6 Best Hurricane Shutters of 2021

Keep your home protected with these must-haves

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Best Fabric Hurricane Shutter: Astroguard Fabric Hurricane Panel at Home Depot

"These fabric panels are made of high strength, translucent material that doesn't need to be professionally installed."

Best Accordion Hurricane Shutter: Accordion Shutters at Hurricane Shutters Florida

"These accordion shutters fold in and out to give you protection when a storm is coming and a clean look when the weather's clear."

Best Roll Up Hurricane Shutter: Roll-Up Shutters at Stormwise Shutters

"These roll-up shutters scan be secured manually or electronically when it's time to prepare your home for an impending storm."

Best Bahama-Style Hurricane Shutter: Bahama Shutters at Hurricane Shutters Florida

"These stylish shutters protect your home during inclement weather and provide a distinct look the rest of the year."

Best Colonial-Style Hurricane Shutter: Colonial Shutters at Stormwise Shutters

"Though they look like normal colonial shutters, these panels are made to withstand high winds and flying debris."

Best Polycarbonate: Hurricane Shutters at Evolution Hurricane Shutters

"These shutters look like normal windows, but can withstand Category 5 storms and help insulate your home year-round."

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Best Fabric Hurricane Shutter: Astroguard Fabric Hurricane Panel


Courtesy of Home Depot

Since metal hurricane shutters can be cost-prohibitive for some people depending on their budget and home size, some people turn to more affordable hurricane paneling. Fabric might not seem like a logical choice at first, but one look at the ballistic-resistant, flexible material of the Astroguard Fabric Hurricane Paneling may change your mind. Fabric can be quicker to install than plywood while allowing more light into the windows. Keep in mind, proper anchoring is required for heavy winds.

For temporary or budget storm paneling, this hurricane paneling offers good storm protection without the need for professional installation. The fabric material is high strength and translucent with a UV-resistant coating to allow light to come in. Secured with clips and building anchors, the fabric paneling can be installed or taken down quickly to match changing weather conditions.

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Best Accordion Hurricane Shutter: Empire Construction Accordion Shutters


Courtesy of Empire Construction

Accordion hurricane shutters are a great choice for anyone wanting to protect larger windows and even doors or entryways during a storm. Fastened to long tracks running above and/or below the opening, these shutters fold in and out to give you protection when it's needed and a clean look when it’s not. These shutters are permanently fixed to the side of the house, drastically reducing the preparation time before a storm.

The Empire Construction Accordion Shutters are the type of storm panel protection to choose when you want the paneling to be out of the way most of the time. Built from extruded aluminum slats, these shutters include a locking mechanism and an optional key for extra protection. The extra space between the shutter and windows also provide extra insulation for keeping the house warmer or cooler in the summer and winter respectively.

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Best Roll Up Hurricane Shutter: Stormwise Roll-Up Shutters

Roll up shutters

Courtesy of Stormwise

Homeowners concerned about the exterior looks of their home in addition to protecting it in a storm often choose roll-up hurricane shutters. Much like window blinds, these shutters roll in and out of a permanent storage bay attached above a window on the outside of the house. Using either a hand-operated crank or electric motor, the shutter rolls down into place, covering and protecting windows during a storm.

The Stormwise Roll-Up Shutters conveniently hide away into top storage containers when not in use. When it comes time to protect your home, the shutters can slide down manually or electrically with an optional central control system available. The shutters come in four different colors to match a wide variety of exterior styles as well. The heavy-duty construction also provides additional home security if desired.

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Best Bahama-Style Hurricane Shutter: Empire Construction Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters

Courtesy of Hurricane Shutters

Having great storm protection for your home does not mean you have to sacrifice on the exterior looks. Bahama-style hurricane shutters are a popular choice of storm protection in Europe and tropical areas for their unique looks and stellar protection. Mounted above a window at an angle, these panels act like sun shades during sunny days. When a storm comes, you can fold them down to cover an entire window from debris.

The Empire Construction Bahama Shutters are a great option of hurricane shutter to choose if you want the shutter to enhance the look of your home. Made from heavy extruded aluminum for a strong and lightweight construction, each panel is custom made to cover the entire window for complete protection. Mounted at a ​45-degree angle, the shutter provides plenty of shade as well, eliminating the need for window shades.

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Best Colonial-Style Hurricane Shutter: Stormwise Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters

Courtesy of stormwise

Preserving the looks of a home’s exterior and saving some money in the process, colonial-style hurricane shutters are perfect for homeowners who want their storm paneling to blend in with the rest of the home. Similar to normal colonial shutters, these panels are often made of steel or aluminum sheets with heavy-duty fasteners and locks to withstand the abuse of high winds, heavy rain, and flying debris.

The Stormwise Colonial Shutters go well with many traditional and tropical exterior styles while providing excellent storm protection. More affordable than other permanent shutters, they pivot manually into place when it is time to protect the home. Different colors and styles such as angled and curved tops are available to match the existing exterior decor of the home as well.

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Best Polycarbonate: Evolution Hurricane Shutters


Courtesy of Houzz

If you live in a hurricane-prone area you might want to think about switching out your glass windows for polycarbonate ones that can withstand high winds, falling, debris, and vandalism. These high impact windows not only help you weather Category 5 storms, they also help insulate your home and add another level of security to your home because thieves can't break in. 

The company is based in Palmetto, Florida but you can reach out and see if they have any distributors in your area. These windows are custom to your home so will be costly, but you will reap the savings with little storm damage and energy savings over the year. 

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