The 8 Best Impact Drivers to Buy in 2018

Tackle your DIY projects with this ultimate tool


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If your an expert DIYer we are sure you are familiar with your electric drill, which is the workhorse of your tool kit because it makes holes and drives screws in a clean and seamless matter. If you want to take your DIY game up a notch it might be time to look into an impact driver, which can drive screws at a faster and more efficient pace than a drill. This would be a handy tool for those who are installing hardwood flooring, installing a deck, or even putting up a lot of drywall around the house. 

Like drills, impact drivers come in a bunch of different models and size which are tailored to their main uses. Smaller impact drivers are great for tight spaces, while cordless ones are great for taking your work outside but the battery won't last as long as a corded version. Or if you are new to buying tools you might want to consider a combo set that has both a drill and an impact driver to handle whatever may come your way. No matter your DIY needs, here, the top impact drivers for all of your projects. 

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    Best Overall: DeWalt DCF885C1

    The best impact driver does not need to be the most expensive or complicated. In fact, many top-tier options come with a no-frills approach since the driver and a battery is really all you need. The top pick for this list takes just that approach with the addition of a handy charging station to keep the driver going as long as you need it for any indoor or outdoor job you can imagine.

    The DeWalt DCF885C1 impact driver is a great option for anyone looking for a first-time or replacement power fastener. Coming with an independent charging station and the standard ¼-inch hex chuck, this driver is small enough to fit into tight spaces without sacrificing on the power and torque it can produce. The driver head also includes three led lights for illuminating the space you are working on.

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    Best Budget: Milwaukee 2462-20

    If you can live without a large amount of torque and power, a budget impact driver makes a great first time power fastener or a quick replacement for an existing one. In general, this price point has many impact drivers that are quite capable at basic projects that require a good amount of torque but can do without the maximum amount possible (meaning the average DIYer).

    The Milwaukee 2462-20 embodies the “small but mighty” adage with a 12-volt power supply and standard ¼-inch chuck. The small size of the driver makes it easy to carry it around on large job sites where the ambidextrous belt clip will keep the power tool close to you at all times. To monitor the power level of the driver, a handy LED power level meter is accessible on the side any time you want.

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    Best Multi-Piece Kit: Makita XDT131 Kit


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    Many people forget that the impact driver is just a part of the equation. While many impact drivers and drills can share different types of bits, having a dedicated set just for the impact driver can save time. This will allow you to find the bit you are looking for without having to rummage around a central supply or lose bits when using the same ones with a drill.

    For anyone starting from scratch with a new impact driver, the Makita XDT131 Kit will give you everything you need to handle most fasteners. The 18-volt impact driver is average size and comes with one of Makita’s interchangeable batteries and charging stations. The real magic of this kit comes in the form of the 50-piece driver set that includes a magnetic insert holder and a variety of bits for most types of fasteners.

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    Best Small: Milwaukee M12


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    The one drawback of many impact drivers is the size. Even though they can be smaller than a typical drill, most designs still suffer in cramped or tight spaces. Trading a little bit of power for a smaller footprint, however, most small impact drivers are perfect for jobs where you need to take care of fasteners placed in less-than-ideal areas. This next top impact driver offers just this with a different approach than the rest.

    The Milwaukee M12 offers a unique design that could potentially save you time and money in tight spaces. Using a right-angle head, the impact driver allows you to get past obstacles and into cramped areas more readily than standard options. Other than the right-angle bend in the head, the power tool is a typical impact driver capable of delivering up to 600 in-lbs of torque for secure fastening.

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    Best Multi-Tool: Black+Decker BDCDMT120IA

    Any tool you can buy that will save you time and effort is a smart purchase. This is why multi-tools capable of handling different tasks are so popular. While most impact drivers tend to be fairly single-use tools, Black+Decker has taken this approach of offering more with its Matrix Quick Connect System. This next product is their platform for making one tool do several different things almost at once.

    The Black+Decker BDCDMT120IA multi-tool takes a different approach than typical combo kits. Instead of including a separate impact driver and drill, this power tool has a swappable attachment system that fits on the same base. The impact driver is capable of delivering 1,300 inch-pounds of torque. In addition to the driver and drill attachments, Black+Decker has also developed other attachments such as an orbital sander and jigsaw in its expansive Matrix Quick Connect System.

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    Best Combo Kit: Black+Decker Drill/Impact Combo Kit

    Since drills and impact drivers can go hand-in-hand on most projects, it makes sense to keep both around in a well-equipped tool box. Recognizing this, many manufacturers offer great combo kits that come with both a drill and impact driver. Often using the same battery and charging station, these kits are a great value purchase for anyone wanting to cover their fastening needs for any project.

    The Black+Decker Drill/Impact Combo Kit is not only a great combination kit that includes an impact driver and drill, it is also one of the most affordable options around. For the affordable price, you will get a 20-volt impact driver capable of delivering around 1,375 in-lbs of torque.

    Both the driver and the drill use the same Black+Decker battery that is compatible with most other cordless power tools in the lineup.

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    Best Without A Battery: Ryobi ONE+

    18 Volt

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    It can come as a surprise that while most impact drivers come with a battery, some manufacturers leave them out. These tool-only options are meant for customers who already have the company’s interchangeable batteries for other power tools and only need the tool itself. As a result, a batteryless impact driver is the best way to save money on something you already have.

    The Ryobi ONE+ is all about efficiency and speed when it comes to getting things fastened securely. Using Ryobi’s popular 18-volt batteries that power the companies 80+ power tool line, the impact driver can handle most fastening tasks with ease. The ¼-inch quick-connect chuck holds most driver bits securely while a magnetic tray holder provides a space to keep spare bits around when not in use.

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    Best With Separate Charger: DeWalt DCK240C2

    While all impact drivers come with some type of charging cord, you can make life a little easier with a separate charger. For companies that use the same batteries for most of their power tools, a separate charger with the impact driver means you can get the battery ready to use for multiple tools at once. Best of all, you can keep a spare battery around to charge even when using the impact driver so you will never run out of juice.

    The DeWalt DCK240C2 combo kit gives you the best of DeWalt’s power tool line. With a drill and impact driver, the kit will cover most fastening needs you may have at home or out on the job site. Both devices offer a comfortable grip due to the ergonomically designed handles and are compatible with most ¼-inch chucks. The included charger will recharge the 20-volt battery in a couple hours as well.