Best Home Renovation Apps

The free Houzz app reigns supreme for its 3D visualization tool

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Home renovation apps can be great aids when you’re planning, designing, and implementing a new remodeling project. The best apps feature user-friendly tools and offer useful recommendations that’ll help make your home improvement ideas a reality—and they’re cheaper than hiring a design professional (all of the programs featured below offer free downloads). 

Since home renovation covers many different categories, we broke down our favorite design apps by what they do best—from creating floor plans to matching paint colors. Read through our guide to determine which home renovation app works best for your specific project.

The Best Home Renovation Apps of 2023

Best Overall : Houzz

Houzz Best Home Renovation Apps


Key Specs
  • Price: Free
  • Device Compatibility: iOS and Android
Pros & Cons
What We Like
  • Free to use

  • 3D "View in My Room" feature

  • Ability to buy furniture directly within the app

  • Access to a network of more than 2.7 million contractors

What We Don't Like
  • Not all products are in stock

Why We Chose It

Houzz provides an all-in-one experience for interior design nerds. You can shop for furniture and materials, see what products will look like in your home, hire professionals to help with various stages of your renovation project, and get inspiration from other creatives. 

The best tool in Houzz’s arsenal is its “View in My Room” 3D feature, which allows you to decorate a space virtually using millions of name-brand and boutique products available on the app. Once you’ve found pieces that you love, you can buy each item directly through Houzz. What’s cool is that these products aren’t limited to sofas, lamps, and rugs (though there are plenty of those to browse through). You’ll find vanities, cabinets, backsplash tile, and much more when you poke around the app.

Houzz is also a good resource if you need to hire a home improvement professional. The company has a vast network of contractors—from architects and interior designers to landscapers and swimming pool builders—who can help bring your project over the finish line. Search by zip code within the app or receive recommendations from the Houzz team by filling out a short questionnaire.

Best for 3D Floor Plans : Homestyler

Homestyler Best Home Renovation Apps


Key Specs

Price: $0-$19.60 per month

Device Compatibility: iOS, Android, Mac, and PC

Pros & Cons
What We Like
  • There's a free version of the app

  • The tools can be accessed on both mobile and desktop

  • Easy-to-follow tutorials

  • Unlimited 1K 3D renderings

What We Don't Like
  • Advanced renderings cost extra

Why We Chose It

In the Homestyler app, you can start a renovation project from scratch, work off a template, or use a photo of your existing space to create a floor plan. The free version comes with unlimited 1K 3D renderings and a VR component that allows you to virtually tour your design as you tweak it. For higher quality renderings, you must upgrade to a paid plan (starting at around $4.90 per month) or you can purchase 4K, 12K, 720P, and 1080P renders as you need them. 

In addition to the cloud-based 3D floor planner, Homestyler’s free version gives you access to 100,000+ models and materials to decorate your space. The drag-and-drop menu includes structural features, such as sliding doors and bay windows, as well as furniture and light fixtures. Users can toggle between 2D and 3D throughout the design process to ensure that what they’re doing on the page is consistent with their vision. 

Another reason why Homestyler made the list is that it’s geared toward regular homeowners. Whether you have an idea in your head that you want to share with a professional or you’re committed to tackling the remodeling project on your own, you don’t have to be a skilled designer to find the app useful. Plus, the company has a whole host of tutorials on its website that can be viewed by anyone on the internet.

Best Visualization Tools : Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D Best Home Renovation Apps

Home Design 3D

Key Specs

Price: $0-$9.99

Device Compatibility: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Pros & Cons
What We Like
  • Intuitive floor plan creator

  • Advanced 3D visualization

  • Support hub with instructional videos and articles

  • Does not require an internet connection

What We Don't Like
  • Limited furnishings in the free and Classic versions

  • Unable to save projects in the free version

Why We Chose It

Home Design 3D lets users switch seamlessly between 2D and 3D so that they can see the changes they’re making in real time. The app even has a nighttime function, which allows you to visualize what your designs will look like in the evening hours. In addition to a variety of building tools, users can decorate the indoor and outdoor spaces they create with furniture, decor, paint colors, and flooring.

Initially, Home Design 3D was only available for iOS devices, but the program is now compatible with Android, PC, and Mac platforms. The latest version of the app makes it easy to browse the community gallery, where any user can share images of the projects they’re working on.

Though there is a free version of the app, the features are limited. Users can’t save or export projects, and the product library only contains 200 items. The full version, available for $9.99, offer the best experiences: 2033+ decor items, the ability to save your work, and AR capabilities on iOS devices.

Best for Paint Colors : ProjectColor by The Home Depot

ProjectColor by The Home Depot

The Home Depot

Key Specs
  • Price: Free
  • Device Compatibility: iOS and Android
Pros & Cons
What We Like
  • Free to use 

  • Color-matching capabilities

  • Option to buy cans or order paint samples within the app

  • Ability to preview paint colors using photos of your home

What We Don't Like
  • Color-matching tool isn’t always exact

Why We Chose It

If you’re looking to change up your walls, we recommend downloading The Home Depot’s ProjectColor app. Not only can you browse nearly every paint color imaginable, but the tool will also match hues that you find out in the real world. Love the gray tones you stumbled across in a restaurant bathroom? Upload a pic and the ProjectColor app will scan thousands of samples to identify similar options.

