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The 6 Best Laundry Delivery Services of 2023

Best Overall : Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners

Yes, the brand behind the detergent on your shelf can also pick up your dirty clothes and wash them—at least in select markets. The company has franchises in nearly 200 locations around the United States, with many offering free pickup and delivery for dry cleaning and wash-and-fold services.

The Tide brand has been keeping clothes clean for more than 70 years, so customers can rest easy knowing their delicates, colors, and whites are in capable hands—especially when it comes to erasing pesky stains or tackling hard-to-clean household items like comforters.

Those who opt to use Tide for dry cleaning can expect a little extra TLC, too: The company boasts a seven-point inspection process on every garment, repairing buttons and tightening threads to help keep clothes looking their best. Since Tide franchises are locally owned, services vary from store-to-store, so be sure to check with your nearby location about their drop-off and pickup options.

But you can always count on environmentally-friendly GreenEarth Cleaning practices, and Tide’s “Inner Circle” rewards club ensures that happy customers keep coming back.

Pricing depends on your delivery location.

Best for Quick Turnaround : Laundry Care/Push Laundry

Laundry Care

Laundry Care

Laundry Care was founded in 2009 by Danielle Balog, a mother who wanted to earn extra income without sacrificing time with her family.

It grew quickly once she began allowing other nearby moms the opportunity to start their own cleaning businesses under the Laundry Care name, and a decade-plus later, Balog’s homegrown company has more than 100 providers spread across 46 cities.

The company, which charges for wash-and-fold by the bag, acquired competitor Push Laundry, which remains in operation and charges by the pound. Both entities offer around-the-clock support and easy ordering both online and via mobile app.

Pickup and delivery are always free, and customers can choose from same-day, one-day, and two-day turnaround times. Busy customers can even schedule pickups while they’re away from home. And, the service is customizable: Enter your preferences at checkout, and your laundry will be returned just the way you like it.

Best for Subscriptions : Rinse



When James Joun co-founded Rinse in 2013, he had a lifetime of experience: He’d grown up learning from his parents’ dry cleaning business in San Francisco.

Now, Rinse serves seven cities—San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Jose, Oakland, and Washington, D.C.—offering wash-and-fold service, hang dry, and dry cleaning. Wash-and-fold is about $2 per pound, depending on the city, with a roughly $30 minimum and about an $8 service fee.

For regular and predictably priced service, sign up for a Rinse Repeat subscription: The monthly fee is priced by the bag, not by weight, which can decrease cost per pound to just one dollar. Regardless of the service plan, Rinse always checks your pockets, separates your lights and darks, and washes your clothing separately from other customers’ items.

And, companies looking to offer an extra staff perk can get in on the action, too: Rinse for Business allows entire teams to take advantage of laundry pickup at home or at work, removing one more worry from employees’ busy lives.

Best for Dry Cleaning : Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Founded in 1949, Martinizing takes its name from chemist Henry Martin, who pioneered the dry cleaning method that allowed cleaners to abandon the highly flammable solvents that were once an industry standard.

Eventually, Martinizing became one of the largest dry-cleaning franchises in the United States, with more than 400 stores worldwide and an expanded menu of offerings that includes wash and fold, leather cleaning, wedding gown preservation, and more.

The longstanding company’s methods have evolved, too, growing more eco-friendly by the year.

Each store is independently owned, so prices and programs vary. Check with your local store for the most up-to-date information.

Most Versatile :

Founded in 2004, offers on-demand food, alcohol, and laundry by connecting consumers to local businesses.

To make a laundry order, enter your address or zip code, and select the type of service you’re seeking. For wash-and-fold orders, enter the weight of your laundry (up to 100 pounds), and for dry cleaning, indicate what items of clothing you’d like to be cleaned—or request that the merchant sort them for you.

