Best Kids' Backpacks

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    Stephen Joseph Backpacks

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    If you have a child attending Mom's Day Out or even kindergarten, Stephen Joseph Backpacks (compare prices) are the right fit for them. They are smaller than most school backpacks but their size makes them perfect for younger students. The wide selection of cute designs and ability to have them personalized make Stephen Joseph Backpacks a very popular choice with parents.

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    Olympia Rolling Backpacks

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    When we were in school, we had sore shoulders lugging around our heavy textbooks in our backpack. Now kids have a choice. They can carry their backpacks or roll them like luggage. The Olympia line of rolling backpacks (compare prices) combines the two so kids can wear their backpacks comfortably or roll them on the days when the teachers load them down with homework. Available in fun, bold colors, such as pink, red, jade green, marigold and sky blue.
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    Messenger Bags

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    Some kids are too cool for traditional backpacks. Messenger bags (compare prices) blend the functionality of a backpack with the style of an over-the-shoulder bag. Kid-friendly designs are mainly available for girls. For boys, you'll more than likely have to buy a messenger bag intended for a grown up.
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    EcoGear EcoZoo Rolling Backpacks

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    If your tiny student isn't quite ready for a big kid backpack, EcoGear's EcoZoo line of backpacks (compare prices) is a great compromise. Kids can either carry the backpack by the shoulder strap or roll it behind them. The styles include cute characters like a puppy, pig, monkey and panda. It's an all-natural cotton backpack made of recycled plastic components for families who want to make earth-friendly purchases.
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    JWorld Rolling Backpacks

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    If you're looking for a rolling backpack for your child that comes in funky design options, JWorld (compare prices) has a whole line just for you. These backpacks not only show off your child's personality, they're also durable so you don't have to buy a new backpack every year.
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    Lands' End FeatherLight Backpacks

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    Lands' End has a FeatherLight line of backpacks (compare prices) that's loaded with features. It has a bungee strap that can carry a jacket. It's got compression straps that stabilizes those heavy loads. It's got a loop for connecting a lunch box and it's got reflective tape within the design so people will be able to see them while they're wearing it. There's even an inner compartment for your student's laptop. The backpack can also be monogrammed with their...MORE initials, a single initial or their full name.
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    JanSport Backpacks

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    I bought a JanSport backpack when I was in high school more than 20 years ago. I carried it all through college. Now I load it with kid stuff and carry it around. JanSport backpacks (compare prices) are definitely built to last. The color options and design choices will appeal to everyone from elementary school students to college students.
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    Eddie Bauer Backpacks

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    Eddie Bauer backpacks (compare prices) are built for adventure, which makes them ideal for tackling those days at school. They have everything from an insulated pocket for food and drinks to bungee zip pulls. Your family budget will take a hit. Eddie Bauer backpacks aren't cheap but they'll last your kids for years.

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    The North Face Backpacks

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    No parent wants to have to revisit backpack buying every school year. The North Face has all sorts of top-quality backpacks (compare prices) to choose from so you can get a backpack that won't fall apart. They're built for the outdoors so they're rugged and can stand up to being tossed on the ground every day when your kids get home from school. They also come in a variety of styles so your kids can find a color or design that appeals to them.
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    Eastsport Clear Backpacks

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    It's not the most stylish backpack but if your back-to-school shopping list has a clear backpack on the list, Eastsport's clear backpack line (compare prices) will work. It does have trim color options like pink and black to dress up your child's backpack as much as possible while making sure everything in the backpack is 100% visible.