For each shade, you can scroll through a photo gallery to see what it’ll look like in different kinds of spaces or you can upload images of the actual room you’re redecorating to compare paint colors. The app also suggests coordinating accent hues and makes purchasing samples and cans of your desired color a breeze.

ProjectColor’s fun features provide plenty of distraction, but don’t forget to check out the app’s helpful videos and articles. You’ll discover tutorials on topics like how to prepare a room for paint, how best to paint a ceiling, and how to add texture to walls. Users can also connect the app to their Pinterest boards to get tailored paint recommendations based on their aesthetic.

Best for Furniture : Wayfair

Wayfair Best Home Renovation Apps


Key Specs
  • Price: Free
  • Device Compatibility: iOS and Android
Pros & Cons
What We Like
  • "View in Room" visualization tool

  • Easy access to more than 7 million home products

  • Items can be purchased directly within the app

  • Ability to track deliveries

What We Don't Like
  • Not every product has the "View in Room" function

Why We Chose It

Wayfair’s "View in Room" 3D tool uses your camera like a video so you can see what an item will look like in different parts of a room. Once you decide on a location, the product—whether it be a sofa or a plant—can be moved and resized to fit your space. We like that this cool feature takes a lot of the guesswork out of online shopping.

While not every item on Wayfair’s app is compatible with the tool, you can specifically search for furniture and decor that have the functionality by clicking the “3D Images Only” filter when shopping within a product category. Once an item is placed in your room, its measurements will pop up as will an “add to cart” button.

Of course, you can also track Wayfair deliveries, get sales notifications, and set up a wedding registry within the app. Given user ratings we’d say most customers agree that Wayfair is the store to look at if you’re redecorating.

Best for Landscaping : iScape

iScape Best Home Renovation Apps


Key Specs
  • Price: $0-$29.99 per month
  • Device Compatibility: iOS, Android
Pros & Cons
What We Like
  • There is a free version of the app

  • Tools are designed for landscaping novices

  • Option to get matched with a designer

  • Ability to share projects

What We Don't Like
Why We Chose It

If a chunk of your renovation is taking place outdoors, the iScape app can help you realize your vision. There is a free version that includes 2D and 3D AR design tools, but we suggest paying $30 a month for the Pro plan while your landscaping project is in progress. The Pro download grants users full access to iScape’s features, including its large database of plants and home products. Another big difference between the free and Pro versions is that in the latter, you can upload photos of your own yard for a more realistic look at the transformation to come.

The app is great for beginners because if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand or unsure of where to start, there’s an option to get matched with a landscape professional who will collaborate with you on the project. But, if you do decide to tackle it solo, iScape has a YouTube channel that walks you through some of the app’s features.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

The best home renovation apps are laid out in this guide, but if we had to recommend just one, it would be Houzz. The fact that it’s free to use, has a top-notch visualization tool, lets you buy your favorite items within the app, and helps you find home improvement contractors makes it our top choice for remodeling projects. 

However, each app featured has its strengths. If you’re reconfiguring the layout of your house, Homestyler’s floor plan creator may be a better tool for you. For those who consider themselves visual people, Home Design 3D’s building and decoration capabilities will grab your attention, but if you want to get a little more granular with paint color and furniture, The Home Depot and Wayfair apps are here to assist. Finally, iScape’s abundance of plants, trees, and other landscaping necessities will bring you one step closer to your dream yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Can You Do With a Home Renovation App?

    Home renovation apps offer a variety of different functions, but they are generally designed to keep you organized in the midst of a remodeling project, help you figure out what you want and visualize the end result, create a seamless way to purchase products, and provide access to contractors.

  • How Much Do Home Renovation Apps Cost?

    All of the apps featured above can be downloaded for free, but some of them come with paid upgrades that unlock more advanced features. For these plans, which include resources such as 4K image rendering and the ability to upload your own 3D models, you likely won’t pay more than $50 a month.

  • How Do You Find a Contractor for Home Renovations?

    To find a contractor for your home renovation project, the best place to start is usually with recommendations from family, friends, or neighbors. Ask them about the contractor’s communication, punctuality, and project management skills. Another great resource is sites like HomeAdvisor and Angi (formerly Angie’s List) that tap into their large networks to locate reliable professionals in your area.


To compile a list of the best home renovation apps, we reviewed more than 40, disqualifying those that are not available on mobile devices. We also removed apps that are aimed at industry professionals rather than the average homeowner. The following criteria was evaluated:

  • Cost
  • Skill level required
  • Device compatibility
  • Available features
  • Usability
  • Access to tutorials or a free demo
  • Ways to contact customer service
  • App Store and Google Play ratings

An app’s usability and available features were weighted more heavily in our research than other criteria. Skill level also played a big role in determining the best home renovation apps as we did not consider software meant for pro contractors, interior designers, and the like. Programs that provided a lot of instruction and excellent visualization tools fared the best.

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