7 Best Lawn Games

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"You simply can’t go wrong with this classic game."
"This intense game can be played in your backyard or at the beach."
"Perfect for those times you want to get up out of your beach chair."
"Kids can hold court with this fun, two-in-one game set."
"For fun on the go, this Murbles game can’t be beaten."
Best Spin on an Indoor Classic:
GoSports Giant 4 in a Row Game at Amazon
"If you like the classic game Connect 4, you'll love this mega-sized version."
"Croquet is a classic game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike."

Best For Families: GoSports Portable 3' x 2' PVC-Framed Cornhole Game Set with 8 Bean Bags and Travel Carrying Case

Himal Portable Assemble PVC Framed Corn Hole Outdoor Game

You simply can’t go wrong with this classic yard game that’s been a family favorite for years. While there’s no corn involved, this version of Corn Hole comes with two 3' x 2' Corn Hole boards, eight bean ​bags and a carrying case—everything you need to get corny. Players of all ages can play, and the rules are simple. Just toss the bags into the hole, and the player with the best aim wins.​

This set, which is made of PVC and polyester fabric, is also lightweight and portable so you can take it anywhere your family wants to have fun. While it’s easy to set up, if you do need a reminder of how to put it together, the instructions are conveniently printed right on the carrying bag. Fun fact: ​the game’s name may have originated when Native Americans played a similar game using dried animal bladders stuffed with corn.

Best Active Lawn Game: Spikeball Standard 3-Ball Kit


This is no tame game. Instead, Spike Ball will have you slamming, jamming, spinning and, yes, spiking a ball in pursuit of a win. A combination of four squares and volleyball, it’s played by slamming one of the balls down on the net to send it soaring back up at your opponents. Two teams of two play against each other, trying to get to the other to miss in order to score. First team to reach 21 wins.

This set comes with three balls, a net, a carrying bag and a rule book, and it has a lifetime warranty should any of the parts ever break. This intense game can be played in your backyard, at the beach, or anywhere you want to get a game on. In fact, there are even apps you can download to find players who want to play Spikeball near you.

Best for the Beach: Funsparks Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game With Carry Bag

Like a jazzed-up game of badminton combined with ping pong, Jazzminton is perfect for those times you want to get up out of your beach chair and get a game going. The set comes with two paddles and four birdies (two red and two yellow). The red is for when you want a slower-paced game and the yellow for when you want to speed things up. A ball is also included for games that go all out. If you don’t have a partner, you can practice your skills by hitting against a wall or up in the air.

Recommended for ages six and up, it’s a great, active game. The pieces are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if they get caught in a wave. It comes with a travel pouch too, so it’s easy to throw it in your beach bag.

Best for Kids: Magic Cabin Two-in-One Game Set

Kids can hold court with this fun, two-in-one game set, which allows them to play tennis or badminton with oversized equipment that makes learning the games fun and easy. It comes with two racquets, a birdie, a tennis ball and a net. The net doesn’t have to be staked into the ground, which makes it easy to move to your yard, driveway or wherever they want to get their game on. The set includes a volleyball too for extra fun.

Recommended for ages three and up, and it’s a great way to introduce kids to these classic games and keep them active. Easy to put together and portable, it’s great for parties or to take along to the beach or park for action on the go.

Best Portable: Murble Game Family 4 players 4 Color Murble Large Family Set

For fun on the go, this Murbles game can’t be beaten. While it’s recommended for ages eight and up, really anyone can play, as long as they can roll the murbles. What are murbles, you may ask? They’re brightly colored balls that are about three inches in diameter and weigh about a half pound each.

To play, you simply pick your color, then dump out the balls out of the carrying bag, then take turns rolling them to see who can get the closest to the point ball (official rules are on the bag). You don’t need a court, paddles or anything else to play, just the Murbles and a little bit of space. Then let the good times roll.

Best Spin on an Indoor Classic: GoSports Giant 4 in a Row Game

If you like the classic game Connect 4, this mega-sized outdoor take on the game may be the one for you. It stands 32" high and 3' wide for big-time fun. It includes 42 plastic coins (21 red and 21 blue) that are about 4" in diameter. Players take turns dropping them, as they try to score four in a row for a win. When the game is over, releasing the pieces is almost as much fun as playing.

The game is made of solid wood, so it’s sturdy, and the coins are made of durable plastic. It all fits inside a padded carrying case (included) for easy storage or taking it on the go. Kids and adults alike can play, which makes for fun tournaments at family gatherings, parties or anytime.

Best Classic: GoSports Premium Croquet Set

Croquet is a classic game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Place the wickets into the ground creating a golf course of sorts and knock the balls through the arches. This set comes with enough mallets for six people to play and has a carrying case so you can bring on vacation and beyond. The game is simple and you can improvise to your audience. It's also a fun game to play when entertaining since you don't have to get too into it if you don't want to. 

This set has bright colors and comes at a very affordable price compared to other croquet sets out there that can be cost prohibitive. 

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