The 16 Best Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Neutrals

Bedroom with white bedding

helloimaubs / Instagram

There is just something so chic and sophisticated about a neutral color palette. Neutral colors can be unassuming, but beautiful, and come in such a wide variety of shades that they can fit nearly any decor style and space. While you may think neutrals consist only of beige and white, the reality is that neutrals span the entire color spectrum.

Below we bring you our favorite Instagram accounts filled with all the neutral inspiration you need. From modern farmhouse to modern and contemporary decor styles, these pages celebrate all things neutral.

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    Bedroom with side table

    ___thebakers / Instagram

    Torrie's Instagram page is filled with delightful images of interiors and heartwarming images of her family, but in all of her posts a minimalist, neutral theme shines through. The images of her home feature soft, muted colors and lots of natural wood. Her handle is calming and approachable for anyone who loves an eclectic neutral look.

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    Living room with white couches and wood beams

    our_sweet_haven / Instagram

    This husband and wife team focus on open and airy interiors and lots of bright neutrals. Every room in their Montana house is filled with crisp white rooms and a coastal farmhouse feel that's incredibly welcoming.

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    Bedroom with gray bed

    madebycarli / Instagram

    Carli's Instagram page features images from her 142-year-old Victorian home and each room is filled with lovely modern design and stunning neutral color palettes. Based in Rhode Island, her style is a blend of modern and traditional and a great follow for anyone who loves clean, classic design.

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    office space with neutral colors

    holly.beechener/ Instagram

    Holly Beechener's page is perfect for those who love sophisticated, elevated design that often straddles the line between form and function. Her images are still lifes that feature muted hues and simple design.

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    Living room with green couches and vintage pictures

    chelseamohrman / Instagram

    Based in the midwest, Chelsea's style is a mix of modern and vintage. While she layers in colors such as hunter greens and deep burgundy, the majority of her spaces are filled with neutral colors. We love the use of new and old throughout her home.

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    All white bathroom

    homemadebycarmona / Instagram

    Ursula Carmona is an interior design blogger with a knack for the DIY and a great eye for neutral spaces. While many of her stunning spaces do dabble in bold colors, the base of her design is often modern neutrals like crisp white or soft gray. If you love neutrals with a splash of color, this is a great follow.

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    Minimal kitchen area

    cathiehonginteriors / Instagram

    Cathie's interiors are a calming mix of neutrals and natural materials. If you consider yourself to be a maximalist, your mind will be changed after scrolling through the rooms the Bay Area designer has created.

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    Wall with pink paint and hats

    sweetbungalow / Instagram

    We can't get enough of Suzy's sweet little home filled with eclectic boho style that is reserved but not timid. She uses a mixture of simple whites and grays while piling on bolder (yet arguably still neutral) hues such as muted oranges and greens.

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    Kitchen with farmhouse style

    thehylandhomestead / Instagram

    Christine's page is perfect for anyone who loves the modern farmhouse look. Her account is filled with images of her fixer-upper home in Kentucky and is an ode to both vintage and farmhouse styles.

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    Entryway with wood bench

    missjessicanicoleblog / Instagram

    We love Jessica's take on modern, contemporary style. Her account features interiors, lifestyle and family imagery that celebrates light, airy hues. Based in Texas, her style is modern with a hint of farmhouse chic mixed in.

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    Wicker bed

    camillashouse / Instagram

    If you love neutral, simple spaces overflowing with cane furniture and linen, you will love Camilla's page. Her Australian home is everything we love about neutrals and is the perfect decor inspiration for anyone who loves trendy decor with a breezy, approachable feel.

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    Wooden dining table with black wicker pendant

    whereheartresides / Instagram

    Our favorite thing about Diana's account is that every room in her home looks purposeful and intentional, while also remaining accessible to all levels of home decorators. Her home is filled with a lot of natural wood and simple accents (such as wallpapered walls and pops of color) to keep things interesting without straying from the neutral feel.

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    Hanging shelfs with white and black ceramics

    minimalhouseandhome / Instagram

    You could say Hannah's Instagram is just as much an artist's account as it is a home decor account. Her minimal home is filled with aesthetically interesting accent pieces and DIY art made from polymer clay. Her images are focused, artsy and simple, and really honor neutrals.

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    Reading nook with white and tan colors

    carlanatalia__ / Instagram

    Just because you love neutrals doesn't mean you can't love color too. Carla's Instagram page features pictures of her Florida home, and while she uses a great deal of tans and whites, she also sprinkles in muted oranges and pastels throughout the home as well.

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    Dining room with black lamp

    the_middle_terrace / Instagram

    Based in East Yorkshire, Jessica features up-close images of minimal and neutral home decor. Each vignette features soft, muted hues and simple lines that are understated yet beautiful.

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    Bedroom with light pink wall

    helloimaubs / Instagram

    Aubrey's page is an ode to boho neutral style, with images of rattan and macrame galore. Much of her decor is DIY-ed, and is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to decorate a home on a budget without sacrificing style.