Best Cheap Interior House Paints

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Searching for the best interior house paint is about managing expectations. Ultra-premium interior paints along the lines of Farrow & Ball and other designer paint brands are certainly gorgeous, but this beauty comes at a price. When you consider that a house-painting project can gobble up an incredible amount of paint, the total cost of this beauty rises to stratospheric levels. Cheap interior paint begins to look pretty good in comparison. But cheap does not necessarily have to mean low quality. In fact, there are a number of stand-out cheap interior paints worth purchasing that will beautify your home's interior without bankrupting you.

Glidden Premium

  • Good balance between quality and cost
  • Zero VOCs
  • Low odor
  • Scrubbable and washable
  • Available at Home Depot, as well as other retailers
  • Consumer-level paint

Walk the aisles of Home Depot's paint department and the most prominent paint brand is Behr. This is natural since Behr is Home Depot's house brand paint. Yet there are other paints available, as well as in other stores, and they deserve just as much shelf space and praise. Glidden Premium interior paint is one of those paints.

Despite its budget-level price, Glidden Premium receives high marks for its smooth application qualities and texture. Most flat or matte paints pick up and retain scuffs, leaving repainting as the only solution for cleaning up the walls again. But with Glidden Premium, users report that Glidden's claims of scrubbability are indeed true, even for matte. Users who are concerned about maxing out the paint's coverage area have found Glidden Premium to fit the ticket.

Glidden Premium is an excellent choice if you want to paint your house inexpensively without going the contractor-grade paint route.

Sherwin-Williams ProMar 400 Interior Latex

  • One of the cheapest paints available from a major paint manufacturer
  • Contractor-grade paint
  • Use for rooms that are less frequented, for an impending sale, or for a budget project
  • May require repainting sooner rather than later

When a builder or contractor uses an interior latex paint, it might be a cheaper form of paint that is thinner, the product's main purpose being to deliver color to walls for a limited amount of time. Sherwin-Williams ProMar 400 is one such contractor-grade paint that gets high marks for its price.

But you do pay for that cheap price point, a cost that can be calculated in terms of the work involved in maintaining the paint. Sherwin-Williams ProMar 400 is difficult, if not impossible, to clean in its flat, or matte, sheen version. Instead, keep a spare gallon on hand to repaint scuffed areas.

Cheap, builder-grade paint does have its place, though. Not every application is highly visible and in need of a top-quality paint. If you are painting a garage interior, a spare bedroom, a little-used hallway, a ceiling, or even if you want to paint the whole-house with the expectation of repainting before long, then Sherwin-Williams ProMar 400 Interior Latex might be the paint for you.

As with other Sherwin-Williams paints, ProMar 400 can be tinted to any one of Sherwin-Williams' thousands of color selections.

Valspar Professional Interior Latex

  • Low cost and decent quality
  • Contractor-grade paint
  • Widely available
  • High hide qualities
  • Good for touch-ups
  • Excellent selection of colors

Valspar Professional Interior Latex Paint is a contractor-grade paint that has some of the qualities of this type of paint. It hides well for a builder-grade paint but not as well as a conventional acrylic-latex paint. It has a good body but is definitely thinner-bodied than Valspar's other paints.

But where Valspar Professional Interior Latex Paint gains its strength is from the vast selection of Valspar's nearly 1,800 colors behind it. Available at both Lowe's Home Improvement and at independent Ace Hardware stores, Valspar Professional Interior Latex Paint will satisfy the design needs of most homeowners, as well as professionals.

Of course, the other strength is cost. Valspar Professional Interior Latex Paint is about the same as Sherwin-Williams ProMar 400, and both paints are about half the cost of a popular, high-quality consumer-level paint, Behr Marquee Interior Latex.

Valspar Professional Interior Latex Paint is right for those grand, sweeping projects, such as cathedral-ceiling great rooms or fast entire-house interiors, where the order of the day is maximum coverage at a rock-bottom cost. If you are staging a house for sale, this is the type of paint you might use since it delivers style at a low price.