The 15 Best Instagram Accounts for Houseplants

Desk with plants around it

sarahkbenning / Instagram

A house truly isn’t a home without some greenery sprinkled here and there. Houseplants completely liven up a space by bringing a touch of the great outdoors into the cozy indoors. Plants also have the ability to emphasize your interior tastes, no matter the decor style. You can find help online in numerous ways, whether it includes social media platforms or Instagram accounts. Eclectic homes can amp up the eclectic flare with fern fronds, minimalist spaces can benefit from a snake plant or rubber tree to enliven a corner, and southwestern houses and desert dwellers can use cacti to carry out the feeling of their surroundings indoors.

Below, we’ve rounded up the 15 best houseplant Instagrams. From succulents to shrubs, these accounts know how to style their homes with the best plants. Whether you aspire to have a mini jungle in your space or are just looking for one or two leafy friends, you'll gain plenty of inspiration.

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    Cat looking out window by plant

    arianatanabe / Instagram

    Ariana Tanabe and her cat are both plant enthusiasts. Her lovely account is bright and minimalist, providing viewers with tips on how to style and add a touch of lively greenery to their own homes.

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    Desk with plants around it

    sarahkbenning / Instagram

    There's nothing quite like plants to spruce up a workspace and give you a boost of inspiration. Sarah K. Benning, the stitch artist behind this stunning studio, celebrates plant life via her artwork. Her creativity and originality makes for hours worth of scrolling.

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    A hand holding a plant

    huisje.plantje.beestje / Instagram

    House Plant Club is a community for houseplant enthusiasts. And with 645K followers, the plant love is flourishing on their page. House Plant Club was created by @cleverbloom and @plantingpink, and they compile images from all around Instagram of beautiful plants. You can submit your own pics to be featured by using the hashtag #houseplantclub.

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    Plants in a home and a dog

    thesill / Instagram

    "Plants make people happy" is the motto of The Sill. Their page is full of lush greenery, beautiful plant styling, and peaceful views. After scrolling through this feed, you'll be running to your nearest plant nursery, or The Sill store, to pick up some plants of your own.

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    Man sitting at table surrounded by plants

    houseplantjournal / Instagram

    House Plant Journal, aka Darryl Cheng, has built an account that shows the power of a well-placed plant. His styling is impeccable and you'll get tons of ideas for how to style your own plant children around your home.

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    Plant in white container

    foreverplanty / Instagram

    The Potted Jungle is a San Diego-based “plantaholic” who loves everything that’s green. You can’t help but feel more zen after scrolling through this Instagram. That is the power of nature, after all!=.

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    Plants on a shelf

    plantpotters / Instagram 

    Succulent City is the internet's largest cacti and succulent community with 348K followers. They provide tips, tricks, guides, and inspiration throughout their page and on their website. Each photo posted is ripe with inspiration and life—it's certainly eye candy for all kinds of plant lovers.

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    Plant in light filled living room

    sonia.handgefertigt / Instagram

    Earthy Children is an account dedicated to showing its 260K followers how to live their greenest life. From beautiful bedrooms to living rooms just like this one, you will find plenty of styling ideas for your home on this page.

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    Plants in test tubes

    hiltoncarter / Instagram

    Hilton Carter is a plant and interior stylist. He always finds the most beautiful and creative ways to tell a story with plants throughout one’s home. Carter knows a thing or two about creating ambience with plants and his account is proof of his talent.

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    Plant in pink pot

    idrinkandigrowthings / Instagram

    Eunice Hernandez loves houseplants. Her page is a curated celebration of the best plants from around Instagram. From carefully styled shelves to potted beauties, she knows plants and how to really make them stand out.

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    Cacti in a greenhouse

    still______ / Instagram 

    Janneke Lurrsema’s page is a museum of intricately captured photographs of, you guessed it, houseplants! Her feed emphasizes how sophisticated, wondrous, and enhancing houseplants can be. They add a layer of complexity and peacefulness to a home that other decor items really can’t.

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    Houseplants a on a tile floor

    growplantshop / Instagram

    Airy, peaceful, and welcoming is the touch you will get from Olivra Homedecor's plant account. Their feed is a masterpiece of curated photographs of the best plant styling from around the Internet. We adore the plants and the tile they're on top of.

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    Glassed in living room with plants

    kim.wynn / Instagram

    It's hard not to want to redesign your lanai to look like this one. Kim’s Instagram is full of inspiring imagery featuring beautiful botanical bliss in each post. Her Instagram is proof of the power of houseplants and how transformative they can be when added to a space.