The 9 Best Kitchen Ranges of 2021

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Our Top Picks
"This gas range looks and feels professional, thanks to its porcelain interior, easy-to-clean surface, and streamlined design."
"At a decent price, this model comes with amenities such as steam clean and delay bake functions, and an integrated griddle."
"The appliance offers a stylish induction stovetop, precise oven controls, and smart features that'll fully outfit your kitchen."
"There are three oven racks, five burners, and an included griddle that'll ensure you always have enough room to prep a meal."
"The ceramic cooktop features four elements, including two adjustable ones that can stretch from 6 to 9 inches in diameter."
"With an air fryer and continuous, gas-powered cooktop, this model makes use of every inch of its build and looks built in."
"Specialty settings like quick preheat and air fry allow you to save time and money in pursuit of the perfect plate of wings."
"In a petite package, this model has all the fundamentals you need to prep meals, and a storage drawer to help you save space."
"You're treated to the best of both worlds with this range that offers precise controls and accessories like a broiler pan."

Having a kitchen range in your home that's reliable, stylish, and functional is a must. It lets you multi-task and properly prep several dishes around breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. A household that's in the market for an updated range for their space may be looking for one that's freestanding, has multiple ovens, and can clean itself.

Luckily, there are several modern models on the market that speak to a long list of wants and needs. They range in price, and come in various finishes including stainless steel and black. With multiple burners and even the occasional griddle accommodation, they also make cooking a meal efficiently a total breeze.

Below, the best kitchen ranges on the market that you'll look forward to using.

Best Overall: Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Professional 30 in. Freestanding Gas Range

The Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Professional 30 in. Freestanding Gas Range has four burners and a stainless steel finish.
What We Like
  • Porcelain interior

  • Continuous grates

  • Precise and powerful operation

What We Don't Like
  • Not very spacious

  • Not self-cleaning

This gas-powered range has a modern look and feel, combined with an easy-to-clean surface. Its cooktop includes: a sealed dual burner with 15,000 BTU, a 650 BTU simmer function, a sealed single burner with 18,000 BTU, in addition to two sealed single burners with 12,000 BTU for a highly functional experience. It also features a black porcelain drip pan for effortless surface cleaning.

The oven has a broiler feature you can make use of, as well as a luxurious royal blue porcelain interior. An optional LP conversion kit ensures that this range can easily be installed in a household that would prefer to use propane. With 4 cubic feet of space and this added versatility, this piece is essentially in the business of good food and streamlined cooking.

When it comes to its price tag, this mid-range option performs as well as some of its pricier competition at a fraction of the price. Plus, you're protected by a two-year warranty on parts and labor from the manufacturer. Whether you're searing meat, baking cookies, or boiling water, you can feel confident that this professional-like range can handle it.

Best Budget: GE JGBS66REKSS 30 in. Freestanding Gas Range

The GE JGBS66REKSS 30 in. Freestanding Gas Range has five burners and a non-stick griddle.
What We Like
  • Inexpensive

  • Comes in five finishes

  • Integrated griddle

What We Don't Like
  • Not self-cleaning

  • No temperature probe

This freestanding gas range packs a punch for those who are trying to do it all in the kitchen without splurging. At 30 inches wide, the GE JGBS66REKSS is much less expensive than most competing models, but maintains a long list of features. For example, this range has an edge-to-edge cooktop, an integrated griddle, and a large fifth oval burner that gives you extra wiggle room and easy mobility when cooking.

When it comes to the oven, you can expect six rack positions and a capacity of 5 cubic feet, which is enough to prepare a small feast. The broiler drawer comes in handy when you want to add some crisp to your dish, and a steam clean function makes for a quick and painless cleanup at the end of any kitchen session.

Most notably, various control features let you customize your entire experience to your lifestyle, including an audible preheat signal, auto oven shut-off, delay bake option, and a certified Sabbath mode. You can't always find those controls at the lower price point this model is accompanied by.

