The 8 Best Kitchen Lights to Buy in 2018

Light your workspace up right with practical pieces that look good

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A dark kitchen is an inefficient kitchen: You need ample light in this room if you want to safely prepare meals, which means high-quality kitchen lighting is a must.

However, the sheer number of choices when it comes to kitchen lights can be overwhelming. There are many different styles, from simple recessed and flush mount lights to glamorous chandeliers, and prices can range from $20 up into the hundreds. Further, you’ll want to consider the style of your home decor when choosing kitchen lighting so everything goes together cohesively.

Here are some of the best kitchen lights available on the market, separated by popular styles, all of which are excellent investments for your home.

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    Best Pendants: Globe Electric Angelica 1-Light Modern Industrial Pendant

    Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling, and you won’t find a more versatile option than the Globe Electric Angelica 1-Light Modern Industrial Pendant. These highly-rated kitchen lights come in a variety of finishes, from antique brass to plain black, and you can choose from several different styles, from one- up to five-bulb fixtures.

    The standard one-light pendant is a great deal, and these products come with several features that make them perfect for the kitchen. The Globe Electric Angelica Pendant has all the necessary hardware and is easy to install. Plus, it has an adjustable hanging rod that lets you customize the fixture to best fit your kitchen. If you have a compatible dimming switch, the pendant light can be used with dimmable LED lights.

    Reviewers say these pendant lights look very luxe, yet come at an unbeatable price. Several people note they use the Globe Electric Angelica Pendants over their islands, sinks and counters, and many also say the industrial style of the lights is perfect to match contemporary or farmhouse decor.

    Take a look at other product reviews and shop for the best pendant lights​ available online. 

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    Best Flush Mount: Hyperikon LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

    Flush mount lights are a popular choice in kitchens, as they attach to the ceiling with little to no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. This type of kitchen lighting is beneficial for many households, as it requires little cleaning and will never be in the way — an important consideration if you have low ceilings or a small kitchen.

    For a top-rated flush mount light, the Hyperikon LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is the perfect affordable option for your home. This fixture comes in several sizes, ranging from 10" to 14", and it has a simple silver design that will look at home in any kitchen. One special feature of this unit is its edge-to-edge lighting design, which provides consistent illumination throughout the fixture. This means you’ll never have any dark corners in the kitchen — a helpful bonus when cooking. The Hyperikon LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light can also be used with compatible light dimmers for a custom ambiance.

    According to reviewers, this lightweight kitchen light is easy to install and gives off impressive light. The product’s sleek design fits in with most kitchen styles, and the 45,000-hour light bulb ensures you won’t be changing the bulb anytime soon.

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    Best Tube Lights: Lithonia Lighting Futra 2-Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Light

    Lithonia Lighting Futra 2-Light Brushed Nickel Fluorescent Ceiling Light
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    For bigger kitchens, you may want to consider a light that uses tube bulbs. These lights are longer than standard fixtures, allowing them to light up a bigger area and keep your kitchen bright. In this category, the Lithonia Lighting Futra 2-Light Brushed Nickel Fluorescent Ceiling Light is a good buy, as its 52-inch design will reduce the need for multiple lights in your kitchen.

    This tube light fixture two 32-watt T8 straight tube bulbs, which are not included, and it has a white acrylic diffuser with brushed-nickel end caps. The simple silver design will look right at home in a modern kitchen, but unfortunately, it does not work with dimmer switches.

    Reviewers have great things to say about the Lithonia Lighting Futra Ceiling Light, including that it’s easy to install and puts off a great amount of light. It’s also worth noting that this tube light turns on instantly, unlike other similar fixtures, which take a few seconds to kick on. Overall, these tube lights are ideal for a contemporary kitchen.

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    Best Track Lighting: Hampton Bar 4-Light Brushed Steel Track Lighting Fixture

    Hampton Bay 4-Light Brushed Steel Wave Bar Track Lighting Fixture with Cylinder Glass Shades
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Another popular kitchen light style is track lighting, which typically features multiple fixtures that you can angle in different directions. The Hampton Bar 4-Light Brushed Steel Wave Bar Track Lighting Fixture is a highly functional option for your kitchen, allowing you to light hard-to-reach areas with its multi-directional heads. 

    The highly-rated Hampton Bar Track Lighting has four adjustable light heads that fit 50-watt GU10-16 halogen bulbs (included). These moveable fixtures make it easy to light up different parts of your kitchen, and the light’s brushed steel finish will complement contemporary decor. The Hampton Bar light is compatible with certain light dimmers, and the unit’s line-voltage design makes it easy to install directly to a junction box.

