The Best Hot Tub Covers to Protect Your Spa From The Elements

The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover is our top pick

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A hot tub cover protects your hot tub and prevents debris from accumulating in the water. We researched dozens of hot tub covers, evaluating them on quality, durability, and ease of use.

Our best overall pick is The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover, which is customizable, impressively waterproof, and complete with lockable child safety straps.

Here are the best hot tub covers.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

Courtesy of Amazon

Dimensions: Up to 96 x 96 inches | Weight: Not Listed | Shape: Various | Material: 30-ounce marine-grade vinyl, CFC-free foam

What We Like
  • Closed-cell foam

  • Zero-absorption waterproofing liner

  • 4 Lockable child safety straps

What We Don't Like
  • R-17 insulation may not be enough in cold climates

Who else recommends it? Bustle also picked The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover.

What do buyers say? 89% of 700+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Order a replacement hot tub cover from The Cover Guy and you'll benefit from the premium materials, custom fit, and functionality. The Deluxe Hot Tub Cover is a popular option for hot tub use in most climates. This cover features a 2-inch slope from the center to the edge to prevent standing water and is rated for 150 to 200 pounds of weight per linear square foot. 

Features that make the Deluxe cover stand out from the crowd include a high-grade marine vinyl that is designed to stand up to sun and moisture exposure—extending the useful life of your hot tub cover. Inside, the cover is constructed with 1.5-pound closed-cell foam and energy reflective materials. The result is a transfer of heat energy back into your hot tub rather than out into the atmosphere. For the Deluxe model, the insulation factor, known as an R-value, is 17. 

You can customize the shape and dimensions of this cover to fit your specific hot tub model and choose vinyl from 12 color options. Hot tub owners in cold climates can also take advantage of the option to upgrade to 2-pound foam for better insulation against cold temperatures. 

Best Budget: Affordable Spa Covers Economy Tapered Spa Cover

Affordable Spa Cover

Courtesy of Affordable Spa Cover

Dimensions: Up to 96 x 96 inches, standard | Weight: Varies | Shape: Varies | Material: 30-ounce marine-grade vinyl, EPS foam

What We Like
  • Full-length seam stopper

  • Standard pricing for covers up to 96 x 96 inches

What We Don't Like
  • Recommended for indoor use

  • Limited 1 year warranty

If you're looking to spend less without sacrificing on features, check out this custom hot tub cover from Affordable Spa Covers. It includes a full-length seam stopper and 6-mil vapor barrier, and the base model is good for hot tubs up to 96 x 96 inches. It has a 4-inch center, tapering to 2 inches at the edges of the cover. An R-value of 15 is lower than most other models, but upgraded foam can provide more insulation if needed. 

While the base hot tub cover is best suited for use on indoor hot tubs and carries a limited 1-year warranty, homeowners with an outdoor hot tub will find excellent value in the Standard option, which has a taper from 5 inches in the center of the cover to 2 inches at the edges.

Best for Cold Climates: The Cover Guy Extreme Hot Tub Cover

Extreme Hot Tub

Courtesy of The Cover Guy

Dimensions: Varies | Weight: Not Available | Shape: Square, Circle, Irregular | Material: 30-ounce marine-grade vinyl, CFC-free foam

What We Like
  • Closed-cell foam

  • Holds 200-300 pounds of snow per linear foot

What We Don't Like
  • Higher density (2 lb.) foam is an upgrade

As the temperatures drop, a hot tub is a welcome way to warm up. However, extreme cold can cause heat loss and turn your hot tub into a lukewarm tub. Avoid this problem and increase energy efficiency by choosing a hot tub cover designed specifically for cold climates, like The Cover Guy's Extreme Hot Tub Cover.

It's insulated with 1.5-pound closed-cell foam, which means it’s better equipped to trap heat inside your hot tub, rather than letting it evaporate into the chilly outside air. Like other covers available from The Cover Guy, the foam is coated and wrapped to prevent it from absorbing moisture due to steam. 

