The 8 Best Indoor Christmas Lights of 2020

Add some sparkle to your holiday decor

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Our Top Picks
"Each of the two 39-foot strings of lights include 150 colored bulbs in five festive hues."
"You can connect up to five of these 22-foot lights end-to-end—ideal for covering larger outdoor areas like trees or roofs."
"You can control these LED lights right from your phone, setting them to one of six different flashing modes."
"These lights have an optional 6-hour timer, which you can switch on from the control box."
"It sports an impressive 300 mini bulbs in red, green, blue, orange, and pink, and if one of them burns out, the others stay lit."
"For those who want a more minimal look, these top-rated warm white lights are a great option."
"At an impressive 99 feet, these lights are some of the longest out there (and you can link up to 10 sets if you need more length)."
"These colorfully frosted, retro-style bulbs will add a touch of vintage flair to your existing holiday decor."
"These fun Christmas lights have nine modes, including slow fade, twinkle, wave, constant, and more."

There’s no better way to make your home feel bright, cheery, and festive during the holidays than by decorating with indoor Christmas lights. Many people use string lights to wrap their Christmas trees and decorate banisters, and today, these lights come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to match your decor. 

Indoor Christmas lights can be white or multicolored, incandescent or LED, and even battery-powered, if you prefer. When choosing lights, make sure to consider the overall length of the strand, how many strings can be connected on one outlet, and whether all the lights will go out if a bulb burns out—all important factors that will help you find the best product to decorate your home.

With that in mind, the following are the best indoor Christmas lights you can buy:

Best Overall: Noma/Inliten Holiday Wonderland's 300-Count Color Light Set


If you’re in the market for a set of classic indoor Christmas lights, the Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Color Christmas Light Set is affordable and reliable. This set comes with two 39-foot strings of lights, each of which features 150 colored bulbs in five hues: red, green, blue, yellow, and pink. 

The lights have a green wire that will blend in with your Christmas tree, and you can connect up to three strands end-to-end to decorate large areas. This holiday light set comes with three flasher bulbs, two spare stand bulbs, and a replacement fuse, and each string of lights has an 18-inch lead wire to plug into an outlet. Overall, these Christmas Lights from Holiday Wonderland are an unbeatable choice for anyone looking for traditional holiday decor.

Best Budget: SYLVANIA Mini Christmas Lights

You can get the most bang for your buck with the SYLVANIA Mini Christmas Lights, which have 100 mini multicolored bulbs on a 22-foot strand. The lights include red, green, blue, yellow, and pink bulbs for a colorful display, and you can connect up to five sets end-to-end if you need more length. 

These Christmas lights are ideal for decorating garlands or trees, thanks to their green wire, and they have a 12-inch lead wire to help you reach an outlet. The strand comes with two flasher bulbs, two spare bulbs and a spare fuse, and what's great is that you can buy several packages without breaking the bank, thanks to their low price.

Best Splurge: Novolink 200-Light Mini Globe Warm White LED Lights with Wireless Smart Control

If you’re willing to spend a little more on your decor, the Novolink Mini Globe LED Lights are a splurge-worthy purchase. Not only do they offer six flashing modes, but they can also be controlled right from your phone!

These Christmas lights feature a 50-foot strand with 200 LED, globe-style bulbs that give off a warm white glow. You can connect up to three strings end-to-end, and they have phasing, twinkle, fade, and constant settings, just to name a few. Plus, they even have a built-in timer and can be controlled via Bluetooth using the brand’s iOS or Android app.

Best with Timer: Koopower 100 LED Battery-Operated String Lights with Timer

There’s no need to fuss over the Koopower LED Battery-Operated String Lights every day, as they include a built-in timer that will turn them on and off. These warm white holiday lights are on a 36-foot strand with 100 LED bulbs, and they can be set to eight different modes for various lighting effects, such as twinkling, slow fade, and more. 

The Koopower LED Lights also have an optional timer, which you can switch on from the control box. The timer will keep the lights on for six hours at a time, then automatically shut them off for 18 hours. When the lights come back on, they’ll automatically be in the same mode as when they turned off, ensuring you never have to adjust them—convenient if they're in a hard-to-reach location!

Best Color: Home Accents 300 Clear Incandescent Light Set


You can brighten up your home with the colorful Home Accents Holiday 300-Light Multicolor Strings Lights, which feature red, green, blue, orange, and pink bulbs. This string of Christmas lights is 68.5 feet long, and it sports an impressive 300 mini bulbs. 

What’s nice about this set of colored Christmas lights is that if one bulb burns out, the others stay lit, so it won’t leave half of your tree dark. You can connect up to three strings of lights together for more decorating distance, and the green wire will blend in with a Christmas tree or other greenery.

Best White: Prextex Christmas 100 Clear White Wire Light Set

If you prefer your holiday decor to be more minimalistic, the Prextex Christmas 100 Clear White Wire Light Set is a top-rated string of white lights. This product features 100 clear lights on a white wire that’s just under 20 feet long. The lights have an 18-inch lead wire, and the set comes with two flasher bulbs, two spare bulbs, and two replacement fuses, as well. You can connect up to five strands of these lights together, and if you're decorating a flocked Christmas tree, you'll love the white wiring, which will blend right in.

Best Extra-Long: Home Accents Holiday 300-Light LED Mini Constant-On White String Lights

If you have a huge Christmas tree or just need a long strand of lights to decorate your home, the Home Accents Holiday LED Mini White String Lights are one of the longest options out there, boasting an impressive 99 feet of length! The string of lights includes 300 bulbs that give off a warm white light, and because they’re LED, they use up to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and stay cool to the touch. 

You can link up to 10 sets of these lights together, and all the bulbs will stay lit even if one burns out. Plus, the product comes with extra bulbs and fuses so you can fix the Christmas lights if any issues arise.

Best Vintage-Style: Wintergreen Lighting OptiCore C7 LED Multi-Color Christmas String Lights

The Wintergreen Lighting C7 Light Bulbs have the retro-style large bulbs that will give your home a touch of vintage flair. The strand is 25 feet long with 25 frosted bulbs, which include white, red, green, orange, and blue shades. 

These vintage-style Christmas lights have a 6-inch lead wire, and you can connect up to three sets end-to-end. Plus, if one bulb goes out, the others stay lit, and the bulbs have an average lifespan of 60,000 hours, so you can leave them on for more than a month without having to worry about replacing the bulbs. They're also twice the thickness of regular LED bulbs, so they stay cool to the touch and won't shatter.

Best Novelty: Twinkle Star 100 LED Star String Lights

You can spruce up your house with the Twinkle Star String Lights, a set of novelty Christmas lights that have pretty star-shaped bulbs. They come in white, blue, and multi-color options, and each string is just under 50 feet long with 100 LED bulbs attached. 

These fun Christmas lights have nine modes, including slow fade, twinkle, wave, constant, and more. You can connect up to 10 strands end-to-end, and the cute star lights would be a perfect addition to your mantel, banister, or other indoor display.

What to Look for in Indoor Christmas Lights

Style Indoor Christmas lights come in dozens of different designs—from traditional string lights to icicle and novelty lights. All you have to do is pick the style that’s the best fit for you and your home.

Length and size If traditional string lights are what you’re after, measure the space where you want to put them and make sure the strands are long enough for your needs. There’s nothing worse than buying a lovely new set of lights and realizing they’re too short!

Power source Consider how (and where) you’re going to power your indoor Christmas lights. Most string lights need to be plugged into an outlet—just think about if you need an extension cord to help them reach it.

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