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    The Finalists: 2013 Best Hot Tub / Spa

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    The 2013 Reader's Choice Awards honors the year's top hot tub and spa brands and manufacturers, as nominated and chosen by you, our readers. Voting ends March 19th and the winner in each of the Pool & Patio categories will be announced on March 27. 2013.

    If you own or have used a particular brand of hot tub that you feel strongly enough about to endorse, then you've come to the right place. But don't go by looks or a somewhat-familiar name to make your selection. Among the...MORE criteria that might garner your top vote are:

    • Company reputation
    • Years in existence
    • Customer satisfaction and feedback
    • Range of products: something for every consumer and budget
    • Design and style
    • Features: all of the bells and whistles, or in this case, things like type and number of jets, water filtration, ozone treatment, covers and lifters, gazebos and surrounds and other hot tub accessories.

    Follow the links provided to learn more about each the three finalists, which will help you make a smarter choice. If you have personal experience with one of the finalists -- maybe you're the lucky owner of a spa made by one of these manufacturers -- then we don't need to tell you who to vote for.

    Finalists are presented in alphabetical order. First up: Bullfrog Spas

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    Bullfrog Spas

    &copy Bullfrog Spas

    Best Hot Tub / Spa Finalist: 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

    Bullfrog was founded in 1996 by David Ludlow and is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah, metro area. Ludlow's main challenge was to design a spa that reduced the amount of plumbing needed, while increasing jet power and efficiency. He developed a technology that he coined the JetPak System,™ which is now a popular feature of Bullfrog spas.

    So what will you get if you opt for a Bullfrog Spa? The JetPaks, naturally, which...MORE are actually removable spa seats -- each equipped with an individual array of jets. Additional Bullfrog technologies include PowerPlus, EnergySave™, and LeakGuard™.

    Among the lineup of portable hot tubs available:

    Next up: Coast Spas

    • A Series: These are luxury spas with premium options, that usually have larger seating capacities of up to five or more people. Hot tubs in this line are: A8L, A8, A8D, A7, A7L, A6L and A5L.
    • R Series: Quality spas with custom options and great features at an affordable price. These models seat up to six people and are equipped with up to four jet packs. The R Series includes: R7, R7L, R6L and R5L.
    • SportX: A line of high quality first-time spas focused on reliability and comfort at an affordable price. They include: 162, 151, 151R and 131.
    • EternaWood™ spa cabinets: Built with materials that make these cabinets both weather and UV-resistant, to help make the spa cleaning a low maintenance experience. Offered in three cabinet colors: Mahogany, Driftwood and Hazelnut.
    • SpaVault™: A kit that allows you to install a portable Bullfrog Spa either partially or fully in the ground. The kit is constructed of galvanized steel, the same rated metal used for years in structures for the pool industry so that it will not corrode. A great option for owners who want the hydrotherapy benefits of a portable spa with the attractiveness and accessibility of a custom-built spa.
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    Coast Spas

    coast spas
    Coast Spas, 2013 Readers' Choice Awards winner for Best Hot Tub/Spa. &copy Coast Spas

    Congratulations! Best Hot Tub / Spa Winner: 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

    Canadian-built Coast Spas is accustomed to developing "firsts" in the spa industry. The company's Cascade Series (pictured) is Coast Spas' patented vanishing edge portable spa series, one of the latest innovations from the company who also first installed stereo systems into a hot tub. With one edge of the spa completely removed, water spills over a 4-foot waterfall. Not just for aesthetics, the vanishing...MORE edge serves as the spa's skimmer, completely removing the bobbing telescope skimmers often found in traditional hot tubs. The water level is consistent in a Cascade Spa, kept at the same level no matter how many people are in the spa.

    Coast Spas also developed the advanced Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. This new filtration system tests 83 percent faster and 20 percent more efficient then the method of filtration that is still used several other manufacturers. This system is commercial grade, pressurized and removes the filters from sitting in the same body of water as the bather. Included in the Coast Spas' 2013 collection: the MicroSilk® anti-aging spa treatment system and a new Massage Number variable speed hydrotherapy system. Coast Spas are built at one of the few ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities in the industry.

    Lines and models available:

    • Classic
    • Elite
    • Luxury
    • Curve
    • Cascade

    Next up: Hot Spring Spas

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    Hot Spring Spas

    hot spring spas
    A hot tub by Hot Spring Spas is accessed via a custom-built wood deck. Photo &copy Hot Spring Spas

    Best Hot Tub / Spa Finalist: 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

    Started in 1977 by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, a subsidiary of Masco Corporation, Hot Spring Spas is headquartered in the northern San Diego County city of Vista, California. Among its features and innovations are the ACE® salt water sanitizing system, the first and only integrated salt water sanitizing system using diamond technology. Hot Spring spas are insulated with multiple layers of high-density polyurethane foam, which is...MORE the same material used to insulate commercial freezers. The company also pioneered a rigid vinyl hot tub cover for protection and energy efficiency.

    Additional perks to owning a Hot Spring Spas hot tub: a quartet jet system, Moto-Massage DX jet, Hydromassage jet, No-Fault® heater, SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump, Everwood® cabinetry, Soothing Seven jet and the FootWell system.

    Hot Spring's Highlife series include:

    • Aria: A five-person spa that includes the Moto-Massage® DX jet and Tri-X® filters, along with features like Precision® jets located in the calf area of the lounge for enhanced hydromassage.
    • Envoy: A five-person hot tub equipped with 39 jets, including the Moto-Massage® DX jet, and two 2.0 horsepower jet pumps. Three specially placed jets provide foot therapy.
    • Grandee: A large, seven-person hot tub allows two in the party to enjoy a back massage while the BellaFontana® hot tub water feature adds to the overall ambiance, with three illuminated arcs of water where color dances. An earlier version was once used at The White House.
    • Jetsetter: Built to hold three adults, this model features a lounge seat with the Moto-Massage® DX jet for your back, Precision® jets for your neck and shoulders, and a JetStream® jet for your feet so you can relax in style.
    • Prodigy: This roomy five-person spa includes several jet configurations in six seating locations, including a full back and lower back hydromassage.
    • Sovereign: A six-adult-sized spa with an extensive variety of jets and the SoothingStream™ hot tub water feature.
    • Vanguard: An energy-efficient spa for up to six adults, the Vanguard features a single Moto-Massage® jet and a Moto-Massage® DX jet, which work together on tired neck, shoulder and back muscles.

    Hot Spring Spas also produces the Limelight line and Hot Spot brand. Additional products include custom cabinet spas, spa covers, steps, cover lifters, water care and spa maintenance, home spa music systems and online deck design tools.