5 Best Interior Paint Brands

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    5 Best Interior Paint Brands

    A painted bedroom
    Design Milk

    If you're ready to see something a little different when you look at your walls, a new coat of paint is one of the best ways to freshen things up in your home. It’s always exciting to pick out a new paint color and give your room a mini makeover with a new, crisp coat of paint. This particular example comes from Design Milk. Painting does require some time and money, though, and it’s important to get things right the first time. Quality counts. And using a well-known brand is an extremely important part of ensuring that you get the room you want with a look you'll love. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite, top-notch interior paint companies, compete with a bit of information about what each one has to offer! 

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    Benjamin Moore

    A chic painted living room
    South Shore Decorating

    Benjamin Moore has been one of the leading interior paint brands for many years now. This example of their paint comes from South Shore Decorating. They have an extremely sophisticated team of people who work to ensure that Benjamin Moore paints are of consistently high quality. Benjamin Moore is also great for informing consumers about various painting techniques and finishes, as well as color trends. They even have a unique color-matching app that allows you to match the colors of everyday objects to the closest Benjamin Moore paint shade. 

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    A Behr painted living room

    Behr is another well-known brand that has been around for many decades. This example of their paint comes from Lolalina. Selling many high-quality interior paints and primers in a variety of colors, visitors to their website are provided an easy-to-navigate display that presents their products in a very organized manner. This makes it easy to access the shade that you need quickly. Like Benjamin Moore, they too have tips on color trends and how-tos. Behr also has a  blog, Colorfully Behr, which is updated regularly with tons of fun and useful info.

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    Farrow & Ball

    A painted room next to a radiator and dresser
    Design Sponge

    Farrow & Ball is another one of the best companies to purchase paint from when giving your space a quick update. This example of their paint comes from Design Sponge. They sell a large selection of beautiful, dark, and sophisticated colors that are perfect for the fall. With more than paint to offer, the company is also known for it's beautifully crafted, unique wallpapers. This makes them a great place to start if a wall change is in your future, but you haven't decided between painting and hanging wallpaper. Like the other sites mentioned, Farrow & Ball provides a lot of helpful, decorating information to help customers find interesting ways to use their paint. Even better, the website also hosts a selection of videos featuring everything from factory tours to DIY projects. Check it out!

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    Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt & Lambert was founded in 1849 and has remained one of the leading interior paint brands ever since. With a focus on functionality, their website has a great resource page which allows you to accurately calculate the number of paint gallons you’ll need, as well as address any common interior paint problems that you may have. 

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    Valspar is one of the largest paint companies in the world with over 9,500 employees in over 25 different countries. Valspar is great because they guarantee that your color should be perfect. If it isn’t, you need to take a picture of the paint on the wall next to the original color, fill out a basic form, and you will receive another can of paint for free. In 2011, Valspar introduced its “high definition” paint. This paint is both a primer and paint and helps cover most old colors with just one coat, cutting the time it takes to remake your favorite spaces in half.