The 7 Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners to Buy in 2018

Shop the best inexpensive vacuums from brands like Bissell, Hoover, Dirt Devil

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If your budget, life situation, or cleaning routine doesn’t warrant spending hundreds of dollars on a vacuum cleaner, don’t worry, you can still find a model that will keep your space clean and tidy without destroying your budget.

The vacuums below might have a few limitations compared to our overall best vacuum picks, but they will still get the job done and tackle pet hair, dust, and debris, but at a fraction of the cost. While they won’t last forever, they are worth the money until you’re in a...MORE position to upgrade your machine.

Below, see some of our picks for the best budget vacuums—all under $100.

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    Our top pick for a budget vacuum has a lot of things going for it. The bagless canister and easy-to-clean foam filter means you won’t be spending a lot of extra money on replacements over the years. And the OnePass Technology, which has a smart brush design that picks up more debris on the first sweep, plus the TurboBrush tool attachment means you can clean your house top to bottom with this unit. While it is a bit on the heavier side at 15 pounds, it is still easy to maneuver around your home,...MORE and the dirt tank empties with the touch of a single button.

    Reviews for this Bissel model have been predominantly positive. One customer has used it frequently for more than 14 months and noted that it still cleans as expected. Another reviewer said it made her carpet look as good as the day it was installed. Of course, any inexpensive vacuum will have its flaws. Some reviewers have cautioned that they had issues with the vacuum’s belt that required a replacement, but most the problems haven’t been signficiant enough to put a dent in this model’s top-seller status.

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    A canister vacuum can be a good choice for those with a small living space since it can be easily maneuvered and also doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. Like most of our vacuum picks, the Bissell Zing Rewind is a bagless model, meaning you’ll simply empty the dirt cup instead of buying and replacing vacuum bags.

    The included attachment for the wand can clean both carpet and hardwood floors, just flip the switch to toggle between modes. Weighing just 11 pounds and with a carrying handle built...MORE in, this model is easy to take from room to room, and carry up the stairs. The washable filter means you won’t have to buy any refills throughout the life of the machine.

    Many consumers who have purchased the BISSELL Zing Rewind have said it has great suction and rave about its compact size. It has, however, gotten complaints for being loud while in operation. There have also been complaints that the floor attachment only suctions from the center and doesn’t have a brush, but for the price point, we don’t think these complaints are deal-breakers.

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    Pet hair is the bane of many owners when it comes time for a cat, dog, or other furry animal to shed. Getting rid of excess hair quickly requires a vacuum designed from the ground up to tackle the task. The Shark Pet Perfect II is one such vacuum, using Shark’s Twister Cylconic Technology to suck hair strands off of the ground or the furniture. The vacuum includes an extra large spinning brush to dig hair out of carpet, rugs and other fibers as well.

    The Pet Perfect II is a handheld vacuum,...MORE making it easy to store when not in use. Clean up is a breeze without the need for dirty bags. Hair collects in a central, removable cup you can empty into the trash when you are done. The vacuum also includes a removable and washable filter to keep any harmful particles out of the collection.

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    For little messes in the kid’s room, around the litter box, or in the kitchen a handheld vacuum is a must-have. This budget option from Dirt Devil—it costs less than $25—will handle all those spills. The bagless hand vacuum has an easy to empty canister and a crevice tool that flips open for easy use. The fact that it is attached means you don’t have keep track of an additional piece.

    The 4-pound unit is mighty and on the noisy side, which some reviewers have complained about. The other drawback...MORE is that it is actually a corded model, which you don’t normally see with handheld models. It’s nice not to have to charge a battery, but the 16-foot cord does limit your reach. But when you look at the cleaning power and the price, this model is a winner.

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    Buyers looking for a convenient cordless vacuum that can make cleaning small spaces a snap don’t have to spend a ton for good performance. The Electrolux Ergorapido 2-in-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum is a solid choice that can function as both an upright and a handheld due to a unique breakaway design. There are no bags to fuss with, and the EasySteer Maneuverability makes cleaning around furniture and in tight corners a breeze.

    The vacuum has a 10.8-volt lithium-ion battery that can last for more...MORE than 20 minutes on a single charge. Reviewers say it takes about four hours to charge, and they like the LED lights that show how much battery power the unit has. However, some of them caution that the charger is not part of a stand or wall mount, which can make it easier to misplace.

    Buyers can get an Ergorapido 2-in-1 in blue or red. It comes with a crevice cleaner and a dusting brush. Users say cleaning the filter is easy, but caution that it needs to be done frequently for the vacuum to retain suction. 

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    Robot vacuums can be pricey—the popular Roomba, for example, can cost up to $900 depending on the model. If you want a similar product for less than $100 you’ll have to make some concessions. Our pick, The O-Cedar O-Duster is actually more akin to a robotic Swiffer than a Roomba. Instead of sucking up dirt and debris, it collects it using disposable electrostatic cloths. This means it is only suitable for bare floors and won’t be effective on carpets. If you want the convenience of the robot...MORE vacuum, but can’t afford the high price tag, this is a suitable option.

    Consumers who’ve purchased it say it can run on its rechargeable batteries for about two hours at a time and have praised its cleaning power for pet hair and grit. Others have said it does get stuck on things like rugs and in between furniture.

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    If you prefer bagged vacuums, which can be a better option for allergy sufferers, there are inexpensive options as well. The Dirt Devil Featherlight—weighing less than 10 pounds—is a great option for those looking for a cheap quality vacuum. According to the product description, its MicroFresh filtration traps more than 99 percent of dust and allergens, and the brush adjusts in height making it easy to go from carpet to hardwood.

    The vacuum also comes with three attachments for the 10-foot hose,...MORE which enables you to clean upholstery and tight corners with ease. Replacement bags only cost about $1 per bag, so they won’t add that much to the cost of the machine over its lifetime.

    Reviewers rave about the vacuum’s cleaning power, although some warn that this isn’t the best model for really high-pile plush carpets. But reviewers agree that the easy-to-assemble, lightweight product is a great quality for the price.

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