Top 4 Toys From the Movie Inside Out

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    Inside Out Movie Toys

    Disney Pixar Inside Out Plush Toys TOMY

    In conjunction with the Inside Out movie release, there are many Inside Out movie toys from TOMY that include plush toys, collectible toy figures and play sets that feature Riley's emotions.

    Disney-Pixar has created animated movie awesomeness again with Inside Out. The movie features 11-year-old Riley, who, along with her family moves to San Francisco from Minnesota due to her father's new job. As expected, Riley is very emotional over the move. The movie offers a fun perspective of...MORE Riley's feelings, by assigning people to represent her emotions of Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. These voices in Riley's brain, also known as Headquarters, guide her through everyday life. However, when Joy and Sadness become swept away from HeadQuarters, they are permanently removed from Rileys day to day life and memories. This makes it even more challenging for Riley to deal with her emotions in a new school, new city and new home. Riley and her emotions will have to learn to work through all these challenging memories, so ultimately more  "Joy" can return to her life after this major transition. 

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    Inside Out Character Figures

    Disney Pixar Inside Out Character Figures TOMY

    The characters in Inside Out include Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. A key part of the movie also includes Core Memory Spheres, which are Riley's memories. Each one of these collectible characters arrives with their own unique memory sphere. In addition, the character figures, when used in conjunction with other playsets, such as The Console and The HeadQuarters, are capable of lighting up. 

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    Inside Out Movie Toys: The Console and the HeadQuarters

    Inside Out Console
    Keri Wilmot

    The Console and the Headquarters are 2 different playsets that are sold separately. Both are featured as key items in the TOMY line of toys for the new Disney-Pixar Inside Out movie. 

    The Console, is a small white desk that arrives with a special Joy character. Children can enjoy controlling Riley's emotions behind the Console, just like the characters do in the movie.

    The HeadQuarters is a large pink playset. The HeadQuarters playset houses the core memory spheres, which play a major role in...MORE the movie. More memory spheres can be added to the collection by purchasing additional toy characters. Just like in the movie, inside the playset, these spheres roll down the path inside HeadQuarters, and store in Riley's long term memory. As in the movie, the projector within the toy displays memories from the Memory Spheres onto Riley's Stream of Consciousness. Children may also enjoy role playing, just as the characters do, by controlling Riley's emotions as they swap out a variety of memory spheres.

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    Inside Out Feature Plush

    Disney Pixar Inside Out Plush Toys TOMY

    As is typical of most movies, children often find a character they adore and identify with. All of Riley's emotions which include Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust are available as feature plush toys. Toys range in size from 9-14 inches, depending upon the specific character. Just like emotions change on a minute to minute basis, these characters are so relatable, kids and adult love them.