From there, schedule a pickup time and choose a merchant from’s list of available local businesses: Turnaround times, minimum orders, and fees will vary. After an order is placed, customers receive an email confirming that has received the goods, and those who submit a phone number for text messaging service will receive a notification when the local business accepts the order. doesn’t always charge a service fee—any delivery charges come directly from the merchant to support its drivers—but the website does take a small percentage of the pre-tip subtotal on each order. You can get a quote for the cost of your laundry on the website.

Most Environmentally Conscious : Lapels Dry Cleaning

Lapels Dry Cleaning

Lapels Dry Cleaning

Founded in 2000 with the intention of making the dry-cleaning industry greener, Lapels is best known for its environmentally friendly, energy-efficient approach.

In addition to using the GreenEarth Cleaning method for specialty items, the national chain also offers wash-and-fold service, alterations, gown preservation, rug cleaning, and more.

Most locations are locally owned, and many offer free home or office delivery. Customers are automatically enrolled in Lapel’s rewards program, which offers credits on upcoming orders for every dollar spent, and the chain also offers discounts via loyalty cards and referrals. Pricing, however, depends on the franchise.

Download the smartphone app for real-time updates on drop-offs and pickups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Laundry Delivery Services Work?

    Laundry delivery services take the hassle out of doing laundry by picking up your bag of dirty clothes, laundering them, and delivering them back to you, clean and neat. Most companies offer wash-and-fold as well as dry cleaning services and can turn around your load in about 2 to 3 days. Most laundry delivery services are willing to accommodate special requests such as using a certain detergent and/or bleach.

  • How Much Do Laundry Delivery Services Cost?

    The cost of laundry delivery services can vary a lot, depending on your delivery location. Some services are national chains and prices are determined by the local franchise, so there can be variations even within the same company. In general, the cost of wash-and-fold laundry delivery service can range from $1 to $3 per pound. Many companies offer pickup and delivery as a free service, while others charge a small fee, depending on location.

  • How Much Should I Tip on Laundry Delivery?

    It’s appropriate to tip $3 to $5 for laundry delivery, depending on the size of the wash.

  • Is a Laundry Delivery Service Worth It?

    For busy people, a laundry delivery service can be a convenient, time-saving way to launder clothes. It’s especially helpful for people who may not have easy access to a washer and dryer. While you’ll pay more than you would if you did your own laundry, it’s worth it for many people to avoid the hassle.


To make this list, we looked for companies offering laundry service in multiple cities across the United States, focusing on options that advertise pickup and delivery at the majority of their locations.

Prices for laundry services vary depending on the cost of living in each city. When we were able to confirm specific pricing, however, we weighed how the companies calculate cost per order—by the pound or by the bag—and examined other factors that might lend convenience or reliability. We zeroed in on entities that have a longstanding reputation in the industry, and also included up-and-comers that are innovating in new ways.

Martinizing, for example, is one of the largest and longest-running dry cleaning companies in the United States, with more than 400 franchised locations worldwide. It pioneered the technique used for dry cleaning today, and the company is still innovating to stay competitive—today it offers wash-and-fold service and delivery for customers from coast-to-coast. Lapels, too, is a formidable franchise operation: Founded in 2000 with the intention of bringing environmentally conscious dry cleaning and laundry to the mainstream, it has held tight to that mission as its offerings have expanded to gown preservation, rug cleaning, wash-and-fold services, and more.

Tide, a staple detergent in many homes, continues to expand its reach, offering convenient drop-off, pickup, and delivery in an increasing number of cities. But local small businesses also have their place, as national upstarts like help match customers with neighborhood businesses that offer the services they’re looking for. And up-and-comers like Rinse, an app that offers flexible and cost-effective subscriptions for wash-and-fold or Laundry Care, which allows for customized laundry instructions and quick delivery times, seem poised to keep growing, too.

All of the companies on this list offer pickup and delivery in many locations, but franchise offerings differ from place to place. Be sure to confirm the details with your local branch before placing an order.

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