The 9 Best Lint Rollers of 2023

Our top pick is the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

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3 of the best lint rollers

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No one likes leftover fuzz from the dryer or their furry friend's hair on their clothes. It makes some of your favorite pieces look less fresh and clean, even if you just tossed them in the washing machine—like, yesterday. Enter, a lint roller. It's a great tool to keep nearby to remove small pieces of lint or dirt from clothes or other fabrics as you're getting ready for the day or heading out the door. You can find them in single-use sheets that roll or reusable brushes that can be revived with just water. Some lint rollers even have value packs or refills available that reuse the same base.

Here, the best lint rollers for banishing fuzz and hair with ease.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller


What We Like
  • Effective adhesive

  • Works on a variety of surfaces

  • Refill packs available

  • Budget-friendly

What We Don't Like
  • Not the most eco-friendly

  • Not the best on pet hair

Scotch-Brite's lint roller is simply the best (and most basic) lint roller out there. It is sticky enough to pick up most lint, hair, and dust, and affordable enough to use every day without breaking the bank. A tube with the roller's sticky, single-use sheets moves smoothly over surfaces, and can be replaced with refills when you're done, creating less waste. Each sheet tears easily with one hand. You can hold the handle of the lint roller in one hand and get to a fresh sheet without interrupting your lint rolling session.

While the Scotch-Brite sheets are sticky, they aren’t as adhesive as some specialized versions, such as those made to pick up pet hair. These work better for a variety of uses, including larger pieces of dust and lint. If you want something that is ideal for fine hair, look for a pet hair option that's a bit more heavy-duty.

Additionally, the handle is reusable, but the sticky sheets are single-use. It strikes a good balance between top performance and eco-friendliness, but the product may not be the most eco-friendly option on the market. We do really love how the handle is designed to fit snuggly in your hand, though. This ergonomic design helps you keep a firm grasp as you move around to get to hard-to-reach places, such as the back of your jacket.

When paired with the basic style of this lint roller and adhesive that's effective in most everyday situations, this pick easily becomes our favorite overall.

Price at time of publish: $5

Style: Adhesive | Amount: 1 | Dimensions: 9.15 x 2.55 x 2.55 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: 95

Best Budget

Polardo Lint Rollers

Polardo Lint Rollers for Pet Hair, Sticky, Remover for Couch, Clothes Furniture and Carpet


What We Like
  • Come in a pack of five with two bases

  • Smaller design is good for hard-to-reach places

  • Effective at picking up small and large particles

What We Don't Like
  • Low number of sheets per roll

  • Roll can slip on base

This value pack of lint rollers from Polardo comes with two bases and five rolls. The lint rollers work on pet hair, dirt, and other debris, and use quality adhesive sheets to pick up small and large particles on a variety of surfaces. Although they aren’t specialized for any particular use, we love how they're good, all-purpose rollers, that deliver effective cleaning at a low price.

Each roll has 60 sheets, so they're a bit smaller than other options out there. However, the smaller size makes them easy to get into tight spaces, although you may need to replace them sooner if you use lint roller sheets often. The handle is sturdy, but not ergonomically designed like our best overall pick. The rolls slip some as well, though they are easy enough to readjust with just one hand. If you want to get a budget-friendly lint roller that performs all the essential functions of a lint roller, this is a great option with just a few compromises.

Price at time of publish: $13

Style: Adhesive | Amount: 5 | Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 2 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: 60

Best Sticky

PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller Mega Value Set

PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller Mega Value Set


What We Like
  • Budget-friendly

  • Set comes with multiple bases and refill packs

  • Work well on fine hair

What We Don't Like
  • Diagonal perforations can be difficult

  • Sheets can stick to each other

These extra-sticky lint rollers are a great option for those looking for a classic, adhesive-style lint roller or those who want something that works on fine hair well—such as pet owners. They come in a pack of five, and you can expect them to be as effective as they are affordable. One set includes 450 sheets—90 per each roll—as well as two bases. The lint rollers are so sticky that they can even catch on your hands and fingers when you use them, so proceed with a bit of caution.

Because they are ultra-sticky, these are good rollers to use in places that accumulate a lot of dirt and debris—like your car, or a pair of pants that attracts your furry friend's hair particularly well. The bottom of purses, and carpet fibers and pet beds, may be great places to use these lint rollers, too. Notably, each sheet has a diagonal perforation to peel off. This can be tricky to do with just one hand. The sheets can also stick to each other once in a while.

