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These companies will haul away your unwanted items

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Cleaning out a space is hard enough, but deciding what to throw away is only the beginning—you often have to figure out how to get the junk, debris, or other unwanted items off of your property in a responsible way.

Junk removal services pick up where standard trash removal services tend to fall short. They offer the truck space and labor needed to haul large items or unusual loads of waste, and in many cases, customers can count on these companies to look for more sustainable solutions like donating or recycling before sending items to a landfill.

Whether you’re hoping to get your old mattress off the curb or are clearing out your basement for a new renovation, these top junk removal services offer an array of options for anyone looking to rid their home of unwanted clutter.

Best Junk Removal Services of 2023

Best Overall : College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving Company

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

Why We Chose It: College Hunks offers junk removal in addition to other services, such as moving or donation pickup, that consumers tend to need at the same time, making it an easy (and affordable) one-stop vendor.

What We Like
  • More than 150 locations nationwide

  • Convenient slate of services beyond junk removal, like moving and donation pickup

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Donates two meals to children for every job

  • Complimentary cleanup after removing junk

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to gauge price in advance

Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman were just two college buddies looking to make some cash when they started College Hunks in Tampa, Florida, in 2005. Now, the junk removal and moving company has more than 150 franchise locations around the United States, offering a slate of moving, donation pickup, and labor services in addition to hauling junk.

To arrange junk removal with College Hunks, book online or by phone—in many cases, the company can cater to same- and next-day needs. Thirty minutes before your appointment, representatives will call to confirm the appointment and let you know they’re on the way. Once the team is on-site, they’ll assess your junk and give an estimate on the cost to haul it away. Pricing is based primarily on how much truck space your stuff will require, with rates that vary by region and location, so it can be hard to get an accurate estimate virtually. If the quote—which will include gas, labor, dropoff, and cleanup—doesn’t fit your budget, you’re under no obligation to use the service.

Thanks to partnerships with nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill, about 70 percent of the material that College Hunks removes is donated or recycled, and any items that can’t be salvaged are always discarded responsibly. But College Hunks’ social responsibility goes beyond its responsible business practices: For each job, the company donates two meals to children in need.

Best for Single Items and Small Loads : LoadUp



Why We Chose It: While LoadUp offers a full range of junk removal services, the company distinguishes itself by offering smart prices on smaller loads or single items with its upfront, no-haggle pricing structure.

What We Like
  • Guaranteed upfront price with no on-site estimate required

  • Discount for no-contact pickup

  • Straightforward booking process

What We Don't Like
  • Pricing is less clear for larger junk removal projects

  • Longer pickup window times

LoadUp CEO Greg Workman was working in sales at a waste management company when he noticed a common problem: People had no idea who to call to take their old mattresses. Waste management companies like his then-employer wouldn’t take them, and most junk removal companies didn’t offer a price structure that made sense for a one-item job. So he started LoadUp, a no-hassle junk removal company that handles hauls big and small.

To use LoadUp, enter your zip code before selecting one of two options: “I have exact items I would like removed,” or “I have non-specific items or a large cleanout.” If you choose to have exact items removed, LoadUp guides you to a page where you can select from the most common items the company picks up—mattresses, box springs, treadmills, and dressers—or type your own unique answer before selecting a time slot. For these single items, LoadUp gives you a price immediately—and offers a discount if you opt to have its team pick up at the curb rather than inside your home.

Should you be looking for help with a larger cleanout, LoadUp will collect your contact information and preferred time slot and then follow up for photos and more information to offer an accurate, upfront quote before sending a truck out for the pickup. Regardless of load size, LoadUp schedules its appointments in four-hour windows. LoadUp serves 170 cities in 49 states, and the company’s reviewers praise its timeliness and affordability.

Best for Budgeting : Junk King

Junk King

Junk King

Why We Chose It: Junk King offers affordable, hassle-free waste removal with an eye on sustainability and the option to receive estimates virtually—plus, the company will beat any written offer.

What We Like
  • Online, text message, phone, and in-person estimates

  • Guarantee to beat any other written estimate

  • Eco-friendly practices

  • Sweep up after removal

What We Don't Like
  • Unclear pricing for single items and small jobs

Founded in California in 2005, Junk King has incorporated eco-friendly practices into its business model since day one. Sixty percent of the debris and waste that the company hauls is donated or recycled, with particular expertise in properly handling electronic waste. Billing itself as “America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service,” the San Carlos-based company has expanded to more than 100 locations around the United States and has even ventured into Canada with sister business Junk Works. But Junk King’s pricing policies are what really sets it apart, and getting in touch with Junk King for an estimate is easy.

Start by reaching out online, calling the company’s toll-free number, arranging for an on-site estimate, or even texting a photo of the waste you need collected. Junk King will provide you with a written estimate before you commit to any services, with a guarantee to beat any other written estimate you receive from a competitor. The company’s trucks are 20 percent larger than most, so while the cost per job is still dependent on how much space the junk needs, Junk King is often able to offer a more affordable price than its competitors. When the job is finished, Junk King will sweep up any debris left behind.

If you're weighing waste disposal as a small part of a bigger project, Junk King may be able to help with more than haul-away, too. The company also offers light demolition, self-service dumpsters, and more.

Best Customer Service : 1-800-GOT-JUNK



Why We Chose It: This recognizable name in junk removal offers around-the-clock customer service, with top reviews for on-time appointments and easy assistance.

