The 10 Best Instagram Accounts for Boho Style Lovers

Follow these accounts to get your boho style fix

Nook with wicker chairs

bycolossus / Instagram

Boho style decor, which is short for bohemian style decor, is all about expressing yourself through your space. Boho style covers everything from eclectic interiors filled with bright colors and wild textures to more natural, laid-back and vintage-inspired spaces that exude a sense of tranquility. Either way, this look is all about being carefree with your design and worrying less about perfection and more about creativity.

If you can't get enough of the boho style trend, these Instagrammers are the perfect must-follow to help inspire your next project.

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    Living room with boho accessories and a blue rug

    houseof.lais / Instagram

    While boho style is strong enough to stand on its own, it's often paired with other design styles, such as mid-century modern. Instagrammer ​houseof.lais's home is the perfect example of an eclectic, mid-century aesthetic. Much of her home features cool, deep hues paired with neutrals to give it a vintage feel and accessories that feel purposeful but approachable.

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    Living room with bright couch and chairs

    imjessicabrigham / Instagram

    Jessica Brigham's home is the epitome of free-spirited and eclectic, with every inch bursting with personality and creativity. Between the bold, neon hues in her living room to her funky green kitchen, we can't get enough of this happy, mood-lifting home. This page is a great follow for anyone who loves artsy decor that's mismatched in the best way.

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    Nook with wicker chairs

    bycolossus / Instagram

    If you're trying to introduce boho style into your home with only a few new pieces, wicker is the quintessential boho design material. This space from @bycolossus is just one of the many reasons we think this account is a great follow for any boho style lover. Both an interior design firm and a branding agency, their page is full of thoughtful spaces with an artsy flair perfect for any boho style fan.

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    Bedroom with plants and wicker furniture

    thishouse5000 / Instagram

    We can't get enough of Elena's bright, plant-filled Toronto home. Her style leans neutral and minimalist with wonderful wicker pieces and blending textures to give her space a super homey and welcoming feel. Every space in her home feels purposely decorated but still approachable for any home interior enthusiast. Whether you love neutral boho style spaces or decorating with greenery is your thing, this is a great follow.

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    Kitchen sing with a curtain under it

    bohobeachbungalow / Instagram

    Megan Martinez's Santa Monica home is delightfully cozy, filled with vintage touches and subtle touches to give it a sweet, welcoming feel. She decorates with mostly neutral hues, though some of her spaces, like this kitchen, feature pops of muted color.

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    Bedroom with baskets hanging over the bed

    home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Erika's home is wonderfully neutral and rustic with an unconventional flair. Her spaces rely on a crisp, white paint canvas to illuminate the casual, laidback design. We love her use of baskets, greenery and subtle patterns and textures throughout her space.

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    Living room with hanging plants and wicker furniture

    rachelkathleenhome / Instagram

    We can't decide what we love more: the beautiful pampas grass plumes in this space, or the retro wicker shelf. Either way, Rachel's home is perfect for anyone who loves neutral eclectic decor. Each room in her house is cozy and calming, and many of her decor choices are easy DIYs you can use in your own home.

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    Blue kitchen with plants everywhere

    lisa_loves_vintage / Instagram

    The best thing about boho style decor is there are no hard-and-fast rules. While some designers embrace this look and feel through neutrals, Lisa Piddington expresses herself through the bold colors and vintage pieces throughout her home. Between this wonderfully vintage kitchen and her use of plants throughout her space, her page screams personality and creativity.

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    Living room with lots of plants

    leafandlolo / Instagram

    If you're sensing a theme, it's clear that boho style designers love to decorate with plants. There's just something so casual and free-spirited about a home filled with plants and @leafandlolo's wonderful house is the perfect example. Whether you have a green thumb or you just dream of filling your home with plants, this page is the perfect inspiration.

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    Living room with beachy vibe

    vanillapalmdesigns / Instagram

    Bijour McDonald's home is the perfect blend of beachy, coastal design and eclectic flair. Her home is wonderfully neutral and pared down in a way that's warm and inviting rather than stark. Her use of cane furniture and dried plumes throughout give it an island feel with a minimalist feel.