Best Splurge: Cafe CHS950P2MS1 6.7 cu. ft. Smart Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range

The Cafe 6.7 cu. ft. Smart Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range has a self-cleaning feature and specialty lower oven settings.
What We Like
  • Smart home compatible

  • Burner syncing

  • Delay bake and start functions

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Requires special induction cookware

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen or entertaining, then you need a range that can pretty much do it all. Enter, this Cafe model that's equally functional and stylish. Although it'll cost you a few extra dimes—and doesn't have a drawer for storing your muffin tins and baking pans—it has a glass control touch panel and an induction-powered stovetop that runs from edge to edge. You can prep many sides at once, and take advantage of two elements that can be synchronized to accommodate a griddle.

The double oven is a total of 6.7 cubic feet in capacity, with 4.3 cubic feet of that space being designated to the lower oven. This lower oven comes with specialty features such as a Sabbath Mode, and delay bake and delay start functions. The entire oven section of this model is self-cleaning and uses convection technology to cook your food.

You can control the oven settings from a remote location, since this appliance is also smart home compatible, and able to connect to your phone or another smart device (such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant) via WiFi. It's a splurge, but it's 30-inch build and amenities will make it an easy fit in your home.

Best Gas: LG Electronics LSG4513ST 6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Probake Convection Oven

LG 6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Probake Convection Oven
What We Like
  • Includes a griddle

  • Three oven racks

  • Spacious oven cavity

What We Don't Like
  • No temperature probe

  • On the expensive side

For a reliable and high-performing gas range, you don't need to look further than this model by LG. It has a slide-in design, and nearly 6.3 cubic feet of space in its convection oven. Between the three oven racks and five burners on the stovetop, you will likely never feel as if you're running out of room to prep your meals.

Most notably, this model is equipped with LG's EasyClean technology, which lets you clean the oven in just 10 minutes and doesn't heat up your entire home while doing so. Whether you live in a small apartment, or just don't like how intense the typical cleaning cycle can be, this feature will ease your mind. With a clean oven, you can prep a variety of dishes, or use the included griddle to whip up pancakes and bacon for a weekend breakfast.

In addition to a griddle, this model also includes a burner with extra cooking power for when you want to sear meat or boil water quickly. This will save you time and energy, all while making your kitchen feel more outfitted.

Best Electric: GE JB645RKSS 30 in. 5.3 cu. ft. Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven

30 in. 5.3 cu. ft. Electric Range
What We Like
  • Adjustable burners

  • Storage drawer

  • Self-cleaning

What We Don't Like
  • Ceramic cooktop needs special care

  • Not as spacious as other models

GE is a trusted appliance brand, and this electric range is another reliable model that they created to bring your kitchen to the next level. It has everything a typical household would need in a range, including four cooktop elements, 5.3 cubic feet of oven space, and a 30-inch build that's easy to install. Two of the elements are adjustable in size, and can stretch from 6 to 9 inches in diameter, while the oven is self-cleaning and ready to tackle any oil spills.

Now, you can opt to shop this model in a classic stainless steel finish, or pick one of the other four finishes available: white, black, black slate, and slate. The finish is most seen on the lower storage door, which can store baking pans. When you go to bake a lasagna or piece of chicken for dinner, those pans can be placed on one of two, adjustable oven racks. There are six slots for the racks to sit on, and a large viewing window lets you check in on your dishes with ease.

Just be aware: this model's ceramic cooktop is nice to look at, but must be cared for properly so it doesn't obtain scratches, chips, or dents over time. To avoid any marks, be sure to use soft pots and pans—not cast iron.

Best Slide-In: Samsung NX60T8511SS 30 in. 6.0 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Air Fry and Fan Convection

The Samsung NX60T8511SS 30 in. 6.0 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range has a built-in air fryer and can connect to the Internet.
What We Like
  • Continuous grates

  • Self-cleaning

  • Can be controlled remotely

What We Don't Like
  • Exterior finish can get chipped

  • Air fryer can be difficult to use

A household that's in need of a flexible, slide-in range will find that this Samsung piece is more than enough. It packs as much functionality as possible into its 30-inch build, seeing it has five continuous, cast iron elements and an oven with both air fry and fan convection settings. Not to mention, the slide-in design makes it a perfect option for those replacing an older, freestanding model. You can create a built-in look without having to actually remodel anything.

This range has a generous 6.0 cubic feet of space, which means you can cook a multitude of side dishes at the same time. It comes with an air frying tray, so you can easily take advantage of that feature and eliminate a bulky appliance from a countertop or cabinet in your home. The oven portion is self-cleaning, and has a selection of modern amenities such as delay bake and delay start modes. It may not be a necessity for you to have an oven with Internet connectivity capabilities. However, if you're always looking for amenities, this one lets you adjust the timer or temperature you set via your phone or a virtual assistant.

