The 15 Best Instagram Accounts Featuring Van Dwellers

A couple looking out over the coast with their van behind them

slownsteadylivin / Instagram

Think about this: An open road, endless opportunities for adventure, and everything you need to live is right behind your driver’s seat. That’s the M.O. of van dwellers—a community of folks who have chosen to live their everyday lives on wheels.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top 15 van dwelling Instagram accounts. These pages feature stunning imagery, enviable vantage points, and a sneak peek into a life most of us will never see. But after viewing these pages, you might try and find a way!

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    A woman playing a ukulele in a van looking at a dog sitting on the bed above her

    noel_russ / Instagram

    Noel’s Instagram is bright, delightful, and a testament to the beauty of living simple and embracing the natural world. She lives part-time in a converted camper van with her husband and two dogs. Her captions are inspiring, hopeful, and motivating. She’s definitely worth the follow!

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    The inside of a camper van that has matte blue cabinets and white subway tile

    fromavantagepoint / Instagram

    Dom and Christie reside in their van, Magnus the Mercedes. They’re based in London, England, but are always ready to hit the road and broaden their horizons—which is easy to do when your home is on wheels.

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    A short white school bus in front of mountains and a waterfall at sunset

    roam4wild / Instagram

    Jeremy James, or roam4wild as he is known on Instagram, is traveling solo and living the van life along with his dog, Everest. He is a photographer, wildlife enthusiast, and explorer and is currently filming a documentary. Jeremy’s account features stunning photography from all of his travels that's made possible by his fabulous white bus.

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    A short bus lit up with lights near a campfire at dusk. A man is standing in front of the fire.

    wetravelbybus / Instagram

    Kai and Julia abide to the motto of living more with less. They travel and live in a refurbished GMC short bus. The pair adore their lifestyle but admit it’s “dangerous” because it would be hard to return to the status quo. But it makes them feel alive, and that’s the whole point of this life, right?

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    A Mercedes van with its doors open in a field and a dog lying next to it

    beelzebus  / Instagram

    Katja and Björn live full-time in their van. They sold their house and everything they owned in order to make their traveling lifestyle possible. Their account features tons of awesome shots from the road and of their adorable dog Balthazar.

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    A couple sitting in the doorway of a van in the middle of a forest

    pinepins / Instagram

    Frank and Selina are taking #relationshipgoals to the next level by living together in a van in the Black Forest in Germany. Their page is full of whimsical optimism. You will definitely want to hit the road forever after seeing all of their adventure pictures!

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    A couple making food in the back of a van

     vanilla.icedream / Instagram

    Viki, Cleo, and Antonio are doing life together in a sustainable, converted camper van. They’re currently traveling to Central Asia to rediscover their families’ histories. Sometimes the point of travel isn’t where you’re headed, it’s to discover where you came from.

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    The inside of a modified van with a kitchen and bed

    vincentvanlife / Instagram

    Living smaller and on the road allowed Rose and Seb to live a fuller, more clutter-free life. While they did admit the transition to tinier, mobile living was weird at first, it ultimately was a great feeling and completely worth it.

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    A girl staring out at the beach at sunset from the inside of a van

    salty.roamers / Instagram

    Can you imagine this being your backyard, even if it was just for a little while? No? Neither can we. But that is the life of Kate and Andreas. After all, the beauty of traveling full-time is the shift of what it means to feel at home.

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    A woman lying on a bed while staring out of the window of a van.

    lauravanlife / Instagram

    Laura’s life on the road is all about finding herself and discovering freedom. She’s based in Austria and has the most whimsical and eclectic home on wheels we’ve ever seen. Follow her on Instagram to see all of her adventures.

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    A seafoam green-colored VW van in the desert with a dog in the front seat

    buscation / Instagram

    This family is hitting the pavement in a '77 VW bus. Gotta love that color, too! Their account features cute photos of a family growing and expanding their horizons in one cozy van.

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    The inside of a van turned into a home filled with plants and lights.

    wjplata / Instagram

    Living off the grid in the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest is the calling of this van dweller. All the photos on this account are a beautiful testament to the power letting it all go to live the life you've always dreamed of.

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    The inside of a converted van with a surfboard strapped to the ceiling

    _johnnyjohnston_ / Instagram

    Johnny is living the van life in New Zealand. From surfing to hiking, he’s exploring the earth from the road on his own terms. And honestly? It can’t get better than that!

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    A couple looking out over the coast with their van behind them

    slownsteadylivin / Instagram

    Matt and Steph are newlyweds road tripping across Europe and North Africa. They’re living in their 1996 Iveco van. Matt and Steph’s account is bright, beautiful, and will make you want to take your own partner on the road.

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    A van out in a field with the sun rising behind it

    connorlipke / Instagram

    Connor lives in a van by the river. He’s living life with the bare necessities: fresh air, stunning views, enlightening experiences, and dogs. You don’t need more from life than that—something Connor truly embraces.