The 8 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers to Buy in 2018

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Kitchen cabinets are meant to add a lot of organization to a kitchen. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to get cabinets cluttered and disorganized as you cook. Most cabinets lack any good means of organizing cookware beyond shelves. When you want to keep everything in its place, the only real option is a good kitchen cabinet organizer. This simple solution makes it easy to put a variety of cookware and food in its proper place.

All cabinet organizers separate and organize whatever items you’d normally use while cooking. Despite the name, not all organizers are meant for cabinetry. Others do well in pantries or drawers. When buying a new organizer, you should think about your organization needs. What kitchen spaces do you want to organize? What kind of items are you dealing with?

For a kitchen cabinet organizer with the perfect fit for your needs, check out this list of the best seven in 2017.


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    Best Overall: Lynk Professional Roll Out

    Great kitchen organizers should add more options to the typical space a cabinet has inside. Since cabinets are nothing more than empty boxes with some shelves, you will need more from an organizer in order to actually keep items inside separate. The Lynk Professional Roll Out is the best option to do just this: add more space inside the cabinet while having the added convenience of a pullout shelf.

    This organizer works best in cabinets with some vertical space going to waste. The rack itself is narrow so you can fit several in a single cabinet or replace the existing shelves if you want an option that can pull out. Made of steel and chrome, the rack comes with heavy duty tracks to support the weight and ensures smooth movement throughout the length of the rail.

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    Best Budget: Deoo Brothers Stackable

    Budget organizers are usually cheap, poorly built plastic dividers or shelves that won’t stand up to the normal abuse consistent cooking can bring. Thankfully, it’s more than possible to find a great organizer while saving some money at the same time. The Deoo Brothers Stackable organizer is a simple solution that is perfect for use in cabinets, pantries or elsewhere around the kitchen.

    The rack sits on any stable surface like cabinet bottoms, shelves, or pantries. The main shelf is a metal grid supported by four small struts. When used in pairs, the organizers stack on top of each other, creating sub-shelf space for smaller items like spices and utensils. When not in use, the organizer collapses into itself for easy storage.

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    Best Spices Kitchen Cabinet Organizer: Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier

    Some things in a kitchen need more organization than others. For enthusiastic cooks, spice is one area where organization is a must. Keeping track of all the different spices will keep preparation time down when everything is within easy reach. A good spice rack like the Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier is a must have for anyone who regularly enhances their food with a little bit of extra taste and flavor.

    The Copco organizer uses a three-level design to separate out different types of spices. Each level is made of durable plastic and is padded with a non-skid rubber material for extra stability. The standard option is 10" wide with an additional 15" option that comes in either a two or three-tier design.

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    Best for Lids, Pots and Pans: Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2-2122-CR

    Organizing cookware can be a challenge all by itself since you are dealing with items of different sizes. If you aren’t careful, you may find all of your cabinets taken up without any room for organizers. Pans and lids require a different approach from the typical type of organizer. The Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2-2122-CR provides additional shelf space in a cabinet for any small pan or lid.

    The concept of the Rev-A-Shelf is to maximize the space in a typical cabinet. A two-tier shelf design provides a divided space for both pots and lids on different levels. The end of the rack can mount a cabinet door if you want to make everything flush without the need for extra door hinges. The cabinet itself needs to be around 24" wide for a perfect fit.

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    Best for Small Items: Wayfair Basics Stackable

    Wayfair Basics™ Wayfair Basics Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
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    Small kitchen items are easy to lose without proper organization. It’s common to need extra storage and organization for these items if you want to keep the kitchen clean while cooking. An all-purpose organizer like the Wayfair Basics Stackable rack is the perfect option for these small items. Usable anywhere in the kitchen, the Basics is stackable to use more vertical space without taking up room on the counter or shelves.

    Since small items lead to extra clutter in large cabinets, the Basics rack adds a couple of wired drawers that pull out for more organization in a large space. Using multiple organizers, you can place them side-by-side or on top of each other to tailor the amount of extra storage you want or can fit in the cabinet.

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    Best for Corner Cabinets: DecoBros 3-Tier Counter and Cabinet

    Corner cabinets present a unique challenge for organization since they aren’t a perfect square or rectangle. Most corner units still provide ample space to store things but their footprint can make storage an awkward process. That’s why they need a special, dedicated organizer like the DecoBros 3-Tier Counter and Cabinet ​organizer. Matching the typical profile of a corner cabinet, this organizer will add extra space to any corner unit.

    The basic idea with this option is to multiply the typical surface space you may have in your corner cabinets. The organizer comes with three different levels each in the shape of a quarter circle. The levels are large enough to hold plates, bowls, or small pots and pans. The rack itself is short enough to fit in between shelves if there is enough space between the top and bottom.

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    Best for the Pantry: Closetmaid 8-Tier

    Pantries can benefit from extra storage and organization since their contents are often changing. Food comes in and out more often than cookware in cabinets. The Closetmaid 8-Tier provides an additional section of storage by placing shelves connected to a rack right on the door of the pantry. Out of the way from the built-in shelves, this is the perfect organizer to buy when you need some help with keeping your pantry clean and organized.

    The rack can fit right over the door frame of a pantry so you don’t have to mount the unit with screws or nails. With eight separate levels, each shelf can be moved up and down along the vertical rails to set the specific height. For additional storage, you can fit two racks on the back of a standard door. Alternatively, you can also mount the vertical rails directly to the wall with the appropriate screws, studs, and/or anchors.