Price at time of publish: $17

Style: Adhesive | Amount: 5 | Dimensions: 11.54 x 6.46 x 2.13 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: 90

Best Portable

Scotch-Brite Mini Travel Lint Roller

Scotch-Brite Mini Travel Lint Roller


What We Like
  • Easily fits into bag or luggage

  • Retractable roller portion

  • Refills available

What We Don't Like
  • Not much surface area

  • Each roll only has 30 sheets

  • Expensive

This little, 30-sheet lint roller is perfect for throwing in your bag for a trip or when you're on the go. Not only is it smaller than other rollers out there, it also can be covered so you never have to waste a top sheet. It is small, so don’t expect to cover much area with each sheet. The roll only includes 30 sheets, too, so you will probably need to replace it every few uses. The roller is retractable when you travel or need to put it away, though, which is one of our favorite features.

Refills are available, but are pricey for their size and the number of sheets you get. You are definitely paying for the convenience of having a small roller that fits in a purse, bag, or luggage rather than improved performance. The lint roller is too big to fit in most pant pockets, despite its small size. You may be able to fit it into a jacket or coat pocket, but it is best put into a backpack or purse.

Price at time of publish: $5

Style: Adhesive | Amount: 1 | Dimensions: 8.25 x 4.5 x 1.61 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: 30

Best for Furniture

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover


What We Like
  • Collects hair and lint

  • Easy to clean and empty

  • Effective on multiple materials

  • No refills needed

What We Don't Like
  • Best for larger particles or hair

  • Expensive

This bristle brush from ChomChom is a dream to get lint and pet hair off of furniture. It comes in a large setup that has a comfortable plastic handle and frame. You set a bristle brush inside and it rolls on the track as you move it back and forth on your furniture. When you are done, just open up the compartment and take the lint and hair out. It collects in a storage area, so you don’t have to peel sticky sheets or clean traps at all.

You may need to do a couple passes over some areas and some fabrics. This roller is safe to use on everything from velvet to suede, but if the fabric holds hair, it may take a few rolls to get the hair to detach. It is a bit pricey for one roller, as well. However, considering you won’t need to purchase refills, and you'll be able to use it for up to many years without any signs of wear, it is a good investment.

Price at time of publish: $28

Style: Bristle brush | Amount: 1 | Dimensions: 7.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: Not applicable

Best Brush

Feeke Lint Brush

Feeke Lint Brush


What We Like
  • Easy to use

  • Set of two, double-sided brushes

  • Budget-friendly

What We Don't Like
  • Not as effective over time

  • Not recyclable

This lint brush works by catching lint, dirt, sand, and other small particles on its textured surface. Simply brush it over the material and the materials attach to the brush. It is double-sided, so you can use it whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The design also makes it easy to turn over and get a fresh brush side to use. Plus, these lint rollers also come in a set of two brushes, so you can always have one ready to use.

Once the brush has too much hair or lint on it, it won’t pick anything else up. You can remove the hair and lint by cleaning it off by hand, which is eco-friendly but messy. Over time, it will lose its effectiveness as tiny little pieces of lint build up. Fortunately, this brush is affordable and you can get a new set without spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, the old ones are not recyclable.

Price at time of publish: $9

Style: Brush | Amount: 2 | Dimensions: 9.84 x 2.36 x 1.18 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: Not applicable

Best Eco-Friendly

Zoreni Portable Lint Remover

Zoreni Portable Lint Remover


What We Like
  • Made of durable materials

  • Budget-friendly

  • Portable

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t cover a lot of area

  • Can’t use on fragile fabric

  • May pull or snag some rugs

The wooden handle and copper head of this scraper-style lint remover are extremely durable. This means that not only can you skip costly refills that add waste, your lint remover also doesn't need to be replaced often—or maybe not all. The lint remover is surprisingly affordable for the premium materials that are used, too.

This one is on the small side, so it can take longer to tackle large areas of carpet or big pieces of furniture. You can use it on clothing, just try it on a small area first to make sure that it doesn’t pull or snag on the fabric. You may need to adjust the angle you use it or put less pressure on it, if it does begin to snag. You probably want to avoid using it on fragile rugs and fabrics altogether to avoid any potential damage.

Price at time of publish: $8

Style: Scraper | Amount: 1 | Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches | Material: Wood and copper | Number of Sheets: Not applicable

Best for Pet Hair

Evercare Pet Plus Extreme Stick Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller

Evercare Pet Plus Extreme Stick Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller


What We Like
  • Very sticky

  • Picks up hair and ticks

  • Can hang on a hook

  • Ergonomic handle

What We Don't Like
  • Not a lot of sheets per roll

  • Roll can come off handle

These sticky lint roller sheets are designed with pet owners in mind. Not only do they take care of pet hair that has been shed on everything from furniture to clothing, they can also pick up ticks from surfaces. This helps prevent diseases that your pet may be at risk for after playing outside.

Each roll has 70 sheets. While this isn’t the highest sheet count-per-roll out there, the sheets are thicker than most and very sticky. You can also purchase a 100-sheet refill, if you want something that lasts longer. Maybe most notably, the handle has an ergonomic design and a hole that allows you to hang it on a hook. The roll can come off the handle easily, so just be ready to do some adjusting as you use it, though.

