Inspiring Kitchen Design for 2018

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CaSA Colombo
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    What is New in Kitchen Design

    Whether your current layout needs a complete redo or you merely want to perk up an existing color scheme, listen up. The latest kitchen design trends are all about customizing your space with unique accents in an exciting range of colors, textures, patterns, and materials. Think colorful cabinetry, natural timber, graphic floor tile, and stone sinks. The gist is to improve your cooking space by putting a personal stamp on it. To make your kitchen feel so you, our favorite trends for 2018 share how to infuse your space with personality. 

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    Warm Kitchen Color Schemes

    Warmer colors and soothing wood tones will be heating up kitchens in 2018. This cooking space by Lynn Kleonidas hits the mark with its slight 1970s vibe. The butcher block island and flat front, wood cabinetry are both timeless features brimming with style. Our favorite touch is the yellow, hexagon backsplash that pours on room brightening personality.

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    Consider a Pastel Accent Wall

    A pastel accent wall is a remedy for those who crave color in their kitchens but are not ready to go all in with a bold and dramatic hue. A soft shade of pink as spotted in this cooking space by design firm CaSA Colombo partners beautifully with natural wood tones and neutral palettes. 

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    Blue Kitchens Continue to be Popular

    Blue kitchens are an ongoing trend with real stay powering. And we got to admit, this gorgeous cooking space by ​Meriwether Architecture & Design makes us want to paint our cabinetry the same hue. 

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    Natural Woods and Blonde Veneers

    For the last several years plywood features have been popping in stylish, urban kitchens. Now the trend has evolved into a hunger for natural wood cabinetry in pale shades. This one of a kind cooking space by Studio DB combines blonde cabinets with polished gold accents.

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    Rolling Kitchen Island

    Even in large cooking spaces, the demand for supersized kitchen islands is shrinking. Instead of going with something massive in size, these days savvy homeowners are opting for smaller versions on wheels as shown in this kitchen designed by Aegis Interior Design. Because a custom island like this one is easy to relocate for different uses, it can add more functionality to an open floor plan.

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    Open Shelving Rules the Kitchen

    Swapping out upper cabinets for open shelving is growing in popularity particularly with homeowners looking to make a decorative statement. In this modern farmhouse kitchen designed by Holly Mathis Interiors, open shelves show off a collection of white dishware. To avoid damaging your backsplash, we suggest adding floating shelves like these before installing tile.

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    Flat Cabinet Doors With Handles

    The most significant kitchen cabinet trend is no more busy details such as recessed panels, trim work, or large cabinet pulls. Case in point these flat fronts with small knobs as shown in this modern cooking space by Cargo Collective. Doors and accessories like these will instantly give an old cooking space a clean, modern look.

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    Classic Shaker Cabinetry

    If flat front cabinetry feels a little too bland for your taste, you should know that shaker style cabinets as shown in the kitchen designed by The Shaker Kitchen Company are still a big favorite among homeowners. To give cabinets like these a fresh twist consider going with a two-tone paint job.

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    Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

    Copper or brass pieces with a worn oxidized finish are giving cooking spaces a cozy, lived-in look. For instance, in this kitchen by architect Tina Colebrook the patina on both the range hood and metal backsplash evoke warmth and comfort.

    And another good to know, mixing metals in the kitchen is also on trend. From stainless steel to polished chrome, five different metallic finishes appear here.

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    Farmhouse Style Stone Sinks

    Add a dash of old world style to your kitchen with a farmhouse inspired sink carved from stone. The remodelers at J.A.S. Design-Build went with soapstone in this cooking space because the natural material repels germs, and is both heat and stain resistant. So that you know, soapstone can develop a unique patina with age, which can add beautiful character to your space.

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    Concrete Kitchen Features

    Concrete features will continue to prove popular particularly in industrial style kitchens with a minimalist flair. The countertops in this cooking space by Paper House Project are polished concrete with a satin finish. FYI, the stone-like material is porous. To prevent stains and scratches, you can protect concrete surfaces with a water-resistant sealer.

