11 Best Kids Kitchen Sets

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Kids love to pretend to cook and serve meals in play kitchens. These are the best kid's kitchen sets.

As adults, many still remember their own play kitchens. These small kitchens are places where children use their imagination to cook up amazing meals with play food. Family members, friends, siblings, baby dolls and even friends who might be pretending to be babies, are served up fun, fake meals and treats.

As modern kitchens have evolved, so haven't play kitchens. Kids want to imitate and...MORE pretend to be just like their parents. These play room toys often include the same, newer features kids will see in their own home kitchen. Many play kitchens have lights, realistic sounds, and pretend appliances like a microwave, grill, ice maker, laundry center and a cell phone. 

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on kitchen set. While there are certainly elaborate kitchens, there are also many kitchens with great features that do not take up a lot of unnecessary space.

As toddlers, kids engage in basic play with their kitchen, by opening doors and drawers, putting food in and out of the microwave. In the preschool and elementary school ages, kids will cook up elaborate dinners from their favorite restaurant and play along with their friends.

Owning a play kitchen can be an investment, but it is an enjoyable experience and a great learning opportunity for children.

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    The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen is a mega kitchen. At 4 1/2 feet tall and 6 feet wide, it is a great kitchen with life-like gadgets and appliances. It can accommodate many children playing at the same time.

    There are many Step2 kitchens, including the Grand Luxe kitchen, on Amazon

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    This wooden play kitchen has a refrigerator with pretend water dispenser, washing machine, microwave, cook top, and oven. Additional accessories include a cordless phone, clock with moving hands, and lots of additional storage space for play food.

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    No time to assemble a kitchen? This play kitchen arrives fully assembled and includes 32 different accessories that include food, plates, cups and spatulas. 

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    This play center allows kids to either sell lemonade or run their own store. Using multiple plastic bins, play food items can stay organized. There is a reversible fabric awning, large open counter space and removable chalk signs. For kids who love to be the shopkeeper, do not forget to pick up a toy cash register.

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    Perfect for those with very little space in their homes or play areas, the Cozy Kitchen has all the amenities of a working kitchen in 1 compact location. With multiple cabinets, an oven, refrigerator, stove top and a sink with a moving faucet, there are many play and storage spaces. It arrives with a 21 piece accessory set with a coffee maker, pots/pans, plates, spoons, forks and cups.

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    This smaller, wooden toy kitchen, includes a sink, refrigerator with pretend water dispenser, oven with pull-out racks, a microwave, stove top, cordless telephone and write-on/wipe off boards. Accessories and play food are not included. 

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    Kids can take turns grilling at the cafe and serving their friends, while the others sit at the table and wait for the meals. The toy includes a pretend charcoal grill with sink and 2 stove-top burners. This set is perfect for outside play on the deck or in the backyard. Accessories include plates, cups, pots/pans, utensils, play food, and condiment holders.

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    Each piece in the kitchen collection is purchased separately. There is a kitchen icebox with two doors, an adjustable shelf and faux thermometer. The oven includes a ticking timer, a sliding cooking gauge and salt and pepper shakers. The sink has a stainless steel sink and additional storage. The set also comes in red and pink.

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    This play kitchen is actually a large table with a built-in stovetop, oven and grill that recognizes certain foods placed on it. The toy reacts by singing songs and playing side effects. The set has 2 place settings, along with a pretend pizza and cookies. An area in the middle of the table is great to store pieces. The tabletop grill flips over to transform this kitchen into a circular table that is perfect for eating and arts and crafts.

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    For over 40 years, Hello Kitty has been a fan favorite throughout the world. This  3 1/2 foot Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe includes a refrigerator and freezer that dispenses pretend ice cubes, as well as a sizzling stove, Hello Kitty accessories and a "smartphone."

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