11 Best Instagram Accounts for Apartment Dwellers

Gold mini bar in a living room

citychicdecor / Instagram

While big, sprawling houses have their appeal, small spaces can often feel cozier and more intimate. Whether you own or rent an apartment, you probably know that it comes with a few sacrifices when it comes to space and, perhaps, landlord-friendly renovations. Decorating a smaller space may have its challenges, but that doesn't mean apartment dwellers can't have just as much fun.

To prove our point, we've rounded up some of our favorite Instagram accounts hosted by apartment dwellers. Whether you have 600 square feet to work with or an oversized loft, these accounts provide plenty of inspiration to make any space your own.

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    Sunny kitchen with a window

    kerrylockwood / Instagram

    Though Kerry Lockwood lives in a quaint flat in London, you wouldn't know it from the beautiful photos of her space. Her small space is filled with personal touches and smart storage ideas to create beautiful, curated rooms. We love her use of greenery in every room, which offers a simple, rental-friendly way to brighten up any space.

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    Living room with lots of windows

    600sqftandababy / Instagram

    It takes a lot of talent and intention to live beautifully in a small space, and Alison Mazurek does it with two kids to boot. On her account @600sqftandababy, Mazurek details her life in a 600 square foot apartment in Vancouver and proves that living small doesn't have to mean living uncomfortably. We love her smart use of space and beautiful minimalist design in every room.

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    Rooftop garden

    studioplants / Instagram

    Jeannie Phan's Instagram page portrays a different side of apartment living: urban gardening. From the roof of her small Canadian apartment, Phan grows a plethora of herbs, vegetables, and houseplants. Her page is perfect for anyone with a green thumb who has always thought gardening was impossible without a backyard. While Phan has taken some time off from posting new content, we recommend scrolling through her feed or watching her Instagram highlights for insights into her experiences.

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    Living room with white furniture

    champagneandsequins / Instagram

    Whether you live in a big city or you've just always dreamt of it Disi Fei's account is the perfect urban inspiration. Her Queens apartment may be small, but it's filled with purposeful details and understated design that make it feel roomy and cozy at the same time. Plus, with a beautiful view of Manhattan, who needs more square footage anyway?

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    Bedroom with gray sheets

    thecrapflat / Instagram

    Emma Hopkinson's Instagram account documents her life in a "stubbornly crap rented flat" (her words, not ours). We love her punchy captions and smart ideas for living large in small space. Her aesthetic is minimalist with pops of color and all of her design choices are purposeful and intentional for her space.

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    Apartment living room with a hangin chair

    reserve_home / Instagram

    If you've ever fantasized about living in a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, it probably looked something like Mallory Fletchall's Instagram page. From the indoor hanging wicker chair that is giving us major '70s vibes to the cute pastel kitchen, Fletchall's apartment rivals any big single-family home.

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    Pink chairs and lots of plants

    heartzeena / Instagram

    Zeena Shah has a way with color and her Instagram page is the perfect mood booster. Her London apartment is filled with bright colorful furniture, oversized indoor plants, and enough happiness to fill a house twice as big. This page is a great follow for anyone who loves punchy colors and mood-lifting aesthetics.

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    Gold mini bar in a living room

    citychicdecor / Instagram

    Posting from her home in New York City, Chelsey Brown's Instagram page is filled with shots of her cozy, bright apartment. What it lacks in square footage, it surely makes up for in style. We love her trendy, chic aesthetic that's the perfect inspiration for any city apartment dweller.

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    Studio apartment with divider

    mg__03 / Instagram

    Based in Washington, D.C., Mary Gaskin's Instagram account is the perfect inspiration for anyone who is struggling to decor a studio apartment. Though quaint, her apartment is neat and very intelligently decorated to create a living room and a bedroom. Her account features both home decor and natural hair love, and is a great follow if you love approachable relatable design.

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    Couch with striped wall behind it

    justbeingkatherine / instagram

    For some apartment dwellers, design on a budget is key. That's why we love @justbeingkatherine's Instagram, because she offers helpful DIY tips and tricks for decorating an apartment. From easy paint projects to transform a room to simple table settings for your next gathering, her account is filled with apartment-friendly (and budget-friendly) ideas.

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    Bookcase filled with plants

    hothouse.jungle / Instagram

    Based in San Francisco, Donovan Ho's Instagram page hothouse.jungle is any indoor plant fanatic's dream. His apartment is filled with beautiful potted plants of all shapes and sizes that will inspire your next greenhouse run. If you're an apartment dweller who loves decorating with plants, this page is a must-follow.