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    Banquette Seating Gets a Refresh

    Banquette seating once a staple in homes built during the 1980s are back big time with spanking fresh details. The most important thing to know is that cramped built-in booths are out. This take on the modern, kitchen banquette by Studio DB features a one-of-kind cast concrete table, a custom channel leather bench, and three Eames plastic side chairs. 

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    Range Hoods are the Centerpieces in Kitchens

    The range hood is a practical feature that has evolved into the crowning jewel in many kitchens as shown in this drool-worthy space by Brittany Hayes, the blogger behind Addison's Wonderland

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    Statement Making Floor Tile

    Sure, we love wood flooring in kitchens, but if you are looking for the perfect mashup of personality and durability, you cannot go wrong with patterned floor tile. Statement-making floors like this one in a cooking space by ​Kelly Martin Interiors will never require refinishing. For maximum impact, pair patterned floor tiles with an unfussy backsplash.

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    Matte Black Faucets

    When it comes to metal fixtures in kitchens, anything goes, but we noticed matte black faucets are popping up everywhere lately. The single handle pull-down sprayer faucet in this cooking space spotted on Acme RE works with the drop-in granite sink.

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    Leafy Plants in the Kitchen

    Granted plants like succulents and herbs can make a kitchen very inviting. But this year folks are upping their plant game with leafy greenery. To make room for houseplants in this Scandinavian cooking space seen on Alvhem Makleri, the homeowner installed a light fixture that doubles as a plant stand.


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    Try a Vibrant Wood Dye Stain

    If you are not in the know, wood dye stains are typically water-based, come in many colors, and best of all are more vibrant than traditional wood stains. How do they work? Just apply to unfinished wood furniture with a rag or brush to magnify wood grain. You are guaranteed to achieve eye-popping results as shown on these blue lower cabinets in a kitchen by MJ Lanphier Interior Design

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    Mix and Match Backsplash Tile

    Give your white kitchen a fresh, custom look by combining two different styles of wall tile. This showstopping example by Heidi Caillier Design uses white subway tile to balance the patterned backsplash over the range. 

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    Vibrant Kitchen Color Schemes

    A vibrant kitchen color scheme is the cure for those so over the white-on-white trend. Here Alys Designs brighten up a cooking space with bold, yellow cabinetry.

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    Eclectic Kitchen Rule

    Eclectic kitchens are picking up steam. And the good news is there are no strict rules for getting it right. The trick is sticking to colors, patterns, and decorative accents that reflect your personality. In this home by Devol Kitchens, different paints colors, showstopping tile, and a range of colorful accents create a truly unique cooking space.

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    Bohemian Accent Lighting

    Thinking beyond recessed lights by layering on fixtures that provide both soft and task lighting is not a new thing when it comes to kitchen design. But if you are tired of schoolhouse styled pendants or warehouse inspired fixtures, you may want to consider something a little more bohemian. For example, the design team at Vidal Design Collaborative installed Moroccan lanterns in this vibrant cooking space.


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    The New Monochromatic Kitchen

    The monochromatic kitchen is not dead. However, these days it is not about sticking to neutral shades. This vibrant red cooking space by Gleba and Stoermer illustrates our point.

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    The New White Kitchen

    The new white kitchen has an eclectic, boho vibe that does not feel cluttered. In this retro-inspired cooking space by Sarah Phipps Design small accents including the brass pendant light and countertop canisters, both lend character. We also appreciate the hexagon tile backsplash that adds visual interest.

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    Colorful Appliances

    Kitchen appliances that either stand out or blend in are in demand. Here a pink SMEG refrigerator makes a colorful statement in a kitchen designed by Sarah Phipps Design. Prefer to disguise your appliances? You can conceal them behind panels that match your cabinetry.

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    Warm Colors in the Kitchen

    This insanely gorgeous cooking space by the design team at Logan Killen Interiors features several of our favorite kitchen trends for 2018. The elegant wood cabinets resemble living room furniture. A variety of accents from the yellow patterned backsplash (over the range) to the beautiful houseplants enliven the space with splashes of color.