The 7 Best Kegerators to Buy in 2018

Get a cold one in the comfort of your own home

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Keep your beer chilled and ready for serving with a kegerator. These specialized refrigeration units with attached beer towers will deliver your favorite brew fresh from the keg while extending shelf life and preserving taste. These fridges aren't just for beer they can also be used for cold brew coffee kegs, soda, cider, and even wine.

When shopping for the best kegerator, keep in mind what your space requirements are. Some kegerators can fit even oversized kegs, while others are limited to regular full-size kegs or even half-keg sizes. Mini kegerators offer the ability to store and serve beer from a growler or mini keg—a great choice for homebrewers or those who prefer to tap smaller kegs. You’ll also need to decide whether you are looking for a built-in unit or a freestanding kegerator, which is usually more popular. Built-in kegerators have front exhausts that allow it to be installed under existing countertops. Freestanding units can be placed anywhere but must have ventilation for proper cooling and operation. Tap into one of these top kegerators and enjoy fresh chilled beer on-demand!


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    Best Overall: EdgeStar KC3000SS Full Size Kegerator

    Keep your beer chilled and ready at all times with our top overall pick, the EdgeStar KC3000SS Full-Size Kegerator. This kegerator has smart features and a straightforward design that make it practical and functional. Store your beer at just the right conditions with a digital display that allows you to adjust the temperature. Take note, though, that the displayed temperature is the set point—not an actual reading from inside the kegerator. Another great feature of the EdgeStar KC3000SS is the fact that it features a deep chill mode that allows the unit to reach a brisk 32 degrees Fahrenheit inside. Not all kegerators are equipped with a deep chill mode, and EdgeStar includes it on this mid-priced unit.

    This model from EdgeStar can fit a wide range of keg sizes, including oversized and full-size kegs, or a combination of smaller kegs. A shelf in the back of the unit holds the CO2 canister. Up on top of the KC3000SS is a single tap, though it could be modified to a double tap configuration. A drip tray is included to catch any spills. With all the features you need, this freestanding kegerator in stainless steel is the perfect place to store your favorite brew.

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    Best Budget: Insignia 5.6 Cu. Ft. 1-Tap Beverage Cooler Kegerator


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    If you’re looking for an affordable kegerator, the Insignia 1-Tap Beverage Cooler is perfect for a cold beer without burning up your cash. The Insignia 1-Tap Beverage Cooler is a smaller kegerator with a capacity of 5.6 cubic feet. This is enough room for up to a ½ keg—but it is not compatible with Coors or Miller kegs. So if that happens to be your brew of choice, you’ll want to check out some other options. The temperature range on this kegerator is as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a more limited range than some other models, which can be set as high as 50 degrees. But truth be told, you probably aren’t interested in keeping your beer at 50 degrees!

    There are a few quality control issues that have been noted with these budget kegerators. Most notably is that the stainless-steel door is subject to denting. Most people can overlook a small-size imperfection like this for a less-than-$500 kegerator. But you’ll also want to check each gasket and connection carefully for any signs of leakage before use. Once you have the unit set up and functioning, it works great and offers satisfactory performance for a budget kegerator priced under $500.

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    Best Double Tap: Kegco Full Size Digital Beer Keg Dispenser

    Kegco full size dispenser

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    For a double tap kegerator that can serve up two of your favorite brews, the Kegco Full Size Digital Beer Keg Dispenser is a popular choice. While a two tap kegerator will cost more than single tap models, this kegerator has plenty of features and solid performance that make up for the additional cost.

    The Kegco K309SS features a sleek stainless-steel door and a digital display that allows you to see the set temperature at a glance, then adjust it with the push of a button. A power chill mode keeps the beer frosty and ready to enjoy. On top, the beer tower has two taps, a chrome guardrail, and a removable drip tray. This kegerator will fit one full-size keg, two 5-gallon D system kegs, or 3 smaller home brew kegs. One thing we really like about this Kegco model is that it also fits Miller, Coors, and rubber kegs. So no matter what your taste in beer is, the Kegco Full Size Digital Beer Keg Dispenser will serve it up. You’ll also appreciate the quiet operation of this freestanding unit with dual taps.

