aren’t hired to make you throw things away that you don’t want to part with. Instead, they’ll help you identify the best way to store or arrange items and determine a long-term strategy that works. It may or may not include buying storage solutions, like closet kits, storage containers, or other items to make your home’s space more functional.

Who Should Use Home Organization Services?

Popular with people in life transitions such as new homeowners, first-time parents, or empty nesters, home organization services are great for finding new ways to adapt to your space. But this service is highly recommended for anyone that feels stuck with a cluttered room, closet, or home. They can provide the know-how and the motivation to help you finally tackle that unruly drawer, crammed cabinet, or wild wardrobe.

How Much Do Home Organization Services Charge? 

Rates can vary widely for home organization services and may be hourly or project-based. It’s always best to request a quote or have a consultation with the company of your choice. Generally speaking, however, hourly rates for a professional organizer range from about $70 per hour to $200 or more in major markets. Travel expenses may be incurred if the project is outside of an organizer’s geographical area.


To determine the best home organization services, we evaluated dozens of professional organizers. Factors like wide geographical presence, availability of online services, and rates and contract terms ranked high in our comparison. We also paid special attention to strong retail ties and factored that in, since some services are strongly affiliated with retail partners.