The 6 Best Hot Wheels Tracks of 2021

These tracks will seriously rev up playtime

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It has parking spaces so you can store cars within the set.
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This set can be connected with many other Hot Wheels sets.
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This set can also be connected to other Hot Wheels sets to amp up the fun.
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The barrels connect to the tracks and lid for sturdy building.
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This Spin Storm Track Set is designed to let them crash to their heart’s content.
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They say it’s well-made and offers tons of playing potential.
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The only thing better than a new Hot Wheels car? A brand new track to go with it. Hot Wheels tracks will make playtime more exciting, and they're a great gift for a child's birthday party or holiday celebration.

If you're ready to start shopping, here are the best Hot Wheels tracks available online.

Best Overall: Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set


If you're looking for the perfect gift for a child's birthday party or holiday celebration, this motorized Criss Cross Crash Track set is hard to beat. It includes one Hot Wheels vehicle to get things started and 16 feet of track. Intersections, hairpin turns, and motorized boosters take things to the next level, and a huge crash zone, where four tracks intersect, makes for a smashing good time.

The set measures 2.8 x 24 x 15 inches, and it has parking spaces so you can store a few cars with the set. It’s recommended for ages 5-9 years, and customers give it top marks. While some note that it’s loud, that’s not too unexpected given that it’s a set designed for car crashes. Most say their kids love this set and play with it endlessly.

Best for Beginners: Hot Wheels Track Builder Straight Track with Car, 15 Feet

When little ones are first introduced to Hot Wheels, they need the basics, which is what this set contains. It comes with 15 feet of straight track in all plus 18 connectors and a car to get the action started. Once they get the basics down, this set can be connected with many other Hot Wheels sets to take racing fun to the next level.

Recommended for kids ages 4-10, parents say it’s a fun and versatile set. It can be used on the stairs, the floor of the playroom, or anywhere else kids want to race. It's ultimately a great way for kids to learn how to connect tracks and start designing cool courses.

Best for Speed: Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

For little racers with a need for speed, there’s this Corkscrew Crash Track Set. Not only does it have three loops and three crash zones, but there are also three motorized high-speed boosters to really keep things moving. Kids will squeal with delight as they watch the cars whirling through the loops. Around and around they go! This set can also be connected to other Hot Wheels tracks to amp up the fun even more.

Kids will love the fast action that this set provides and parents report that it’s easy to assemble. As with other motorized tracks, some parents say this one is loud, and that it can be expensive to keep replacing the batteries. It’s recommended for kids ages 5-9 and measures 4.2 x 24 x 15 inches.

Best Portable: Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box

Have Hot Wheels, will travel. This Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box makes it easy to take all the racing fun on the go. It comes with six stacking barrels for jumping and stunting and a launcher built into the lid so cars can go soaring. The barrels connect to the tracks, lid, and each other for sturdy stunt building. When it’s time for the action to wind down, everything can be taken apart and stored in the included box.

Parents say it’s a great solo set, but it’s even more fun when it’s connected to other sets. Some note that the launcher can be a bit difficult for younger children to use, but most report that it works great and they love that it comes with its own storage solution.

Best for Crash Action: Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track Set

While racing is fun, there’s just something about smashing and crashing cars into one another that kids can’t get enough of. This Spin Storm Track Set is designed to let them crash to their heart’s content. Cars are sent off with one of two launchers, then spin around and around until they hit one of the three crash zones, then… Bam! A trap door allows this set to be connected to other sets so kiddos can create their own dream course.

Parents rave about the revved-up fun this set provides, though as with other motorized track sets, they complain about how noisy things can get while kids crash, smash, and otherwise create loud fun. A few also mentioned that this uses up a lot of batteries. Recommended for kids ages 5-12.

Best Splurge: Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

If you want to go big, we recommend the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset. It features fun, imaginative play zones, including a tune-up shop and a gas station as well as action tracks where they’ll have to outrun a chomping shark. Beyond that, there are racing ramps, elevators, a spiral ramp, and even five Hot Wheels cars and one helicopter for immediate play possibilities right out of the box. When it’s time to take a break, there’s enough parking for 36 cars.

Even though this set is pricey, parents say it’s worth every penny. It’s well-made and offers tons of playing potential. Plus, assembly is relatively straightforward, but some parents do caution that this is a huge set, so you'll want to make sure you have the room for it. It measures 30 x 5.8 x 24 inches and requires three C batteries.

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