The 9 Best Housewarming Gifts to Buy in 2018

Don't show up empty-handed to a new abode

Young couple receiving house key from real estate agent
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No one like the moving process, especially the piles of boxes and hours spent wrapping breakables in bubble wrap. We’re sure most people would rather fast forward to the part where they’re already in their new home surrounded by art on the walls and perfectly placed furniture. So when everything is actually done, they definitely deserve a celebration. And when you show up to that get-together, it’s important to have a gift in hand (because, hopefully, your parents taught you some manners).

You could just bring the standard bottle of wine, but expect it to be placed into a pile with a dozen other bottles that were brought that night, too. Instead, gift something that your friends can actually use, like a cool piece of décor or a tool that makes it much easier to entertain guests. Can’t think of anything amazing like that? We can. Here, the best housewarming gifts to mark this great occasion.


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    Best Overall: Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

    Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle
    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    People rave about Capri Blue candles. Why? They make your house smell amazing and they come in beautiful decorative jars. Choose from three scents — Coastal, Volcano and Lagoon — to find one that fits their personality and style. Coastal gives off notes of pineapple, verbena, coconut, bergamot and grapefruit; Lagoon offers the scents of freesia, incense, wood and peonies; and Volcano brings a mix of tropical fruits, citrus and mountain greens. They’ll get compliments about the smell as soon as people walk through the door.

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    Best Kitchen Tool: Electric Bottle Opener with Accessories

    Your friend will definitely receive more bottles of wine than they can drink at their housewarming party. If you’ve seen them struggle with a bottle opener a time or two — and who hasn’t? — they’ll need this genius electric opener. With the push of a button, they can remove a cork in just six seconds. And the set comes with a few bonus accessories: a foil opener, wine aerator and vacuum stopper. With the stopper, they can open a bottle, only have a couple glasses and securely save the rest in the fridge for another day.

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    Best for First-time Homeowners: Hello Doormat

    The welcoming vibes of your home start before anyone even crosses the front door. That’s why proud homeowners put up beautiful door wreaths or deck out their front porches with comfy furniture. If your friend just bought a house or moved into a new apartment, make sure they set the right tone with this “hello” doormat. The cute cursive writing adds a sense of playfulness to the entrance and invites people in. Plus, the doormat’s durable material — made from coconut husks — will stop muddy footprints from dirtying their new floor.

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    Best for Entertainers: Petrified Wood Cheese Board

    Petrified Wood Cheese Board
    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    One of the best parts of moving into a new place is showing it off. Make it easier to have people over by gifting them this stunning cheese board. Each 10-inch slab is an actual piece of petrified wood, which gives it a unique look. They’ll definitely get a kick out of serving snacks on a real-life fossil. The board is mostly made of minerals — not wood — so they can wash it easily and wipe it down quickly after a party. And if you’re feeling extra generous, bring along the cheese when you stop by to congratulate them on the new place.

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    Best for City Dwellers: Geometric Pyramid Hanging Terrarium with Stand

    Living in an urban environment can make you miss the simple things, like green spaces. Inject a little greenery into their environment with this geometric terrarium. It consists of a pyramid-shaped gold metal frame with glass panes on each side. It hangs over a sturdy stand that they can place on a side table or a windowsill. The plants are not included, but you can fill it with cacti, moss, air plants or succulents before you bring your gift over.

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    Best for Stylish Neat Freaks: Gold-Edged Marble Coasters

    Serving drinks to your guests makes them feel welcome; buffing out white rings from your new wood table makes you feel frustration. Help your friend avoid such a scenario by giving this set of gorgeous coasters. Each set includes four 4-inch marble coasters edged with a gold finish. The look will make sure they never feel embarrassed when they have to ask someone to use one — they’ll just feel fancy. The coasters are wide enough to fit most cups and glasses, and they have foam feet on the underside to prevent spills.

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    Best for Wine Drinkers: Wine Decanter Set with Four Glasses

    You can never really have enough wine glasses in the house. Chances are you’ve broken a few in your own home. Either they tip over and shatter, break in the dishwasher or mysteriously crack in the sink before you’ve had a chance to wash them. Bring this wine decanter set with four stemless wine glasses to the housewarming party to ensure that your friend always has an extra glass on hand. And the sophisticated-looking decanter will make them feel refined once they know how to properly aerate their favorite red wine. The set is functional and looks great on a bar cart.

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    Best Décor: White Ceramic Flower Vase

    Adding a small bunch of fresh flowers to any room can brighten it up instantly. Give your friend a reason to buy (or pick) a new bouquet every week by giving them this textured white vase. Opting for a white vase is a safe choice if you’re not sure what their décor style is, and the “waterfall” detail on this one makes your gift interesting. The ceramic vase is 8-inches tall and 2-inches wide. It’s on the smaller side and can serve as an accent in their new home. Fill it with flowers to make your gift presentation even better. 

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    Best for Cocktail Lovers: Bar Cart Booster

    Courtesy of Mouth

    Sometimes, moving to a new place means you’re starting from scratch: You need new furniture, stuff to stock the kitchen and, of course, the essentials that make up a usable bar. If you know someone who needs to buy the basics, start the process with this bar cart booster kit. It includes top-shelf ingredients to create a bar that a friend can use to make the classics. They’ll get a bottle of Aviation gin (it’s actor Ryan Reynolds favorite), organic vodka and smooth bourbon made at the base of the Rockies in Colorado. They just need a few juices and some tonic water to have the ingredients for dozens of simple cocktail recipes.