The 7 Best Hose Reels of 2021

Keep your garden hose neat and tidy

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Our Top Picks
"The swiveling base of this hose box makes it convenient to water your yard from multiple angles."
"It's backed by a 10-year warranty and constructed of a heavy-duty, rust resistant aluminum."
"Mounting your hose reel saves significant space; this model is made for long-term durability."
"Easily maneuver your house with this wheeled option, which holds up to 175 feet of hose."
"With a multi-directional swivel base, it's a great option for increasing the reach of your hose."
"It's equipped with never-flat rubber tires that require no air or maintenance."
"This simple hose hanger that keeps your set-up neat and tidy."

Best Overall: Suncast 225 ft. Swivel Smart Trak Hose Hideaway


Keep your garden hose accessible but out of the elements with the Suncast Swivel Hose Hideaway. This popular option for a hose reel offers conveniences and features that make it easy to use and store your garden hose without spending a lot of time wrangling it in your yard. The swiveling base of this hose box makes it convenient to water your yard from multiple angles—making gardening easier. In addition, using a hose box keeps your hose out of the sun, which can cause it to become brittle or damaged. 

While in theory this hose reel should stay put while you unwind your hose, users recommend that you use the included stakes to secure it to the ground. If you have it resting on concrete, you may need to add additional weight to the top of this hose reel box—a potted plant works well according to one user.

Best Heavy-Duty: Eley Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel Model 1041


If you are looking for a hose reel that stands the test of time, look no further than the Eley 1041 Wall-Mount Hose Reel. This heavy-duty hose reel isn’t cheap but has proven to be a long-term solution for homeowners that were tired of constantly replacing inexpensive plastic hose reels that would frequently break. Constructed of aluminum, you won’t need to worry about this hose reel rusting and it’s backed by a 10-year warranty. 

Reviewers consistently agree that this heavy-duty hose reel is an investment, but that it is well worth it. It’s frequently described as solid and well-made. It operates smoothly and weathers the elements well. Additionally, this wall-mount hose reel can be positioned parallel or perpendicular to the wall, depending on the space you have available and how you plan to use the hose. 

Best Wall-Mounted: Liberty Garden Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

A wall-mounted hose reel doesn’t take up space in your garden and keeps your lawn clear from a bulky hose box. However, being mounted outside (potentially year-round) means that this type of hose reel needs to be able to stand up to the elements. 

The Liberty Garden Wall Mount Hose Reel (Model 704) is made from cast aluminum that won’t rust with exposure to damp conditions. Brass fittings are included—solving a common complaint from the past regarding leaky fittings. This reel also features a decorative scrollwork design and a shelf for holding your most frequently used tools or a pair of garden gloves. While cheaper wall-mounted hose reels with steel construction are available, the cast aluminum of this model makes it a top recommendation for long-term durability.

Best with Wheels: Suncast Mobile Hose Reel Cart

Suncast Hose

For a hose reel with wheels, check out the affordable and convenient Suncast Mobile Hose Reel Cart. This version is made of resin that won’t rust—though it occasionally draws complaints about becoming brittle and breaking. However, for about $30, this hose reel with wheels is a great option for storing your hose and easily maneuvering from the front yard to the back yard as needed. 

The capacity for this hose reel with wheels is stated to be 175 feet of hose, though real-world users suggest that 100 feet is a more accurate capacity. While this model of hose reel may not last for years to come, it’s an affordable option that is convenient and easily accessible.

Best Swivel: Liberty Garden Navigator Garden Hose Reel

A multi-directional garden hose reel allows you to navigate your landscaping without being hindered by the limitations of a fixed hose reel. The Navigator swivel hose reel from Liberty Garden is a great option for increasing the reach of your garden hose and is constructed of steel materials that have been powder-coated for durability and protection against the elements. 

This swivel hose reel includes a pull-up knob that allows the unit to rotate a full 360-degrees. However, you can use this same knob to keep the hose reel from swaying while winding up the hose. While this hose reel claims to hold up to 150 of 5/8-inch hose, most users agree that the reel is better equipped to handle about 100 feet of hose.

Best Cart: Suncast Commercial 200 ft. Pro Hose Reel


When shopping for a hose reel cart, you want to find a model that is sturdy enough to support the weight of your hose with smooth operating wheels that don’t break or go flat. The Suncast Commercial Pro Hose Reel Cart delivers all of these features and is a handy option for transporting your hose from one spigot to another. 

This hose reel cart will hold up to 200 feet of hose and is equipped with never-flat rubber tires that require no air. While you likely wouldn’t take this hose cart off-roading, users say that it handles bumpy ground just fine. Many hose reel carts draw criticism for having weak wheels or other parts that fall apart quickly, but the nearly all-metal construction of this cart sets it apart in terms of durability. Another feature that reviewers frequently point out is Suncast’s Slide Track hose guide that helps to easily maneuver the hose onto the reel every time you wind it up—eliminating kinks and frustration.

Best Budget: Yard Butler Deluxe Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hose Hanger

For a simple option to keep your hose neat and tidy, consider a hose hanger like the Yard Butler. While this model doesn’t offer winding action like a hose reel, it securely mounts to any wall, fence, or post and holds 100 feet (or more of hose).

This budget hose hanger is made from solid steel construction and is powder-coated for durability against the elements. Reviewers are typically very satisfied with its construction and have no doubts that it will last for years to come—which is something that can’t always be said for plastic hose reels that tend to become brittle and break.  

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