The 7 Best Inflatable Christmas Decorations

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    Inflatable Christmas Decorations: The Best of the Airblown Bunch

    snow globe inflatable marla showfer christmas house
    A well-placed inflatable snow globe coordinates nicely with other holiday decorations at this house in Northern California. Photo © Marla Showfer

    The Christmas season brings out the decorator in most of us, and is the one time of year that home dwellers and whole neighborhoods show their holiday spirit with lights and often-extravagant yard displays. While those lighted plastic blow-mold figurines dotted lawns and porches of Midcentury, Post-World War II homes, giant airblown inflatable decorations have taken over holiday yards of the early 21st Century.

    Critics' Words: Blown Out of Proportion?

    Sure, the Christmas inflatables have their...MORE critics -- but that's bound to happen with any large object you place in your front yard, on your porch or the roof of your home or apartment. During the day, when the inflatables are off-duty, it's been said they look like the morning after a raucous party, or the aftermath of a Christmas massacre.

    Whatever. Inflatable Christmas decorations have plenty of fans, and sarcastic words or eye-rolling won't dismay them. That's the holiday spirit! For the giant airblown inflatable Christmas decoration lovers who live among us, this list is for you. We present the best holiday inflatable decorations. Are you ready to pump them up?

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    Inflatable 'A Christmas Story' Leg Lamp

    picture of giant inflatable leg lamp from 'a christmas story' movie
    The leg lamp from the beloved holiday movie classic, "A Christmas Story," is now an inflatable lawn decoration. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

    From the humorous Christmas film classic, A Christmas Story, this is The Old Man's prized leg lamp that he displayed so proudly in his front window, for all his neighbors to see. Your neighbors will love this inflatable version that will surely lend a swanky something to the 'hood for the holidays.

    Unlike the shapely-but-fragile leg in the movie, this version simply plugs in and inflates in mere seconds. It stands a statuesque 5-feet 9-inches tall, includes a built-in fan, fabulous fringe on top...MORE and alluring lights inside to illuminate it like a beacon in a storm. The light also includes an AC power cord, stakes, tether and one extra light bulb. The A Christmas Story lady leg lamp is an Airblown® Inflatable product.

    Hubba hubba.

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    Inflatable Sitting and Waving Santa

    airblown realistic santa
    Airblown realistic Santa, sitting and waving.

    Not only does this Santa Claus look realistic (for airblown, anyway), he waves at passersby. Crafted with a hard-plastic head and soft whiskers, hair and eyebrows, Santa is comfy in a leather-looking chair, right on your front lawn or porch. Just think: he could be the official greeter for the neighborhood! Kids should not sit on his lap, however.

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    Airblown Santa in Trailer

    picture of santa with inflatable rv trailer by gemmy
    Santa is parked on your lawn in an inflatable retro-style Airstream trailer. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

    When he's not at the North Pole or surfing with moose and snowmen, Santa's in a trailer, perhaps down by the river. It's called an inflatable Santa in an RV, but technically, it's not a recreational vehicle -- it's an inflatable replica of an Airstream-style trailer.

    If your holiday decorations are retro-themed or inspired, this is a quick and clever way of setting the tone -- just plug it in and instant holiday decor! Fun and something slightly different than your run-of-the-mill inflatable...MORE Santa.

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    Santa in Outhouse Inflatable

    santa outhouse gemmy
    A giggling elf stands watch as Santa takes a break in an outhouse. Photo courtesy PriceGrabber

    If your child has ever asked, "Mommy (or Daddy), where does Santa go to the bathroom?" this airblown holiday display pretty much answers that question. Santa makes a pit stop at an outhouse while a smirking elf stifles his giggles in the classic hands-covering-mouth pose. This is one of those inflatables that takes a little scrutiny -- it's not immediately clear that Santa is visiting the loo.

    Hopefully, visitors will "get" that this is a pretend outhouse and not a real one.

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    Airblown Sock Monkeys

    airblown sock monkeys
    Airblown sock monkeys on a scooter.

    In Christmases past, children visiting department-store Santas would invariably ask if they could trade in their brother or sister for a monkey. Times were tough -- we've all heard that one -- and the monkey supply could not meet the demand. Clever Moms and Grandmothers used their keen sewing skills to create whimsical simians from men's socks, preferably unworn. The particular socks they used were a monkey fur-like variegated brown with white soles and red heels -- which became the sock...MORE monkey's flaming lipstick-like mouth. In hindsight they could have used the red heel for a baboon posterior, but that's not what the kids wanted back then. Or, at least they didn't know any better.

    So, it is with love, affection, and homespun tradition that the beloved sock monkey has become an airblown Christmas decoration. This particular model features two trying to maneuver a scooter across your lawn.

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    Santa on Fire Inflatable

    santa on fire inflatable
    Gemmy inflatable Santa on Fire with Chimney.

    Have you noticed a common thread among inflatable Santas? They get themselves into the most unpredictable, cartoonlike situations blown up for all to behold. This time, Santa has gotten himself stuck in the chimney and his booty is ablaze. About to extinguish the flames is one of Santa's reindeer in a hunter's cap (let's not stop and analyze why) with that ubiquitous deer-in-the-headlights expression. Animated Santa actually rises out of the chimney, an act that should assure any...MORE worrywarts passing by.

    Gemmy's Airblown Santa on Fire stands 5 feet tall, lights up and self-inflates.