In addition to cold temperatures, the Extreme model has a thicker cover to withstand higher snow loads. It has a 6-inch center peak that tapers to 4-inches at the edge. This cover can hold 200 to 300 pounds of snow and ice per linear foot. A seam stop that runs the full length of the hinge is an available upgrade to further insulate this hot tub cover and prevent warm air from escaping.

If you have the right cover in place, you can use your hot tub all season long with no need to winterize it.

Best Square: Prestige Spa Covers 89-inch x 89-inch Hot Tub Cover

Prestige Spa Covers - 89" x 89" Hot Tub Cover

Courtesy of Pool Supply World

Dimensions: 89 x 89 inches  | Weight: Not Available | Shape: Square | Material: Vinyl, 1-lb foam

What We Like
  • 5-inch skirt length

  • Tie-down locks for safety

What We Don't Like
  • Low R-value

  • No customization options

It’s obvious that you’ll want to match the shape of your hot tub to a replacement hot tub cover. For a square hot tub cover, consider this option by Prestige Spa Covers. Available to fit square hot tubs measuring 86 x 86 inches, this tapered cover has a 4-inch center height and 2-inch edge height. 

The vinyl cover provides resistance to the elements, while the foam inserts provide protection against heat loss. This model has foam with a 1 pound weight density, which is less than some of the other models on the market but sufficient for mild climates or indoor hot tubs. 

Best Round: MySpaCover Hot Spring Summit Round Cover

Hot Spring Summit Spa Cover

Courtesy of My Spa Cover

Dimensions: Varies | Weight: Not Available | Shape: Round | Material: 30-ounce marine-grade vinyl, 2 lb. foam

What We Like
  • 5-year warranty

  • Free shipping

What We Don't Like
  • Limited weight capacity for standard cover option

Regardless of the specific size of your round hot tub, the Hot Spring Summit cover from MySpaCover is a good choice. This round hot tub cover is customizable to fit the dimensions of your hot tub. You can choose from six combinations of features to match the energy efficiency and weather durability necessary for your setup

For most situations, the Standard round hot tub cover is a smart choice. This tapered cover is 4 inches at the center and 2.5 inches at the edge. It features foam with a 2-pound density for added insulation and has an overall weight load of 150 pounds.

Best Energy Efficient: Futura Covers Tapered Spa Cover

Futura Covers Tapered Spa Cover

Courtesy of Wayfair

Dimensions: Varies | Weight: 50 pounds | Shape: Square | Material: 28-ounce marine grade vinyl, 2-pound EPS foam

What We Like
  • R-25 insulation value

  • 2-pound foam insulation

What We Don't Like
  • Limited vinyl color options

  • Expensive

Guard against heat loss and improve energy efficiency with a well-insulated hot tub cover, like the Futura Tapered Spa Cover. Available in custom sizes to fit your specific hot tub, this option comes standard with 2-pound foam insulation, giving this cover an R-25 insulation value. The result is a dense, insulated hot tub cover that reflects heat back into the hot tub, rather than letting it evaporate into the surrounding air. This keeps the hot tub warmer and ready to go, with less energy usage from the heater.

Despite having a high-density foam core that is moisture and mildew resistant, this cover weighs only about 50 pounds and is surprisingly light to lift with the help of the two included handles. It’s available in three standard vinyl covers and an abundance of size options to match your spa. You’ll spend more on this energy-efficient hot tub cover, but the added insulation and tight-fitting cover will pay off in savings over the life of the cover. 

Best Custom: MySpa Cover Replacement Taper Cover

MySpa Cover Replacement Taper Cover

Courtesy of Amazon

Dimensions: Varies | Weight: Varies | Shape: Square, Circle, Octagon, Elliptical, Cut Corner | Material: 30-ounce marine-grade vinyl, EPS foam

What We Like
  • Available in seven different shapes

  • Tapered for water run-off

What We Don't Like
  • Full-length seam stop is an upgrade

A well-fitting hot tub cover is more aesthetically pleasing and will save you on energy costs, since it more effectively contains heat. A custom hot tub cover from MySpaCover is ideal for hot tubs in irregular shapes or to customize specific features for your tub requirements or conditions. 

