The 8 Best Laptop Tables of 2022 for Every Room

Our top pick is the the Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Desk

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Laptop table with laptop and snacks propped on a bed.

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A laptop table provides a stable surface for your computer when you’re not at your desk, helping you stay comfortable while preventing neck and back strain. 

We researched dozens of the best laptop tables available online, judging them on sturdiness, portability, and ease of use. Our top pick, the Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Desk, is lightweight, adjustable, and folds flat for easy storage. 

Here are the best laptop tables.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: SAIJI SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk

SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk


Length: 23.6 in | Width: 12.6 in | Height: 1 in | Desk Material: Leather | Base Material: Plastic | Weight: 6.2 pounds

What we like
  • Portable and adjustable

  • Comes with three color options

  • Some internal storage and sleek design

What we don't like
  • Somewhat wobbly on softer surfaces

What do buyers say? 93% of 7,700+ Amazon reviewers rated this 4 stars or above.

The SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk stands out for its attractive and practical design and adjustability. This simple but sleek table is available in three color options and offers generous height and angle flexibility to prevent strain on your neck. 

Each time you relocate to work on your bed, couch, or elsewhere, you can choose from five different height settings ranging from 9.4 to 12.6 inches. You can also shift the angle of the tabletop anywhere between 0 and 36 degrees for your viewing needs. Auto-lock buttons for the legs ensure you're provided stability at each height. However, keep in mind that while the legs are stable, you can't expect them to offer the same stability on softer surfaces as harder ones. 

As for other design elements, the non-slip PVC leather surface and sliding guard rail can help keep items like laptops and mice in place. Unlike other options, the SAIJI tray desk has a small drawer you can use to conveniently store and access supplies like pens, USB flash drives, or sticky notes. This desk is also foldable, making it easy to store and transport when you need to.

Best for Bed: Inbox Zero Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Tray

Inbox Zero Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Tray


What We Like
  • Soft cushioning for comfort

  • Can be used for laptops or books

  • 8 adjustable tray positions

What We Don't Like
  • No internal storage

  • Very basic design

When you’re working from bed, you want a laptop desk that fits comfortably on your lap no matter how you’re seated. The Inbox Zero Adjustable Laptop Tray not only has a cushioned underside—it has eight positions so you can set your laptop at the best angle for how you’re positioned. For example, you might just want a flat 90 degree angle surface to work on, or you might want to lean back and have the computer at an angle so you can comfortably type without straining your wrists. This angled tray also works well for books and iPads, perfect for reading before bed.

While simple in design, the color and material of this lap desk will stand up to dirt, as well as long-term wear and tear. It also allows for laptop ventilation so your computer won’t overheat as quickly as it does when directly resting on your lap. Though big enough to fit larger computers like a MacBook, this tray can be easily stored under most beds when not in use.

Length: 10.8 in | Width: 14.8 in | Height: 3 in | Desk Material: Plastic | Base Material: Plastic | Weight: 2.02 pounds

Best Budget: LapGear Compact Lap Desk

LapGear Compact Lap Desk


What We Like
  • Easy to travel with

  • Good ventilation for laptop

  • Lightweight design

  • Lower price point

What We Don't Like
  • No internal or external storage

This affordable lap desk is ideal for traveling or working from home. With a super lightweight design, the LapGear Compact Lap Desk can easily fit in most suitcases if you’re traveling by plane, or comfortably in your lap for road trips. For those working from home, this lapdesk is just as well suited for use on your couch as in your office. With two cylinder cushions underneath, it’s elevated enough to provide ventilation, keeping your legs and computer cool. 

It’s less expensive than similar styles of desk, but equally functional. There’s even a little slot to hold a pen or pencil if you’re taking notes. To add personalization, you can choose between six vibrant colors (including black and gray for those who like to keep it neutral). Overall, it’s a great option for those who want something versatile without hurting their wallet.

Length: 13.8 in| Width: 10 in | Height: 2 in | Material: High-impact polystyrene | Weight: 12 ounces

Best Foldable: CHARMDI Portable Laptop Bed Tray Table, Folding Dormitory Table

 Foldable Laptop Table, CHARMDI Portable Laptop Bed Tray Table


What We Like
  • Durable materials for everyday use

  • Has spot for a book or notebook

  • Built in cupholder

What We Don't Like
  • A little wobbly depending on the surface it’s placed on

  • Not an eye-catching design

This laptop desk is ideal for students or those who might need to fit notebooks alongside their computers. As a larger sized desk, this option accommodates more than just a laptop, with a built-in cupholder and a slot for pens or even propping up an iPad. The wooden desk (available in four neutral colors) has a smooth surface to lay out your materials and foldable metal legs for when you’re ready to close shop. 

Due to the height of this desk, it’s versatile for shorter or taller folks with plenty of legroom underneath. Of course, if you’re looking on behalf of your kids, this desk could also serve as a space for crafting, with room for coloring books and pencils, and a generally scratch-proof surface. If you prop it up in a playroom, you can just fold it back up when art time is over.

Length: 24.2 in| Width: 16.3 in | Height: 2.4 in | Desk Material: Wood | Base Material: Metal | Weight: 5.3 pounds

Best Adjustable: AmazonBasics Adjustable and Portable Laptop Table

AmazonBasics Adjustable and Portable Laptop Table

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Versatile, good for lots of locations

  • Adjustable and lightweight

  • Can be used for a standing desk

What We Don’t Like
  • No storage

  • Rather plain design

  • Height might be a bit too high

If you want to be able to adjust the height and angle of your computer, the AmazonBasics Laptop Stand offers both those abilities. This table comes in two sizes, the larger of which can hold a 17-inch laptop on its 24 x 13 inch surface.

