7 Best Kitchen Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color for the kitchen is one way we play it safe in decorating. Faced with oddly-toned wood cabinets or a floor that cannot be replaced just yet, we take the color path of least resistance and go neutral. The irony of kitchen paint color is that using neutral paint to coordinate with difficult cabinets is often the completely wrong choice. The undertone in the cabinetry's wood finish is what makes choosing a neutral problematic. Your best options are choosing a color with a similar undertone to your cabinets so that the cabinet color doesn't pop out, or choosing a bolder color that makes the cabinets take a back seat. Dark wood or pure white cabinetry is the easiest to coordinate with color, so you'll have free rein with color.

If you're looking for a way to shake things up with color in the kitchen, why not consider a less traditional color? If you take your cabinet color into consideration, and you are diligent about sampling any paint that you're considering, you can have some fun with color in the kitchen.

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    Chartreuse SW 0073 | Sherwin Williams


    Sherwin-Williams Chartreuse is a sunny and bold choice. This clear and energetic green looks great in a modern kitchen. For a more casual kitchen, Chartreuse can definitely shine as an accent color if you're looking for a playful mix of colors. When you're choosing such an unexpected color for your kitchen, sampling the paint color in the space is essential, (please don't skip that step.) 

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    Dusk Pink 2013-40 | Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore

    Not quite pink not quite coral, Dusk Pink from Benjamin Moore is reminiscent of juicy tropical fruit, but is muted enough to be livable and not cartoonish. Dusk Pink is a great possibility for taking the focus off unattractive cabinetry and would look fresh with white or dark cabinets as well.

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    Spiced Butternut 3018-5 | Behr Paints

    Behr Paints

    Behr's Spiced Butternut is quite delicious. This warm and vibrant gold evokes scenes of big family dinners and the happy bustle of a big kitchen. The warmth of Spiced Butternut can be a good match for cabinetry that seems impossibly yellow or orange next to colors like beige or green. 

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    Jamaican Aqua 2048-60 | Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore

    You don't have to decorate in a beach-inspired theme to appreciate the coolness of Benjamin Moore's Jamaican Aqua. This Caribbean water-inspired aqua may be a great match for your cabinetry and floors that look too gray next to all the warm neutrals you've put on the walls. White cabinets can give Jamaican Aqua an appealing and fresh look, especially with lime green color accents in the room.

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    Persimmon Red HDC-CL-09 | Behr Paints

    Behr Paints

    Red kitchens can be so enticing, especially with the perfect red paint color. Behr's Persimmon Red is the perfect red for mixing with wood cabinetry that has appeared too warm for other wall colors you've sampled. This warm red works well in an open kitchen with ample lighting, and white accents.

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    Ash Violet SW 6549 | Sherwin-Williams


    Yes, you can decorate your kitchen with violet, purple, or lavender. The secret is finding just the right one for your existing cabinetry and surfaces. Sherwin-Williams Ash Violet is a rich but muted, violet that would be stunning with black cabinets. The muted quality of Ash Violet makes it a great partner with surfaces and cabinetry with gray undertones.

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    Bosporus SW 6503 | Sherwin-Williams


    A kitchen painted in a rich blue is bound to be a favorite gathering spot in your home. Blue encourages socializing, and we all know that when we entertain, the kitchen is where everyone ends up. Sherwin-Williams Bosporus has just the slightest green undertone, giving it a hint of deep teal. This little undertone helps Bosporus looking fresh, and not stagnant as some blue colors can appear in a space.