15 Best Kitchen Design Trends Worth Trying in 2020

modern kitchen with dark wood cabinetry

Christopher Peacock

Whether the current layout in your cooking space needs a complete remodel or a perky, new color scheme, listen up. The latest kitchen design trends are all about personalization using a combination of features in a broad range of textures, patterns, and colors think natural timber, striking tile, and soothing hues. The gist is to improve your cooking space with touches that make your heart sing. To make your kitchen feel so you, our favorite trends for 2020 share how to infuse your space with decorative personality. 

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    Brighten Things Up With Natural, Ambient, and Task Lighting

    mixed lighting in kitchen
    Charbonneau Interiors

    Lighting is setting the tone for kitchens in 2020. In this cooking space by Charbonneau Interiors, a combination of natural, ambient, and task lighting all make this place ideal for both cooking and entertaining both day and night. Note the smart use of LED light in the upper cabinets on the far right. It throws focus on the cabinetry while adding a dramatic lighting effect. Here is a handy tip, battery operated LED lighting is easy to install anywhere in a home.

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    Butler's Pantries are Becoming a Must-Have Feature in Large Spaces

    Butler's pantry with sink and appliances
    Charbonneau Interiors

    For most kitchens, storage is everything, especially solutions that make it a cinch to eliminate counter clutter. Cabinetry in a kitchen island can offer an excellent area for storage, as can a large pantry with organized compartments so that everything has its place. Pieces like pull-out shelves and multi-level rises also optimize storage. If you have the square footage, a butler’s pantry is the ultimate problem-solver, like the one shown here in this space by Charbonneau Interiors. A butler’s pantry can be connected to the kitchen and include a few extra appliances like a dishwasher you can run while entertaining guests in your nearby kitchen. The best part? Adding a door to the butler’s pantry will allow you to keep the mess hidden while hosting.

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    Use Paint and Decorative Accessories to Personalize a Kitchen

    Personal touches in a kitchen
    Charbonneau Interiors

    Pops of color and decorative accents are crucial to personalizing any space in your home. Here Charbonneau Interiors combined bright white with a pale soothing shade of dusty blue. The pastel paint shade adds a splash of color while still maintaining a refined design style that does not overwhelm the entire kitchen. Take a gander at the whimsical collection of dishware and matching countertop accessories. They reflect the homeowner's unique style.

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    Rethink What Goes into a Traditional Kitchen

    modern french country kitchen
    Pamela Durkin Designs

    There are heaps of fresh kitchen trends brewing in this traditional kitchen by interior designer Pamela Durkin. Behold the new twist Durkin put on two-toned cabinetry.  She made a glamorous statement by adding pearlized gold accents and trim pieces. Then there are the mirrored doors that bounce light, making the room feel larger and airy. Next, there is the custom range hood. The black trim makes it a gorgeous showstopper. Note the charcoal steel appliances. These dark steel pieces are the latest trend in kitchen appliances. The dual fuel range also incorporates state of the technology offering both gas and electric heating. Framing the entire cooking area is the 3-d look tile backsplash. The smooth marble mosaic makes a statement while still be easy to clean. Whether you are hosting a party of a family meal, everyone ends up in the kitchen at some point. Durkin made sure there is plenty of room for guests to chat while culinary creations are in progress.

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    Decorate With Textural Elements in Natural Materials

    modern industrial kitchen with natural wood
    Anthony Michael Interior Design

    Warmer hues that remind people of the great outdoors like blacks, browns, grays, and beiges are on-trend in 2020. However, instead of feeling flat and monochrome, interesting textures will put materials front and center — like the mashup of wood textures paired with brick and subway tiles in this kitchen by  Anthony Michael Interior Design. For light fixtures, warm tones like golden, copper, or even black or charcoal gray are choices to consider just remember matte finishing over shiny surfaces is the new preference. 

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    Punch Up a White Kitchen With Vibrant Appliances

    white kitchen with colorful accents
    Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath

    More homeowners are looking to incorporate color in their kitchens, and adding colorful appliances is a beautiful way to accomplish the task. A vibrant range or fridge can serve as a statement piece that injects personality into a cooking space. 

