Dress up Your Table With the Best Linen Tablecloths

The H&M Washed Linen Tablecloth is our top pick

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A great linen tablecloth is practical and ornamental—it protects the table surface from spills and stains while also accenting your dining room or kitchen decor. 

We've spent hours researching and testing tablecloths from the most popular home decor brands, evaluating quality, durability, and value. Our top pick, the H&M Washed Linen Tablecloth, is made with 100% sustainable linen and has a luxe look and feel.

Here are the best linen tablecloths.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: H&M Washed Linen Tablecloth

washed linen tablecloth

Courtesy of H&M

Simple, durable, and affordable, H&M's Washed Linen Tablecloth is a fantastic choice for almost everyone. Made of 100 percent linen with double-stitched edges, it's exactly what you're looking for if you want that laidback, airy, slightly wrinkly style.

It's available in six neutral colors, including a blush pink and light khaki green, so you have a few options beyond basic white and beige (although those are there if you want them). It's only available in one size, 55 x 94 inches, which works for average dining tables that seat 6-8 people. And if you want to complete the tablescape, H&M also sells matching linen napkins, which you can view here.

Best Budget: Latitude Run Anastasio Solid Color Linen Tablecloth

Red Anastasio Solid Color Linen Tablecloth

Courtesy of Wayfair

The words “budget” and “linen” don’t usually go hand in hand, so if you want to save money then you should focus your search on linen-blend tablecloths. But don’t worry, Latitude Run’s Anastasio Tablecloth still has the lovely texture of linen, plus the added bonus of being stain-proof and water-resistant, too.

This affordable tablecloth comes in seven different colors, from classics like white and beige to bolder options like spring green and red. The only thing that’s missing is the beloved wrinkles of real linen—this tablecloth is wrinkle-resistant, which is great news for people who love the feel of linen but not the crinkles.

Best Oversized: Pottery Barn Mason Oversized Linen Tablecloth

Mason Oversized Linen Tablecloth

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Everything about Pottery Barn’s Mason Oversized Linen Tablecloth is simple, airy, and beautiful—which is why it's hard to beat. Made from 100 percent linen, this tablecloth comes in three colors to suit multiple decor styles, two of which can be personalized with a monogram or name.

At 70 inches wide and 108 inches long, this tablecloth is a bit oversized, and is best for larger tables that fit eight people. However, that extra fabric also makes it super versatile. Throw it over a smaller table and let it drape elegantly over the sides, or break it out for dinner parties when you pull out extra table leaves to make more room for your guests.

Best Round: Williams Sonoma Italian Washed Linen Round Tablecloth

Italian Washed Linen Round Tablecloth

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Have a round table? The Italian Washed Linen Round Tablecloth from Williams Sonoma is the choice for you. The linen itself is what makes this product stand out—it’s made by a family-owned company in Italy, and it’s STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s free from harmful substances. As is the case with luxury linens, this tablecloth will continue to get softer and softer with washing.

This tablecloth comes in three classic colors—white, natural flax, and navy—and measures 90 inches in diameter. That means it's best for round tables that measure 55- to 70-inches in diameter, although you can use it on smaller tables if you don't mind a whole lot of draping.

Best Square: Solino Home Athena Linen Tablecloth

 Solino Home 100% Pure Linen Tablecloth

Courtesy of Amazon

Square tables, though less common, aren’t left out of the fun when it comes to linen tablecloths—check out Solino Home’s Athena Tablecloth, which is not only affordable, but also comes in a pretty impressive range of colors and sizes—20 colors and 12 sizes total, to be exact.

Each one is handcrafted, adding to its luxe quality, yet is still very affordable compared to similar products. If you're looking for a square tablecloth, this one comes in two square sizes: 52 x 52 inches and 60 x 60 inches. Not every color comes in a square size though, so make sure you double check while you browse.

Best Colors: Celina Mancurti Handmade Linen Tablecloth

Celina Mancurti Handmade Linen Tablecloth

Courtesy of Food52

Linen tablecloths often come in classic, simple colors—think white, beige, and navy—but if you want a bolder style, there are options out there. Take Celina Mancurti’s tablecloths, for instance, which come in a soft indigo blue, a pale blush, and vibrant red. (Although if you want something more classic, Food52 also sells a natural oatmeal version, which you can view here.)

Mancurti, an artisan based in Tampa, Florida, hand sews each of her textiles, incorporating eco-friendly practices to create a sustainable product. This tablecloth comes in three sizes ranging from 55 x 55 inches, 70 x 55 inches, and 110 x 55 inches, and can be complete with matching table napkins, available at Food52.