The MySpaCover is a tapered cover with a standard center height of 4 inches, tapering to 2.25 inches. You can also upgrade to a 5 or 6-inch center height, depending on your needs and how much rain or debris you expect to land on top of your hot tub.

Choose from ten different colors of vinyl and seven different hot tub cover shapes, including a square, octagon, and four cut corners. You can customize the length of the skirt as well as the safety straps. Other upgrade options curb heat loss and provide for more insulation against the elements. 

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with The Cover Guy's Deluxe Hot Tub Cover (view at Cover Guy), which is made with high-density, heat-retaining foam and can be ordered to fit the size specifications of your hot tub. For a budget hot tub cover, consider the Economy Tapered Spa Cover (view at Affordable Spa Covers). While the warranty period is more limited, it provides an affordable option for covering your hot tub and preventing heat loss. 

What to Look for in a Hot Tub Cover


You should look for a hot tub cover that is compatible with the climate you live in. Hot tubs in very cold climates will require a thicker, better-insulated cover to retain heat. In addition, if you live in an area that receives heavy snow and ice loads, pay attention to how much weight the hot tub cover can hold to avoid damage to your hot tub. 

Heat and moisture retention

Aside from keeping debris out of your hot tub, a primary purpose of a hot tub cover is to hold in heat and moisture. The materials that a hot tub cover is made from, along with a good fit, will assist in preventing heat loss and evaporation. To evaluate the heat and moisture retention abilities of a replacement hot tub cover, consider how thick the cover is—keeping in mind that most covers are tapered. Also pay attention to the density of the foam inside the cover, which is expressed in pounds. The foam used for hot tub covers usually ranges from a 1-pound to 2-pound density; the denser the foam, the better the insulation of the hot tub cover. 

Extra features

Additional options can enhance the usefulness, longevity, or safety of your hot tub cover. Most covers include tie-down straps to secure the cover, but some hot tub covers can also be ordered with safety locks to prevent the removal of the cover without a key. 

Since a hot tub cover is exposed to the elements, look for UV-resistant vinyl as well as an inside vapor barrier that protects the hot tub cover from becoming waterlogged. Some hot tub cover manufacturers offer the option for a double vapor barrier to provide additional protection against moisture.

  • Why do you need a hot tub cover?

    A hot tub cover serves two purposes: To prevent debris from falling into your hot tub and to slow evaporation and heat loss. A hot tub that is left open can quickly become dirty from falling leaves, insects, pollen, and more and will not maintain the warm water temperatures you expect. This results in the need to clean the hot tub more often and run the heater more frequently. 

  • How do you install a hot tub cover?

    Installing a hot tub cover is quick and easy for most set-ups; keep in mind it’s often easier to do with two people. Set the folded cover on one half of the hot tub, being sure that it’s evenly positioned and covering the tub from edge to edge. Then, lift the top half and set it down on the other side of the hot tub. Secure the cover using the tie-down straps and clips.

  • How do you clean a hot tub cover?

    It’s important to clean your hot tub cover to prevent deterioration of the UV-resistant vinyl and the growth of mold. To clean a hot tub cover, do the following:

    1. Remove the cover from your hot tub and place it on a flat, level area of the ground—underside up.
    2. Use a hose with light to medium water pressure to rinse any residual hot tub chemicals from the cover. Check for any tears or rips in the cover. Wipe dry or allow to air dry.
    3. Flip the cover over and rinse the top with the hose. Check for tears or cracks in the vinyl.
    4. Use a mild cleaning solution—like vinegar and water, or a formula recommended by the manufacturer—to clean the hot tub cover of dirt and grime. A soft cloth or gentle brush can provide agitation but be sure not to scrub too hard. Rinse the cover and wipe dry or allow to air dry.
    5. Replace the cover on your hot tub.

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To find the best options for hot tub replacement covers, Erica considered the thickness of each cover, foam density, customization options, and the length of any warranty periods. Most options on this list can be ordered to fit your hot tub specifically, providing the best protection against heat loss and evaporation.

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