What We Like
  • 24/7 customer service

  • 150+ locations spread across U.S., Canada, and Australia

What We Don't Like
  • Unclear donation or recycling policy

The “world’s largest junk removal service” is also one of the easiest to use, with a customer service line that's staffed 24/7 and a commitment to hauling “almost anything that two people can lift!” To book an appointment, enter your ZIP code for availability in your area—the Canada-based company has more than 150 locations, with franchisees in the U.S. and Australia as well. Then give a brief description of the items you’d like to remove before selecting a time on the calendar. Got Junk books its pickups in two-hour time increments, and your representatives will always call 15–30 minutes before they arrive.

Got Junk charges based on how much truck space you use, so the company can’t guarantee a price until its team arrives and sees what it will be hauling away. Still, once you do receive an on-site estimate, that number won’t budge: It includes the labor to remove the unwanted items, the truck ride to the dump, any dump fees, and a sweep of your area for dirt and debris after the junk has been removed.

Once any waste leaves your home, Got Junk is committed to recycling and donating items whenever possible, but the company makes no specific claims about what percentage of any hauls will go to landfills vs. more sustainable options. If you’re curious about where different items may end up, consult the company’s recycling page for more information.

Best for the Environment : The Junkluggers

The Junkluggers

The Junkluggers

Why We Chose It: The best choice for customers hoping to avoid sending items to landfills, Junkluggers incorporates an eco-friendly mission into all parts of its business model.

What We Like
  • Unwavering commitment to sustainability

  • Franchises partner with local charities

  • Range of additional services available

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in select areas

  • Unclear policy on sweeping after removal

The Junkluggers was founded with a mission to send less waste to landfills—an unexpected mission for a junk removal company, but one that makes sense when you consider the part played by recycling or donating. Since The Junkluggers was founded in 2004, the company has helped save unwanted items by partnering with local nonprofits. What can’t be reused is either recycled or disposed of in a way that makes as little impact on the Earth as possible—the company has stated that it aims to eliminate landfills from its business model altogether by 2025.

To book a job with The Junkluggers, share your address, contact information, and junk needs in an online form or by phone. The company will schedule you into a two-hour window, and two “luggers” will call you about 15 minutes before they arrive. They’ll give a written price estimate upon arrival, and if it fits your budget, the team will get started on the job. Junkluggers charges by the amount of space your junk takes up in the truck—labor and all fees are included in the price—and you’ll never pay more than the original written estimate. (If The Junkluggers overestimates how much your junk removal will cost, however, it will always charge you the lower amount.) If any of your items are able to be donated, the company will follow up with your tax-deductible receipt.

The Junkluggers has franchises in 23 states, with each offering its own slate of services: junk removal, moving, estate cleanouts, and more, with availability largely dependent on location.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving Company is our best overall pick, partially for its well-roundedness: Thanks to the Tampa-based business’s wide range of additional services, using this company for junk removal blends seamlessly with moving and other tasks that go hand-in-hand with clearing waste. But other companies stood out for their own strengths, too: LoadUp was far and away the best choice for small jobs and single-item hauls, while The Junkluggers stood out as a top choice for consumers worried about environmental sustainability.

Customers who choose 1-800-GOT-JUNK, one of the best-known junk removal companies, can count on around-the-clock customer service, and many reviewers commented on the timeliness of their appointments—both big advantages for anyone hoping to clear junk fast. And with its price guarantee, Junk King emerged as the best option for those sticking to a budget: The company will beat any written offer from a competitor.

What Is a Junk Removal Service?

Junk removal services specialize in hauling away the waste from your home or business that may not fit in a traditional trash can or dumpster. Often, this includes large items like mattresses or furniture, but it can also include larger volumes of small items, like debris or clutter.

How Much Do Junk Removal Services Charge?

Most junk removal services charge based on how much room your waste takes up in a standard truck. While this helps you avoid getting charged extra for items that are smaller than the standard size, it also makes it difficult to estimate price virtually. LoadUp is one of the few junk removal services that offer per-piece pricing.

What Kinds of Items Do Junk Removal Services Haul Away?

Junk removal services often haul away old furniture, mattresses, box springs, appliances, and exercise equipment, and most also handle construction waste, lawn debris, and home clean-outs. Junk removal services do not, however, handle hazardous materials. For specific information on what is acceptable, be sure to check with the specific junk removal service you are considering using.


To choose the best junk removal services, we started by looking for vendors that offer their services nationwide, eliminating any options that weren’t insured or seemed to have unclear policies. Then, we looked at company reviews, paying special attention to see whether negative reviews had any common threads and comparing positive reviews to confirm companies’ strengths.

The Junkluggers’ company-wide commitment to sustainability made it a favorite for consumers minding their carbon footprints. Junk King was often hailed as a fairly priced option—a distinction that fits with the brand’s price-match policy—while 1-800-GOT-JUNK stood out for its accessible customer service department.

Company Category How to Get Estimates Services Offered​
College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving Company Best Overall In-person by appointment Junk removal, moving, donation pick-ups, and labor
LoadUp Best for Single Items and Small Loads Online or by phone Junk removal
Junk King Best for Budgeting Online, by phone, via text, or In-person by appointment Junk removal
1-800-GOT-JUNK Best for Customer Service In-person by appointment Junk removal
Junkluggers Best for the Environment In-person by appointment Junk removal, moving*

*In select locations

Best Junk Removal Services

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