The height of the AmazonBasics laptop table is adjustable between 9.4 and 12.6 inches, and you can tilt its surface between 0 and 36 degrees for a more comfortable view of your screen. This lightweight unit is easy to carry around thanks to its folding legs, and it features two small ledges to help keep your laptop and other belongings in place. It can even be used on a regular desk to convert it into a standing desk.

Length: 23.6 in | Width: 13 in| Height: 0.4 in | Desk Material: Wood | Base Material: Metal | Weight: 4.4 pounds

Best Coffee Table: George Oliver Rustic Oak Grossi Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

George Oliver Rustic Oak Grossi Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage


What We Like
  • Sophisticated design

  • Simple to assemble

  • Lots of storage space

What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t fit in small spaces

While this is not a lap desk like some of the others mentioned, the Grossi Lift Coffee Table does have a stunning laptop desk component. Though this rustic oak showpiece might appear as just a regular coffee table, a large panel actually lifts out to become an elevated laptop desk. The surface area of the desk is large enough to fit most laptops with leftover space to boot. 

This George Oliver gem also features two internal shelves, where you could display candles, books, or small plants like a succulent. And as an added bonus, the hidden compartment underneath the desk offers a decently sized storage space for blankets and other living room necessities. When you’ve finished work for the day just tuck the panel back into place and your living room centerpiece will appear as just another gorgeous coffee table.

Length: 39.4 inches | Width: 19.7 inches | Height:  17.4 inches | Material: Oak wood | Weight: 45.31 pounds

Best Side Table: World Market Wood Alec Laptop Table with Shelf

World Market Wood Alec Laptop Table with Shelf

Courtesy of World Market

What We Like
  • Sleek modern design

  • Interior storage

  • Fully assembled upon arrival

What We Don’t Like
  • No room for anything besides a laptop

The Alec Laptop Table is the perfect option to use next to your sofa, as its C-shaped form is designed to comfortably fit over your legs while you're sitting down. This beautiful piece is made from mango wood with a metal base, and its surface is 18 x 14 inches—just right for smaller laptops. Plus, it even has an interior shelf where you can tuck away your computer and other supplies when you’re finished working. It’s an ideal solution for small spaces, and gets extra points for its sturdy and stylish design.

Depth: 14 in | Width: 18 in | Height: 26 in | Shelf Material: Mango Wood | Leg Material: Metal  |  Weight: 14.3 pounds

Best for Standing: Inbox Zero Hamdan Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Inbox Zero Hamdan Height Adjustable Standing Desk


What We Like
  • Simple setup, adjustable base

  • Modern design with wood and steel materials

  • Quiet operation when changing height

  • Includes cable management

What We Don’t Like
  • No storage

  • Moderately challenging assembly

Sitting at a desk all day can be uncomfortable, which is why many opt to stand. This standing desk from Wayfair can be adjusted between 28 and 47 inches tall depending on your height and if you want to sit or stand. The desk even includes four memory buttons to save certain height preferences—for example one height for you and another for your partner if it’s a shared desk, or one for sitting and one for standing.

The height operation is very quiet so it won’t disturb anyone around you, such as a nearby sleeping pet or the person you’re sharing an office with. The desk itself has enough space for a laptop, monitor, full keyboard, and even a mouse, if that’s your thing. There’s also space to hide all those pesky cords and cables that hang down from your computer, so your space stays decluttered, organized, and ready for work.

Depth: 24 in | Width: 48 in | Height Range: 27.7 - 46.8 in| Desk Material: Manufactured Wood | Base Material: Steel | Weight: 72 pounds

Final Verdict

The best laptop desk for you depends largely on your workplace set-up, but the SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk is a versatile option that will satisfy many different needs. If you're looking for a table that doesn't scream "laptop desk," we recommend the George Oliver Rustic Oak Grossi Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage, which has a stylish rustic exterior that houses a lift-top desk.

What to Look For in a Laptop Table


Finding the correct height and width is key for making sure you have a comfortable and productive workspace. You want the table to be slightly wider than your computer base, and look out for options that provide you with additional storage, too. If you’re working with smaller square footage, size also plays an important role. Something like a foldable lap desk can easily be stored and put away, while a side table is always on display.


Some laptop tables have wheels or can be carried from your couch to your bed with ease. Others may be more stationary (such as a coffee or side table option) so consider whether or not portability is important to you and your lifestyle. Tables are multi-functional, while lap desks can be taken just about anywhere. There are also travel-friendly options that can be easily disassembled and placed into your bag for on-the-go work needs.


Depending on the type of laptop table you choose, there may be some assembly required. Even smaller laptop tables may need legs attached for optimal use. Think about the level of assembly (and any possible tools needed to complete said assembly) when selecting the table that is right for you. Of course, larger laptop tables that double as furniture will require the most time to properly assemble.

  • Is a laptop table useful?

    Whether you work from home or just need a place to keep your personal laptop, a laptop table is very convenient. Most laptop tables are designed so that you can position your laptop for optimal use no matter where you are—making it easier to see the screen without straining your neck and giving you a place to put your hands while typing so that it is easier and more efficient for you to use.

  • Are laptop stands bad for your laptop?

    There is no harm in using a laptop stand for your laptop. Many contain ventilated bottom portions that keep your computer from overheating and many are ergonomically designed to reduce eye and neck strain. Laptop stands can actually enhance your laptop experience.

  • How do you use a laptop table?

    To use a laptop table, you'll need to assemble the piece first. Then, place your laptop on top. If it is adjustable, adjust the table’s height or angle to best suit your posture. Then, adjust the screen of the laptop so that it is eye level. If you’re sitting, make sure you’re able to see the screen while your feet rest flat on the floor for the most ergonomic experience. 

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