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    Best Built-In: Kegco Digital Undercounter Full Size Beer Keg Dispenser

    Kegco undercounter

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    For a custom look, install a built-in kegerator that will seamlessly blend into your kitchen or bar cabinetry. The Kegco Digital Undercounter Full Size Beer Keg Dispenser is our top choice for the high-end look of a built-in kegerator. This model from Kegco features front exhaust vents and is counter depth, allowing it to be installed under existing countertops. This can create a custom look perfect for your game room, man cave, or bar. We’d say that this built-in kegerator blends right in, but the brushed stainless-steel exterior and mounted door handle with chrome beer tower catches the eye in a good way. What definitely won’t be overlooked is this kegerator’s ability to keep beer, kombucha, or wine chilled. Inside, you’ll have space for a full-sized keg (including Miller, Coors, and rubber kegs) or several smaller kegs. This Kegco model has one of the most powerful compressors onboard with 3200 therms. In practical terms, this means that the unit can reach temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit—considerably colder than most kegerators on the market. This upscale, built-in kegerator edges out the competition with its good looks and major performance points. 

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    Best Outdoor: EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

    Enjoy your beer straight from the tap in the great outdoors with the EdgeStar KC7000SS outdoor kegerator. This kegerator offers a lot of storage space and the necessary insulation to operate at peak performance, even outside. The forced air refrigeration system and insulation are designed with the outdoor elements in mind. This kegerator is also equipped with front ventilation, allowing it to be built into your outdoor kitchen or bar cabinet configuration. Inside, you’ll find enough room for an oversize keg, a regularly sized keg, or a combination of smaller keg sizes. LED lighting provides easy visibility inside the kegerator without adding heat that could alter the optimum internal temperature.

    With three taps on top, you can pour the brew of choice with the simple pull of a lever. One thing to be aware of is that if the power goes out, you’ll need to manually restart the kegerator. Since it’s outside, it could be easy to overlook this and find a warm keg of beer when you’re looking for your next cold drink. So keep a close eye on the unit if you live in an area prone to power outages. Otherwise, this outdoor kegerator is ready to be the star of your next patio party.

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    Best Mini: Nostalgia Homecraft on Single Tap Beer Growler Cooling System


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    If you frequent your local breweries or want to have a fresh draft beer in the comfort of your home but don't have space or budget, this beer growler cooling system is just the thing. Just fill up the 5L included growler at a brewery, grocery store, or bar and then insert it into the system which will chill down the beer and keep it fresh for up to 30-days. When it is 5 o'clock you'll just pull the tap for a delicious fresh poured beer at home. 

    Three CO2 cartridges are included with your purchases so you can start having a beer right away. This system can get the beer down to 36 Fahrenheit giving those who like a cold a frosty drink.

    Reviewers claim that this is great for those who buy beer by the growler since it keeps it fresh and fizzy for a month, whereas just out of the glass jug will only last 2-3 days. They note that 5L is a lot of beer but since it stays fresh for a while they haven't had any problems wasting any. 

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    Best DIY: EdgeStar BR2001BL Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion

    For those who want to DIY their way to a custom kegerator, the EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator is a good starting point. This refrigerator arrives ready for conversion to a kegerator. Or, cap the tower hole and use it as a fridge. But when being used as a kegerator, this unit offers a lot of options. The EdgeStar BR2001BL arrives with the holes pre-cut for the CO2 lines and the tower. We also found that there is plenty of room to add a second hold if you want an additional CO2 line for carbonating homebrew. Be aware that this model won’t accommodate Coors, Miller, or oversized kegs.

    Those who want to fit their own kegerator components to a fridge will find this to be an excellent starting point. A DIY kegerator like this model can also be a good choice if you previously had a kegerator with a refrigeration unit that stopped working and you want to use the parts to spec out a new kegerator. If that’s your situation, this is an affordable way to assemble your own custom kegerator.