The 7 Best Laundry Baskets

Tote your dirty laundry more efficiently

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Our Top Picks
"Rests securely on your waist for times when you have to carry it with one hand."
"High quality construction and a beautiful appearance."
"They're versatile and the mesh sides allow you to see what's inside."
"The inside of the basket is lined with waterproof vinyl, making it ideal for carrying items like wet towels."
"Incredibly sturdy and easy to wheel around."
"A volume of more than nine gallons and can be folded flat when not in use."
"Can be stashed in a closet or between the washer and the wall when not in use."

Best Plastic: Home Logic Large-Capacity Hip Grip Laundry Basket

Plastic laundry baskets are among the most popular options, and for good reason: they’re durable, lightweight and often cheaper than woven alternatives. If you’re looking for a high-quality plastic laundry basket to help make your chores easier, the Home Logic 1.8-Bu Large-Capacity Hip Grip Laundry Basket has all the features you expect, and it comes at a super affordable price.

This large-capacity basket is designed to carry as much laundry as possible, while still being comfortable to use. It’measures 26" x 14" x 18", and it has handles on three sides so it can be carried in several ways. The laundry basket also features a “hip grip” that rests securely on your waist for times when you need to carry it with one hand.

Reviewers love that this product is sturdy, lightweight and easy to carry, and many note that it’s perfect for transporting even the largest loads of laundry. Plus, it has a super affordable price tag. 

Best Woven: Household Essentials Round Banana Leaf Laundry Basket

Some people prefer woven laundry baskets, which are typically made out of wicker or some sort of reed. Depending on how they’re made, these baskets can last longer than their plastic counterparts, and they’re often more aesthetically pleasing, as well.

The Household Essentials™ Round Banana Leaf Laundry Basket is a beautifully constructed woven laundry basket that includes a washable liner to prevent any snags or tears on your clothing. The basket is 22" x 11", allowing it to accommodate large loads of laundry. There are two handles for easy transport, and the banana leaf material is coated to prevent any mold or mildew from growing.

Users seem quite happy with this product, saying that it is lightweight and sturdy. Many also note the woven baskets are more attractive than standard plastic laundry baskets. Though this product is more expensive than other laundry hampers, it makes up for its price with a high-quality construction and beautiful appearance.

Best Pop-Up: Handy Laundry Mesh Pop-Up Laundry Hamper

If you want a laundry hamper that saves space and can accommodate a huge load of clothes, the Mesh Pop-Up Laundry Hamper is a highly-rated option that comes at an unbeatable price. This structured mesh laundry hamper folds down into a compact circle for easy storage, making it a popular choice for college students or apartment dwellers.

The pop-up hamper comes in several colors, and when it’s unfolded, it measures in at 14" x 13" x 24". However, it folds up into a flat 14" x 13" for easy storage, and reviewers say it is simple to break down. The hamper, which has a sturdy wire frame, includes two fabric handles on the top for easy transport, and its mesh sides allow your laundry to breath to minimize odors and moisture build-up.

Reviewers say that these hampers are great because they’re versatile and the mesh sides allow you to see what’s inside. At an affordable price, it's a highly-functional budget option.

Best Tote: Household Essentials 2213 Krush Canvas Utility Tote

People who have to bring their clothing to a laundromat or communal laundry room often prefer more portable laundry baskets, such as the Household Essentials 2213 Krush Canvas Utility Tote. This product’s two mid-length handles make it easy to carry over your shoulder, but it’s still spacious enough to accommodate big loads of clothes and even your laundry supplies.

This tote laundry hamper is 22" x 11" x 13", and it’s made out of a canvas material that comes in several patterns. The inside of the basket is lined with waterproof vinyl, making it ideal for carrying items like wet towels. There are two cloth handles, which are easy to carry over your shoulder or in one hand, and the tote can be folded flat for easy storage when it's not in use.

Reviewers note that these laundry totes are sturdy, durable and overall a great value. If you’re looking for a spacious laundry basket that’s easy to carry, this item should be on the top of your list.

Best Rolling: Whitmor Round Commercial Hamper White & Chrome with Wheels

If you’re doing laundry for your whole family, you probably want a heavy-duty laundry basket that makes it easy to transport huge loads of clothing. In this case, you need the Whitmor Round Commercial Hamper, which makes it easy to move clothes around the house thanks to its four wheels.

This commercial-grade hamper is a must-have for busy households. It’s over 23 "x 32" and it has a durable metal frame on four swivel wheels. The product includes a removable polyester bag with tab fasteners to hold it in place. The Whitmor hamper even includes bumpers to prevent scratches on your walls.

Because it’s larger than many other hampers, this product does require some assembly, but reviewers say once it’s put together, the hamper is incredibly sturdy and easy to wheel around. Many also note that it holds a sizable amount of laundry — up to five or more loads!

While the Whitmor Round Commercial Hamper is on the more expensive side, its high-quality construction and impressive volume make it a solid investment for big households.

Best Stackable: Brabantia Stackable Laundry Basket

People will small laundry spaces will undoubtedly benefit from stackable laundry baskets. The Brabantia Stackable Laundry Baskets are a unique laundry room solution, as they can easily be stacked and feature a fold-down front flap that makes sorting clothes a breeze.

These baskets are unlike many other products, but they might be just the thing you need to solve your laundry woes. Each unit is made of reinforced fabric and measures over 12.5" x 14.5" x 17.5". The rectangular baskets can be opened from the top, but they also feature a front-loading flap for easy access when you have them stacked on top of each other. Each basket has a volume of more than nine gallons, and they can be folded flat when not in use.

If you’re looking for a compact way to sort your laundry, the Brabantia Stackable Laundry Baskets are an innovative solution for small spaces. Their flexible design is versatile, and the simple design will make a great addition to your home.

Best Collapsible: SALT Collapsible Laundry Basket

One of the main pain points when it comes to standard laundry baskets is that they’re cumbersome to store when not in use. This Collapsible Laundry Basket solves that problem, as it has rubber sides that fold down for easier storage.

This laundry basket is lightweight and sturdy, and it claims to hold up to two loads of laundry. The product measures in at 24" x 17.5" x 10.5", but it folds down to just 3" tall thanks to its collapsible sides. Many users note that the basket can be stashed in a closet or between the washer and the wall when it’s not in use. The laundry hamper also includes rubber handles for easy transport, and it’s ventilated to prevent odors from forming.

While most reviewers love the versatility of this laundry basket, some note that it can be hard to collapse, especially at first. However, this reasonably priced basket is solid purchase if you want a hamper that’s compact enough to store away.

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