    The owners of this pool house wanted the kitchen to complement the bright, playful, and coastal outdoor setting. With that in mind, the team at Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath created an appropriate color scheme with vibrant appliances to match. The turquoise stove and fridge set the cheerful tone. The warm wood floor and exposed beams combined with the white cabinetry creates a very fresh, welcoming aesthetic. The tiled backsplash is a contemporary feature that adds visual interest while uniting the kitchen's color scheme. 

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    Farmhouse Kitchens are Getting More Charming

    modern kitchen inspired by antiques
    Kibler & Kirch

    Farmhouse inspired cooking spaces are getting more charming with old-timey features that add warmth and depth. Interior designer Jeremiah Young from Kibler & Kirch shares how going old-fashioned can look fresh and new. Retro-vintage detailing, including an apartment-size Heartland range that is brand new but looks antique lends functional, visual interest, and personality to this small studio kitchen while honoring the history of the apartment's century-old building. 

    Here is a smart tip to borrow — use drawers rather than cabinets. In this kitchen, the antique dresser on the right provides additional sophistication and storage — enhancing the cooking space's vintage appearance. 

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    High-End Laminates That Look Like the Real Thing

    high end laminate cabinets in contemporary ktichen
    Mosaik Design

    One Kitchen cabinet trend that is coming on strong is the use of high-end Euro-style laminates. They offer a durable and very polished ook that resembles natural wood or painted finishes. Here Mosaik Design installed walnut laminate that looks like the real thing.

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    How to Create a Luxurious Kitchen

    modern kitchen with dark wood cabinetry
    Christopher Peacock

    Kitchens are becoming far more luxurious. Mixed material pairings from wood tones to metals and even leather is a great way to create that luxe feeling in your home. Note how interior designer Christopher Peacock combines dark wood, brushed brass, and marble to create a chic cooking space.

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    Open Shelving is On-Trend

    new look of white kitchens
    Christopher Peacock

    The idea of having lots of closed storage is changing. More homeowners are opting for solutions that allow them to see and access kitchen items more quickly. In this cooking space by Christopher Peacock, shelving puts attractive cookware and dinnerware on display, which makes the kitchen more interesting visually.

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    Kitchen Cabinets are Getting Darker

    black and gold kitchen
    Christopher Peacock

    Call it white kitchen backlash — these days, dark cabinetry in olive green, charcoal, black, navy blue, and even deep purple are popping up kitchens. Dark cabinets are often being paired with lighter colors on the uppers, as shown in this cooking space by Christopher Peacock.

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    The New Monochromatic Kitchen

    traditional kitchen trends
    Sarah Barnard Design

    High performance with historic visual appeal is one of the biggest kitchen trends to hit. This aesthetic hints at a time gone by, as shown in this traditional cooking space by Sarah Barnard Design. The bespoke cabinets are American walnut finished with white bronze hardware. Topping off the classically inspired range is a one of a kind range hood brimming with historic appeal.

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    Softly Hued Kitchens With Natural Elements

    softly hues in modern kitchen
    Margaret Wright Photography © Courtesy of Houzz

    The most popular kitchens on Houzz, an online community for the design-obsessed, feature soft, yet moody color schemes — think light grays and pales blues. And the demand for hues like these in cooking spaces is expected to grow throughout 2020. Decorative accents in natural materials like rattan and bamboo is another exceptionally significant trend for kitchens. The pieces featured here add a layer of warmth.

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    How to Warm Up a Cool Two-Toned Kitchen

    Wood details on oven range

    Adding wood detailing to a range hood is another gorgeous way to add a little timber to your cooking space in 2020. This example featured on Houzz lends warmth and texture to this two-toned kitchen.

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    Combine Wood Accents With White Cabinetry

    Wood cabinet kitchen trends
    Kristin Laing © Courtesy of Houzz

    Wood elements amid painted cabinets are a great way to add visual interest to cooking spaces, according to Houzz. It is particularly true in white kitchens. Natural or stained timber even inside cabinets and drawers can punch things up when opened. Shelving is another excellent way to add wood to the all-white kitchen mix. Here a butcher block style shelf adds a bit of rustic character to this modern cooking space.