10 Best Interior Paint Colors Most Popular With Decorating Experts

Designers reveal their personal favorite paint colors for every interior room

Best interior paint colors

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There's an insurmountable number of popular interior paint colors you can choose. Deciding which shade is one thing, and figuring out what room to cover it in is a whole other beast. That is why we narrowed down your choices to a handful of tried and true shades favored by color experts for various rooms to help make your decision a little easier. Looking to paint your home soon? Determine how much paint you need with The Spruce's Paint Calculator.


Get Inspired by These Top Interior Paint Colors


  • Color Family: Neutrals ranging from creamy white to darker tones
  • Complementary Colors: Each color works with various complementary colors
  • Pairs Well With: All work with a broad range of interior styles
  • Mood: Cheerful, cozy, and refreshing light and mid-tones to energizing or comforting darker tones
  • Where to Use: Accent or all four walls

Here's our list of the 10 best designer-savvy interior paint colors for all rooms in your home.

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    PPG Porter Paints Chalky Blue

    PPG Porter Paints CHALKY BLUE PPG1153-5 paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Paintzen color expert Kristen Chuber shares her top paint color, which is a dusty Chalky Blue (PPG1153-5) by PPG Porter Paints. "Somewhere between blue and gray, this velvety shade can actually be used as a neutral. It looks beautiful with bright white trim, but maybe even more impactful with rich, black accents. We have also seen this shade used beautifully in a monochromatic palette, alongside other shades of blue-gray, both on the lighter and darker side of the spectrum." Try using this hue to paint your kitchen, one of your bathrooms, or the bedroom.

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    Benjamin Moore Flora

    Benjamin Moore Flora AF 470 paint swatch

    The Spruce

    If you are looking for that perfect muted shade of green, interior designer Rebecca West from Seriously Happy Homes suggests Flora (AF 470) by Benjamin Moore. "The blue-green paint is rich without being too dark, and earthy without feeling too heavy. It pairs beautifully with medium and dark wood tones and works with a broad range of interior styles from traditional to modern." You can never go wrong with soft sage-colored paint, and it can instantly make any room feel more soothing and relaxing.

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    Glidden Red Delicious

    Glidden Red Delicious 00YR 08/409 paint swatch

    The Spruce

    "Red is a powerful and energetic hue," says PPG Paints color expert Dee Schlotter. "Red Delicious (00YR 08/409) by Glidden is a deep red that would serve as a bold and stimulating color for an accent wall." It looks particularly refreshing when paired with white-painted trim. While it's a bold hue like this apple red, it's a timeless version of red that will look beautifully rich for years to come.


    Red is vibrant which means it's important to pair red with the right colors, such as blues, whites, and tans. Surprisingly, dark red also goes well with darker shades of red.

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    Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky

    Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky 1479 paint swatch

    The Spruce 

    "There are a small number of timeless and classic shades we always find ourselves coming back to when searching for the perfect neutral," says Alicia Weaver of Alicia Weaver Design. "Alaskan Husky (1479) by Benjamin Moore is one of them. It is a classic shade of gray that complements accent colors." Light silvery grays work beautifully in guest bedrooms and foyers.

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    Farrow & Ball Card Room Green

    Farrow & Ball Card Room Green No. 79 paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Interior designer and color expert Moll Anderson, believes in the power of green paint. She says the color gives us a sense of balance that is both calming and relaxing. One paint color that is found to be particularly therapeutic is Card Room Green (No. 79) by Farrow & Ball. This dark green color harmonizes perfectly with tones of gray, mustard, and pebble.

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    Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray

    Benjamin Moore Gentlemans Gray 2062-20 paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Susan Williams, an interior designer at Siren Betty Design, first used Gentleman's Gray (2062-20), a dark blue by Benjamin Moore when designing rooms for a local bed-and-breakfast. Shortly after, everyone at her company fell heads over heels for the shade. "We loved it so much that we painted our office wall the same color. We think it looks especially great in a gloss finish—the way the light reflects off it is gorgeous and gives any room a lot of character." A blueish gray this deep gives a serene, comforting vibe, which works well in a bedroom.

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    PPG Paints Whiskers

    PPG Paints Whiskers PPG1025-3 paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Nuanced neutrals, like this soft greige, can inspire comfort according to Dee Schlotter. Pale colors are also fueling a hot home trend thanks to the growing popular popularity of the "hygge" movement, a Danish concept that promotes happiness by focusing on creating cozy contentment and overall well-being. "One paint color that is representative of hygge is Whiskers (PPG1025-3) by PPG Paints. It is a subtle shade of greige, perfect for enveloping a room and making it feel like a cozy retreat," says Schlotter.

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    Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

    Sherwin-Williams Alabaster SW7008 paint swatch

    The Spruce

    What is the perfect warm white paint color for homes with a north-facing view? Interior designer Claudia Leah says, "Alabaster (SW7008) by Sherwin-Williams is my go-to white to warm things up for a northern exposure." You can't go wrong with a lovely creamy white, no matter what room you choose.

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    Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe

    Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe SW 6039

    The Spruce

    Sherwin-Williams color trend expert Sue Wadden considers Poised Taupe (SW 6039) a gorgeous neutral paint color with timeless versatility and broad appeal. "It's a lovely color that people fall hard for because the shade is very easy to live with—it is stunning paired with white. It also works well with a palette of blues, especially denim and country blue colors."


    The color taupe also works in homes inspired by retro colors including terra-cotta orange, avocado, pink, and mauve.

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