Top 10 Kamado Grill Accessories

Make the Most of Your Kamado Grill with these Necessary Accessories

Kamado Grills, like the Big Green Egg, have become the 'must have' charcoal grill of the age. Capable of high-temperature grilling and low and slow smoking, these typically ceramic grills, have all the versatility fo do most everything and do it efficiently while looking great in the process. Now that there are more than a dozen companies selling them, there has been a flood of accessories in recent years. Many of these items are little more than gimmicks, but there are some that can...MORE make your Kamado Grill easier to use, even more versatile, and offer so much more to your backyard cooking. I have selected these accessories because they are well made, make life easier, and are a real value. 

These accessories are designed to fit the most popular size of Kamado Grill, the 18.5-Inch model. This is the Kamada Joe Classic, Big Green Egg Large, and many similar models. Some accessories are available for different sizes and not all of these will fit all models of Kamado Grills. Make sure to check the compatibility with your specific model before you purchase.  

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    Cast Iron cooking grates have the mass to hold and transfer heat and the durability to last for decades. There are many types on the market that will fit a wide range of grills, but these from Craycort have removable sections that can be swapped for solid griddles, heavy construction and an excellent design. Of all the cast iron cooking grates on the market, these are the best. This specific set fits all 18.5-inch diameter grills and there are 22.5-inch sets also available. 

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    One of the best features of a Kamado Grill is that with the lid and vents closed the fire will be extinguished in about 20 minutes, preserving the remaining charcoal for your next cookout. The Kick Ash Basket is a great way to get a handle on the good charcoal left behind and to get the ash out of the way. This product replaces the standard coal grate in most Kamado Grills, allowing for better airflow as well. Of course, when hot this will not be safe to touch without some good heat resistant...MORE gloves

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    The top vent that comes with most Kamado Grills is good, but this one is better. The level of temperature control that the SmokeWare Cap offers is worth the price. Best of all, this cap doesn't fall off and won't rust or lock up. To get the level of precision that you want from your grill, particularly when it comes to low and slow cooking, this accessory is a must. This model fits the medium, large and extra large big green egg, but there is also a model for the Kamado Joe.

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    Yes, it is possible to use a rotisserie on a Kamado Grill. This unit fits all standard, 18-Inch kamado grills. Why, you ask? This unit adds a whole new layer of versatility to the ceramic cooker. Just as with any rotisserie, it evens the heat, prevents burning and allows foods to self-baste to perfection. This is a fantastic accessory for anyone how loves their Kamado and loves great food.

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    The standard platesetter or deflector (or whatever your manufacturer calls it) being ceramic, tends to be on the fragile side and frequently you hear about broken legs. This one is cast iron and not proves to be a more durable accessory, but offers an additional level of versatility in that you can cook right on it. While around $130USD, this is a great investment for those that do a lot of indirect grilling, smoking or like to use their Kamado Grill as a pizza oven. 

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    To keep a Kamado Grill cooking perfectly, the accumulated ash needs to be removed frequently to maintain airflow. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of space to work with when it comes to scooping out the ashes. This handy little tool hooks onto the bottom vent of the grill and makes getting those ashes out a little easier and cleaner. While specifically designed for the Big Green Egg, this works well with most Kamado models that have the bottom screen vent. 

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     A good Kamado Grill has the ability to hold controlled temperatures for long periods of time. That doesn't mean that it can't benefit from a temperature control unit like the PartyQ from BBQ Guru. This battery powered forced air unit will hold a selected temperature in your Kamado Grill for as long as the fuel holds out. This unit eliminated temperature spikes and keeps your grill very close to the temperature you select. 

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    The biggest problem with many Kamado Grills is the gasket that sits between the lid and the body. The simple felt gaskets can burn away and wear out quickly. This is the single most replaced item on a Kamado Grill. This Nomex gasket is a high-temperature replacement and will last considerably longer for those Kamado Grills that don't already come with a high-temperature solution. This is definitely worth the investment. 

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    CGS Large Adjustable Rig

    CGS Large Adjustable Rig
    CGS Large Adjustable Rig. Ceramic Grill Store

    Space inside a Kamado Grill can be a premium. After all, the most popular size ceramic has the same diameter as the smaller Weber Kettle Grill. For this reason, several people have developed multi-level cooking systems. This one, from the Ceramic Grill Store (CGS), offers a wide range of accessories so you can have up t three times to cooking area, or a holder for a pizza stone or other cooking options. This model fits many Kamado Grills, most notably the Big Green Egg. If you have a different...MORE type of cooker, I recommend contacting CGS before you make a purchase. 


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    These grate pliers are the standard issue grill gripper that you are going to find. While perfectly fine I personally haven't found anything better, but the ultimate fact is that you are going to need to lift out the cooking grate periodically and you should have something you can use to get a hold of it. If you don't already have something like this, I really recommend you get something. When it happens that you need to get under the grate, you probably won't have the time to go...MORE hunting for something.