Best Hemstitch: Birch Lane Parthenia Hemstitched Tablecloth

Parthenia Hemstitched Tablecloth

Courtesy of Birch Lane

Want some extra pizzazz with your tablecloth? Consider buying a product with hemstitch detailing, a decorative open stitch that adds a little oomph to a textile. You'll love Birch Lane’s Parthenia Hemstitched Tablecloth, which pairs a rustic beige hue with the flair of hemstitching for a casual yet refined look.

This tablecloth is made from a blend of linen and polyester, and it comes in six different sizes (all rectangular). For maintenance, you can machine wash and tumble dry this tablecloth—or you can dry clean it if you’d prefer.

Best Handmade: Creative Women Stone Washed Linen Tablecloth

West Elm Stonewash Tablecloth

Courtesy of West Elm

While Creative Women's Stone Washed Tablecloth is indeed beautiful, it’s the story behind the product that really stands out. Textile brand Creative Women partners with female artisans in Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Kenya to create handwoven linens in gorgeous colors using traditional methods.

The textiles are then washed with river stones to create an ultra-soft final product—in this case, a tablecloth! The unfinished hem gives this tablecloth an even more casual look, and West Elm actually says you can also use it as a lightweight throw. Who doesn't love a good multipurpose product?

Best Holiday: Saro Beige Joyeuses Fetes Pinecone and Holly Tablecloth


Courtesy of Wayfair

If you’re not a big tablecloth user in your day-to-day life, consider breaking one out for a special occasion—like a big family dinner during the holidays. The Christmas-themed Joyeuses Fetes linen tablecloth by Saro is embroidered with pinecones and holly for a festive look. It’s not overly formal, though, with a natural flax color that keeps things a little more rustic. 

Made from a linen and polyester blend, this tablecloth can be machine-washed and tumble dried after your big Christmas dinner, then ironed and folded to be tucked away until the next holiday season.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend H&M's Washed Linen Tablecloth (view at H&M), which comes in six colors, has an affordable price, and is an ideal size for dining tables that fit 6-8 people. For something even more budget-friendly, we recommend the Latitude Run Anastasio Tablecloth (view at Wayfair), which is available in seven colors and two sizes, and is stain-resistant.

What to Look For in a Linen Tablecloth


Choosing the right size for your dining table requires a little math. Make sure you know your table measurements, and then decide how much drop you want. ("Drop" refers to how far over the table the cloth will hang.) Anywhere between 6-10 inches is average, so make your decision based on personal preference. For a rectangular table, you'll do two calculations: First, multiple the desired drop by two, then add the table length. Repeat, but with the table width, and you'll have the ideal dimensions for your tablecloth. For a round table, repeat the same formula but use the table's diameter instead.


Linen is a generally expensive material compared to cotton and synthetic fabrics, so 100 percent linen tablecloths will typically have a higher price tag than their counterparts. On the plus side, pure linen is durable and will last for many years. If you want to save money, choose a linen-blend tablecloth, which will look and feel like linen but without the premium cost.


While you can keep it simple with a neutral tablecloth, there are a few ways to add a little extra personality to a linen tablecloth. Some options are complete with a hemstitch, while others have fringed ends for an even more casual appearance. You can also play around with color—neutral tones like white and beige are certainly classics for a reason, but more modern options like blue or plush will make your dining table a true focal point in your space.

  • How do you wash a linen tablecloth?

    Linen is an eco-friendly natural material that is easy to maintain. Simply wash your linen tablecloth in cold water with mild, eco-friendly detergent on a gentle setting and you’re good to go. The best thing you can do for your linen tablecloth and the planet is to air dry it, but you can also tumble dry linen on a low setting. Remove when it is still slightly damp to avoid setting hard wrinkles into the fabric, and let it air dry the rest of the way. Learn more by reading The Spruce's guide to washing and caring for linens.

  • How do you remove stains from a linen tablecloth?

    To remove stains from a linen tablecloth, you can try your luck by popping it into the washing machine right after dinner, or pre-treat it before washing. Take extra care when attempting to remove stains from a linen tablecloth that has been dyed in a dark color to avoid discoloration. For best results, do not use bleach, which can damage linen’s natural fibers. 

  • How do you iron a linen tablecloth?

    There is no real point to ironing a linen tablecloth. Linen was made to be slightly rumpled rather than pressed until crisp like cotton. Today's linen products are generally prewashed to give them a chicly undone texture when you buy them, and will soften with subsequent washings. If you insist on ironing linen, it’s best to do so using a low to medium setting to avoid scorching fibers and to do so while the fabric is still slightly damp. 

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