The 8 Best Laptop Tables of 2022

Work more comfortably with your computer propped up

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If you regularly use your laptop in places other than a home desk, chances are you could benefit from a laptop table. These tables are designed to support your computer when you’re using it in bed, on the couch, or in other unconventional spots, helping to keep you comfortable and avoid straining your neck.

There are different styles of laptop tables to consider, depending on your needs. If you tend to use your laptop in bed, you might want a small table that goes over your lap. However, if you can regularly be found typing away on the couch, a special side table or coffee table might work well. There are also laptop tables that allow you to work while standing, as well as lap desks, which include a cushy bottom for resting on your legs.

No matter how you use your computer, these are the best laptop tables to buy.

Our Top Picks
This laptop table is sturdy and adjustable, so you can use it all around your home.
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This lap desk has a comfortable cushion on the bottom, allowing you to rest it on your legs.
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This inexpensive laptop table comes in four fun colors, and it has convenient no-slip grips.
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The legs on this lapdesk fold flat for compact storage, and who can resist its sleek design?
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It's easy to adjust the height of this laptop table, and you can also tilt its surface for more comfortable viewing.
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The top of this coffee table lifts up, creating a convenient laptop table in front of your couch.
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This C-shaped side table can be slid over your sofa, and it includes a small inner cubby for storage.
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If you like to stand up while you work, this laptop table can be adjusted up to 48 inches high.
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Best Overall: Avantree Neetto Height-Adjustable Laptop Table

Avantree Neetto Height-Adjustable Laptop Table

While it has a rather plain appearance, you can’t beat the functionality of the Avantree Neetto Laptop Table. This affordable table is designed to hold up to a 17-inch computer (though if your laptop is bigger, there’s a larger table available), and you can adjust its height to five options between 9.4 and 12.6 inches. The table surface can be tilted to several settings between 0 and 35 degrees, so you can angle your laptop to the most comfortable position.

This laptop table is lightweight and portable, as its legs fold down when not in use. The surface is ideal for working on your bed or sofa, and you could also use it to transform a regular desk into a standing desk. It even comes with an optional pencil ledge that will hold writing instruments (or your computer) in place when the surface is tilted.

Best for Beds: Pottery Barn Walnut & Sherpa Storage Lap Desk

Pottery Barn Walnut & Sherpa Storage Lap Desk

One of the best surfaces to use in bed is the Pottery Barn Walnut & Sherpa Storage Lap Desk. This pretty desk is as snuggly as they come, as the bottom is covered in a plush faux sherpa material and filled with polystyrene beads to cushion your legs. Plus, the table is 17 x 13 x 4.5 inches, making it spacious enough to hold 15-inch laptops.

If you’re looking to make your bed a workstation, this lap desk allows you to keep all the essentials close at hand. The surface of the lap desk slides open, revealing three inner compartments where you can stash charging cables, pens, notepads, and other must-have items. There’s a small ledge across the front of the desk to hold your electronics in place, and you really can’t beat the cozy yet classy appearance of this luxe piece.

Best Budget: JIIKOOAI Laptop Table

JIIKOOAI Laptop Table

Not only is the JIIKOOAI Laptop Table affordable, but it’s extremely cute, too! You can snag this inexpensive laptop table in one of four pretty colors, and its curved ergonomic design is great for using around the house.

The JIIKOOAI Table is 23 inches wide and just under 16 inches deep, and it stands around 10 inches tall on its two folding metal legs, which have non-slip grips on the corners. The table is made from particle board, so it’s not the most durable, but its surface is scratch-resistant, helping to improve its longevity. For added versatility, the table also has a stand in the back where you can prop your phone or tablet.

Best Foldable: PB Teen Folding Lapdesk

PB Teen Folding Lapdesk

When it’s not in use, the PB Teen Folding Lapdesk is easy to tuck away thanks to its fold-down legs. This sleek laptop desk has a 24 x 13 inch surface, and it stands 9 inches tall, allowing ample space for your legs while working in bed.

This stylish lap desk is made from fiberboard with metal accents, and it’s finished in a weathered black stain. Large enough to support up to a 17-inch laptop, it includes a a small side compartment to hold pens and pencils. This desk is also the perfect option for students in a dorm, as they can simply stash the table under their beds when they’re done working.

Best Adjustable: AmazonBasics Adjustable and Portable Laptop Table

AmazonBasics Adjustable and Portable Laptop Table

If you want to be able to adjust the height and angle of your computer, the AmazonBasics Laptop Stand offers both those abilities. This table comes in two sizes, the larger of which can hold a 17-inch laptop on its 24 x 13 inch surface.

The height of the AmazonBasics laptop table is adjustable between 9.4 and 12.6 inches, and you can tilt its surface between 0 and 36 degrees for a more comfortable view of your screen. This lightweight unit is easy to carry around thanks to its folding legs, and it features two small ledges to help keep your laptop and other belongings in place. It can even be used on a regular desk to convert it into a standing desk.

Best Coffee Table: Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Colten Lift Top Block Coffee Table

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Colten Lift Top Block Coffee Table

It may look like a normal coffee table, but the Colten Lift Top Block Coffee Table has a secret. You see, it transforms into a convenient laptop table—all you have to do is lift up its lid!

This farmhouse-style piece is 47 x 24 x 16 inches, and it’s made from manufactured wood with an oak finish. Don’t let that fool you, though—the table is still extremely sturdy, weighing 75 pounds. The unit has a fairly blocky design with a raised base and open shelf on one side, but if you look closely, there’s a cutout handle that allows you to lift the top of the table, which moves up and forward to create the perfect workplace.

There’s even a hidden storage compartment in the center where you can stash extra blankets or pillows, making it a truly multi-functional piece.

Best Side Table: World Market Wood Alec Laptop Table with Shelf

World Market Wood Alec Laptop Table with Shelf

The Alec Laptop Table is the perfect option to use next to your sofa, as its C-shaped form is designed to comfortably fit over your legs while you're sitting down. This beautiful piece is made from mango wood with a metal base, and its surface is 18 x 14 inches—just right for smaller laptops. Plus, it even has an interior shelf where you can tuck away your computer and other supplies when you’re finished working. It’s an ideal solution for small spaces, and gets extra points for its sturdy and stylish design.

Best for Standing: Ebern Designs Cooperton Height Adjustable Standing Desk

 Ebern Designs Cooperton Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing desks help to give your back and behind a break from sitting hunched over a laptop, and the Ebern Designs Cooperton Standing Desk will make it extremely easy to access your laptop. This stylish piece has an adjustable height that you can set between 36 and 48 inches, and its footprint is fairly compact, measuring around 31 x 23 inches at its widest points.

What makes this standing laptop table cool is its fixed lower shelf, which is perfect for holding your cell phone, stapler, or charging cables. There’s even an integrated hook where you can hang your computer bag, as well as a cup holder on the top table surface. Plus, the unit is on four wheels, allowing you to move it around your home with ease.

Final Verdict

The best laptop desk for you depends largely on your workplace set-up, but the Avantree Neetto Laptop Table (view at Amazon) is a versatile option that will satisfy many different needs. If you're looking for a table that doesn't scream "laptop desk," we recommend the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Colten Lift Top Block Coffee Table (view at Wayfair), which has a stylish rustic exterior that houses a lift-top desk.