Now, you can purchase this appliance in three different finishes including black, Tuscan, and regular stainless steel. But, if you stick to a regular stainless steel finish, you're more likely to not experience chipping after lots of use.

Best Freestanding: FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY GCRG3060AF 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range with True Convection Self-Cleaning Oven

The FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY GCRG3060AF 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range with True Convection Self-Cleaning Oven has an air fry setting.
What We Like
  • Inexpensive

  • Quick preheat setting

  • Temperature probe

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't include broiler or air fry pan

  • Grates aren't very durable

Does the layout of your kitchen require a freestanding range? If so, this Frigidaire Gallery model is for you. It's the best of both worlds, since it has controls on both the back panel and front, and does the work of small appliances as well as large. To get started with it, turn on one of five gas burners, or set the oven to a desired temperature. You can make use of specialty settings like delay bake, delay start, and quick preheat, whether you're in a rush or are trying to perfectly time a meal.

Some of the other special features of this range include a keep warm setting that doesn't dry out your food, hidden bake element, temperature probe, and air fryer. You don't need to worry about buying a separate appliance and storing it in your home, just so you can make the perfect plate of wings. If you need to clean your oven cavity, a steam cleaning function can get the job done in just 20 minutes.

Ultimately, this pick has everything you're likely looking for and then some. Pick it up for the ideal marriage of functionality, fresh features, and a freestanding build.

Best Compact: Avanti ERU240P3S 24 in. Freestanding Electric Range

What We Like
  • Great for small living

  • Storage drawer

  • Includes a broiler pan

What We Don't Like
  • Tiny oven cavity

  • Not self-cleaning

If you're revamping a studio, or perhaps considering small living, then every inch is essential to you. You'll want to pick a range that is basic, yet dependable such as this 24-inch electric model from Avanti. It'll fit into any tiny interior, and doesn't sacrifice important functions or elements of design in the process. For instance, a glass oven door will allow you to keep an eye on your dishes and won't overheat.

As for the oven cavity, this model has 2.6 cubic feet of space which is limited, but perfect if you're cooking for one or two. There's a large storage drawer—which is a major reason for the smaller-capacity oven—that you can place sheet pans into after a night of meal preparation. This is a bonus if you do have a smaller kitchen and don't want much of your cabinet space to be designated to cooking tools.

All in all, this model gets the job done. It may not be the best for entertaining and making a feast, but has all the fundamentals of a typical electric range in a petite package.

Best Dual Fuel: Verona VPFSGE365DSS Prestige 36 in. Double Oven Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

The Verona 36 in. Double Oven Freestanding Dual Fuel Range comes in a luxe stainless steel finish.
What We Like
  • High-end exterior

  • Includes a broiler pan

  • Continuous grates

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Wide build

For home cooks who don’t want to choose between gas and electric, the Verona VPFSGE365DSS is the ideal appliance. While offering the best of both worlds, it also provides precise temperature control, a high level of efficiency, and a lovely exterior.

The model is built in Italy and has a gleaming stainless steel finish that'll make a kitchen look more gourmet. Two, multi-functional European convection ovens will help you prepare meals in record time and cook with accuracy. Whenever you're baking or boiling a pot of water, you'll appreciate how quickly you can get a good meal on the table. In addition, five sealed gas burners that are paired with cast-iron burner grates won't leave your household looking for more.

Now, it's important to note that this model is a bit wider, measuring at 36 inches wide. It'll need a larger space in your kitchen, but will give you a storage drawer and accessories like a broiler pan, grill pan, and wok ring in return.

Final Verdict

If you're looking to update your kitchen with a reliable, functional, and stylish range, look no further than the Thor Kitchen HRF3080U (view at Home Depot). This range looks and feels very professional, as it has a porcelain oven interior, and five cooktop burners that are both sealed and easy to clean. Are you looking to spend less? The GE JGBS66REKSS (view at AJ Madison) isn't self-cleaning and doesn't come with a temperature probe. However, it has notable amenities, like an integrated griddle and delay bake function, at a much lower price.

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