The 10 Best Hostess Gifts to Buy in 2018

Find the perfect gift for the party-giver.

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When making your way over to a friends place, ensure you don’t arrive empty handed. For all of the wining and dining you’re about to encounter, the least you can do is show your appreciation with a small gift. So, we’ve rounded-up several items your host is sure to enjoy.

From the items for the kitchen, to accents for the living room, these gifts serve as a great way to say “thank you” for the night ahead. Plus, when grouped together, they work well in a gift basket, too!

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    What’s an evening without some wine to celebrate? This set has everything they need to keep “the good stuff” flowing. The Premium Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Wine Bottle opener works to remove a wine cork in seconds, while the Sleek Stainless Steel Ice Bucket keeps the bottle chilled for all hours to come. Consider it a duo they’ll be happy to have on hand as soon as you come knocking. Just be sure to bring a bottle of wine too!

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    If they haven’t jumped on the spiralizing train, let them dip their toes into the scene with this handheld version that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Built with a non-slip grip, they’ll love creating curly noodles from all of their favorite veggies for low-carb entrees, frittatas, salad garnishes, and more. Backed by a stamp of approval from Cook's Illustrated, it’s one tool they’ll have fun experimenting with in the months to come. And if you’re lucky, they may just invite you over to...MORE enjoy their tasty creations, too.

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    The classic floral gift never gets old — especially when it looks as good as this one! Rated as a bestseller in its class, these Benchmark bouquets are shipped in bud form to ensure a long lifespan after they arrive. Plus, the retailer is able to offer free overnight shipping to ensure a fresh batch every time. Consider it the perfect way to keep the feel-good vibes from the party going, even after it’s over!

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    Sometimes, the perfect gift is something you didn’t know you needed, but can’t live without after you get it. This gift is certainly fits that description. From boiling pasta to cooking up a stir-frys, this whale duo will certainly be the highlight of the experience, adding quirky flavor to their kitchen with each step of the process.

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    Sure, this may be seen as more of a traditional gift, but among close knit neighbors and family and friends, it’ll be a total hit. With Bluetooth enable audio streaming and jacks for two microphones, your pals will be belting along to their favorite tunes in no time. Incorporate everyone into the fun by pairing up to make karaoke a team event. Winner hosts the next event!

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    Just because dinner’s over, doesn’t mean the fun should stop. Amazon’s best selling game, Cards Against Humanity, will keep the conversation going long after dessert’s over. Involve the entire crew in this round of cards that pits players against personality and wit. The person with the most clever or outrageous answer wins, while the rest of the group laughs along the way. For the quickest way to “break the ice” with a new crowd, consider going with this gift.

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    Make them feel right at home — when they aren’t doing all of the entertaining. A personalized touch like this doormat will help them beautify the place they’ll be spending their time, especially if they’re just moving in! With several mat styles to choose from, you’re bound to find something that caters to their unique tastes and style.

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    Have you jumped on the Himalayan trend yet? If not, consider this idea known for both its decorative and holistic qualities. The lamp is made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains, so it gives off a warm amber glow as soon as it’s lit. The accent is also said to enhance the ionic balance of their living space, to leave them feeling more refreshed and less stressed. Thus, making it something they need after a busy night of party planning.

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    For any event where cocktails are served, come with these Froz Ice Ball Makers in hand. This professional-grade mold creates seamless ice spheres that work across a variety of drinks. So whether they’ve got something fancy on the menu, or are serving up something simple, these cool cubes will make the beverages all the more fun to drink. We’ll cheers to that!

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    For the entertainer with a sentimental side, a wall quote is the best way to go. This one in particular is made from a high-quality wood design that can hang from the wall or stay propped on the countertop, so they’ll think of you everytime they pass by. Love the idea? Go with an extra one for yourself!

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