The 18 Best Instagram Accounts for Color Inspiration

A pink exterior wall with green window

@colourspeak_kerry_ / Instagram

Life isn’t black and white; it’s full of color. Whether it's a stunning polychrome sunset, a cloud of sugary cotton candy, or a vibrant painted mural, color can be transformative and invigorating. These 18 handles showcase the beauty of brighter shades, muted hues, and the beautiful contrasts found in everyday life. After seeing the vivid bursts of color each account captures, you’ll be ready to overhaul your wardrobe, redesign your living room, and add more color to your own existence.

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    A flamingo in aqua water

    michelle__mcgrady / Instagram

    A Color Story is first up on our list! This is actually the page of the eponymous photo editing app. So, naturally, the Insta features their users’ best images. This beautiful shot of a flamingo is by the photographer @michelle__mcgrady. Gorgeous, right? We love the bright, contrasting hues!

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    Two women in front of aqua wall

    awhimsywonderland / Instagram

    You can’t help but feel happier after scrolling through Jen and Cort’s Insta. Not only is their friendship super cute, but their page is bright and inviting. You can definitely find inspiration for color in every single photograph.

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    Colorful houses in a row

    bigntoasty / Instagram 

    This account is all about viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, wandering around new places, and finding beauty in every angle. Each photo is a true celebration of color, and you’ll feel the urge to chase the rainbow after scrolling through.

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    A woman in a red and yellow dress

    jenniferlake / Instagram

    Jennifer’s Instagram is full of style and color inspo. Based in Chicago, Jennifer is the voice behind the blog, The Style Charade. She finds inspiration in fashion, beauty, and a killer backdrop. Just look at that mural! Her color coordination is pretty much perfect.

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    Woman in front of rainbow wall

    rclayton / Instagram

    Rosie’s account is a breath of fresh air and vibrancy. Strolling through the streets of Chicago, she’s always on the hunt for the perfect hue. Her Instagram is bound to help you find shades you've never even thought of combining, as well as some wonderful fashion tips.

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    Feet sticking up in front of red flowers

    andrewkuttler / Instagram

    Los Angeles-based photographer Andrew Kuttler fills his page with interesting vantage points and beautiful color combinations. His photography invites you to view things in a way you haven’t considered before and is bound to inspire new ways of thinking.

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    An upside down foot balancing a wine glass

    thecollecteur / Instagram

    Get ready for interesting design, killer color, and fun vibes with Giulia’s Insta. Her page is fresh and visually stunning. You can’t help but want to try and be a little more quirky and fun after scrolling through.

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    Sugar cookies on pink background

    hol_fox / Instagram

    Holly Fox is a color lover, sugar baker, and graphic designer. Her Insta is sweet (pun intended) and full of brighter-than-life color. You will find stunning color schemes in every photograph and work up an appetite from scrolling through her confections.

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    Woman in front of colorful beach houses

    hotpinkpineapples / Instagram

    Cyn lives by the motto that the world is full of color, and she’s right! As her Insta handle suggests, this page has plenty of fruity hues. After viewing her pictures, you will definitely want to add more brightness to your life.

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    A pink wall with green window

    colourspeak_kerry_ / Instagram

    Vibrant is the name of the game for Kerry. This page is totally attention-grabbing with its hot pinks, radiant greens, and bright blues. Her page is all about colorful places and pretty spaces, and is a true testament to the fact that you can find inspiration pretty much anywhere.

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    A colorful living room

    sophlog / Instagram

    Have you ever seen a cuter living room? Neither have we. The pretty pastels with pops of bright blue are inviting and give the room a homey but eclectic vibe. The rest of Sophie’s Instagram is equally as beautiful, inspiring, and perfectly colorful.

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    Skiers on ski lift

    teber / Instagram

    Téber’s account proves that minimalist color schemes can also make a huge impact. The photography is a delicate balance of simplicity and candy-colored palettes. Color can be found in the most inconspicuous places, and this account proves just that.

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    A woman in front of a mint green building

    aww.sam / Instagram

    A big part of Sam’s life is color, and this is apparent in her grid. It’s in her home, her dessert creations, clothing, and more. She said it’s a way to make her feel empowered and to express herself. You’ll definitely want to add more color to your life after looking at her page.

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    A seat with colorful pillows

    @kailochic / Instagram  

    Kara injects the rainbow into all of her DIY projects. Whether she’s whipping up a batch of cookies, decorating Easter eggs, or painting plant pots, streaks of color always follow. You’ll be inspired by her creative ideas and enjoy her saturated feed.

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    A woman sitting in a chair smiling

    @studiodiy / Instagram

    Kelly Mindell’s account is the ultimate eye candy. She shares her home renovations, DIY projects, and adorable little family all in the form of photos laden with bright, poppy colors. Whether she’s redecorating her nursery or running around Disney, she always manages to find the brightest hues.

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    Woman standing in front of an orange wall

    @colormecourtney / Instagram

    Courtney knows how to take any color and make it work. Her outfits are always oozing with different shades, and even her travels reflect a rainbow theme. You’ll get plenty of fresh ways to jazz up your home, wardrobe, and adventures after pulling color inspiration from her.

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    Assortment of rainbow envelopes

    @erinsummer_ / Instagram

    Although the colors Erin curates on her feed are worth drooling over, there’s something to be said for the shapes, patterns, and tessellations of the colors she captures. You'll have a hard time looking away from this kaleidoscopic account.

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    A pale yellow room

    @ohjoy / Instagram 

    For those of you who love a good dose of color, but prefer a mix of both toned down pastels and zesty hues, Joy’s account is a must-follow. Her pictures are filled to the brim with playful palettes. She also runs a shop, @ohjoyco, where you can peruse through a selection of adorable, colorful items.

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