    Reviewers love the high-quality appearance of these track lights, and many people say the fixture is great for use in the kitchen. A few reviewers do note that there is a gap between the base of the light and the ceiling, but overall, it is an affordably priced track light that will look great in your home.

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    Best Under-Cabinet Lights: Commercial Electric 24 in. LED Under Cabinet Light

    Commercial Electric 24 in. LED White Direct Wire Under Cabinet Light
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    If you have cabinets above your kitchen counters, you can add extra task lighting with the help of some under-cabinet lights. The Commercial Electric 24" LED White Direct Wire Under Cabinet Lights allow you to easily illuminate your counters with extra light so you can see what you’re doing while cooking.

    These hardwired under-counter lights are 24" long, but there are several other lengths available, from 9" up to 36". The simple design comes in white or bronze and has a curved frosted lens to provide even light distribution. Don’t worry about buying extra bulbs because this fixture’s LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours!

    The Commercial Electric Under-Cabinet Light has a slim one-inch profile so you’ll barely see it when it’s mounted underneath your kitchen cabinets, and you control the light with an on/off rocker switch.

    Reviewers say these lights are a must-have if you want a bright, visible kitchen countertop. Many people like the range of sizes and note that the fixtures are lightweight, dimmable and easy to install.

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    Best Recessed: Lithonia Lighting 4 in. Matte White Recessed LED Lighting Kit

    Lithonia Lighting 4 in. Matte White Recessed Baffle Integrated LED Lighting Kit
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Recessed lights are installed into an opening in the ceiling so they don’t stick out at all. For barely-there recessed kitchen lights, you should consider the Lithonia Lighting 4 inch Matte White Recessed Baffle Integrated LED Lighting Kit, which comes with everything you need to light up your home.

    With each of these lighting kits, you get a four-inch remodel housing, decorative trim with integrated LEDs, wire nuts ​and a cutting stencil. The matte white trim is a simple design, ensuring these lights will blend right in with the ceiling — you’ll barely even notice they’re there. Plus, the product’s integrated energy-efficient LEDs are designed to operate for 35,000 hours without maintenance, meaning you won’t need to break out the ladder to change the bulb anytime soon.

    According to reviewers, the Lithonia Lighting recessed lights are incredibly easy to install and provide a good amount of light into any room. Overall, these recessed lights are a great option if you want energy-efficient kitchen fixtures that you barely notice.

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    Best Chandelier: Cana 7-Light Drum Chandelier

    Cana 7-Light Drum Chandelier
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    For a more glamorous kitchen light, the Cana 7-Light Drum Chandelier will make a bold statement without overwhelming the room. This highly-rated chandelier is more expensive than many other lighting options, but its sleek design will bring instant elegance to your home.

    The Cana 7-Light Drum Chandelier comes in a silver or bronze finish, and it has seven lights in total: six candelabra base lights and one down light. Reviewers note there are several settings that let you use different combinations of these lights, making the chandelier more versatile than you might think. The fixture comes with several stem sections, allowing you to hang it between 20" and 56" from the ceiling— perfect for over your kitchen island or table.

    While it may not be the most practical or budget-friendly option, the Cana 7-Light Drum Chandelier’s beautiful design and sleek lines will make your decor more luxe while providing versatile light in your kitchen. Reviewers say this fixture is easy to install and adds a classy touch to any room without being overwhelming.

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    Best Island: Engelbrecht 3-Light Kitchen Island Pendant

    Engelbrecht 3-Light Kitchen Island Pendant
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    If you’re looking for lights to hang over your kitchen island, check out the Engelbrecht 3-Light Kitchen Island Pendant. These versatile fixtures are perfect for lighting up one part of the room, and they come in a few finishes to match your home decor.

    The Engelbrecht light fixture has three hanging pendants that you can adjust to be even or staggered. At most, the pendants will hang 36" from the ceiling, and you can choose between a bronze or silver finish for the light. You can attach this light to a dimmer, if you desire, and it should be mounted to an electrical box.

    Reviewers love the way these pendant lights look over their kitchen islands, and many note it’s convenient that the height can be adjusted. However, you should note that the fixture cannot be mounted on a sloped ceiling, so if you have a vaulted ceiling in your kitchen, this product isn’t for you.