Price at time of publish: $7

Style: Adhesive | Amount: 2 | Dimensions: 10 x 2.38 x 2.38 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: 70

Best for Carpet

Uproot Cleaner Pro Reusable Pet Hair Remover

Uproot Cleaner Pro Reusable Pet Hair Remover


What We Like
  • Eco-friendly

  • Effective at getting long fibers up

  • Don’t need to get refill rolls

What We Don't Like
  • Needs pressure to work

  • Not great for all surfaces

  • Can’t use on knit fabrics

This scraper tool from Uproot is designed just for carpet to pick up lint, pet hair, and other larger particles living in your favorite, cozy surfaces. To use it, move it through the carpet in one direction like a broom. You may need to put some pressure on it to get deep into the carpet. It collects debris as it goes, especially cat and dog hair.

You don’t need to purchase roller refills or sheets with this tool. Instead, it uses the pressure from your hand to pull up even deeply embedded hair. It is not as effective on smaller pieces of lint and dirt, however. Notably, the head has small bumps that pick up and trap hair and fibers. Now, because it takes some force to use, it may not be the best option for delicate fabrics. You should not use it on knitted fabrics at all because it will create pulls.

Price at time of publish: $23

Style: Scraper | Amount: 1 | Dimensions: 6.6 x 5 x 0.37 inches | Material: Plastic | Number of Sheets: Not applicable

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller. Not only is it effective at picking up a variety of things, it is also affordable and easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach spots, thanks to its ergonomic handle. For a more budget-conscious option, consider the Polardo Lint Rollers. They come with two bases and five rolls per pack, so you can have one handy no matter where you are. Plus, they're effective at picking up small and large particles, even though their handles aren't as ergonomic.

What to Look for in a Lint Roller


Lint rollers come in single-use adhesive sheets, brushes, and scrapers. The adhesive sheets are the most common and vary in width, number of sheets per roll, and stickiness. If you're a pet owner, you may want to find an adhesive option that's particularly great at targeting fine hair, like the Evercare Pet Plus Extreme Stick Ergo Grip Pet Lint Roller, our "best for pet hair" pick. Notably, adhesive picks are often the cheapest, but you do need to replace them or add a set with refills to your cart.

Brushes can also be economical, but may not be as effective as adhesive sheets over time. Our "best brush" pick, the Feeke Lint Brush, is double-sided so you can use it for a longer period of time. Scrapers, like the Uproot Cleaner Pro Reusable Pet Hair Remover, our "best for carpet" pick, are the most eco-friendly. However, just be careful using them on fragile fabrics, since they can pull and snag.

Amount in Package

Many single-use, adhesive sheet lint rollers come in multi-packs. Getting a value pack can be more economical and reduce the number of times you need to re-order. You’ll always have a fresh roller around to replace the ones you use up. If it comes with multiple handles, you can keep them nearby or in other locations you expect to use the lint roller in often. Keep one in your home and the other in your car or office, so you are never without a lint roller if you need it.

Scrapers and brushes usually just come one per pack, since they're reusable by nature. But, keep in mind with adhesive options: in addition to the number of the rollers in the package, also consider how many sheets per roll there are, so you can get the most for your money.

Fabric Compatibility

Not all lint rollers work the same way on every fabric. Adhesive rollers are the most consistent, but they can have trouble on fabric that is very thick or rugs with a high pile. Brushes work best with all fabrics that are smooth, while scrapers are designed to get into the fibers of carpets and rugs.

Fragile fabrics are the hardest to use a lint roller on. The same feature that allows the lint roller to pick up hair and lint, whether it is an adhesive or the brush or scraper head, can also snag and pull on some fabrics. Make sure to test the roller on a small area first.

  • How do you use a lint roller?

    To use most lint rollers, simply roll it over the surface and let it pick up any debris, lint, or hair. Adhesive lint rollers often turn on the handle freely. Once the adhesive sheet is covered in lint, pull it off and reveal a fresh one underneath.

    Brushes and scrapers require shorter pulling motions rather than rolling. You brush the hair and lint out of the fabric. Once it has accumulated on the brush or scraper, you can remove it and throw it in the garbage. Using these styles, you do not generate any waste beyond the actual hair or lint.

  • Are lint rollers bad for clothes?

    Lint rollers can pick up small pieces of fabric fibers, and your clothes can show increased signs of wear over time if you lint roll them often. Most clothing is not impacted, however. If you are worried, try the lint roller on a small area to see if it damages the clothing. Some can pull or snag on fragile fabrics.

  • How do you make reusable lint rollers sticky again?

    If your reusable lint roller is not picking things up anymore, chances are it needs to be cleaned. Remove any built-up lint or hair from the roller or brush. Keep in mind that even very small pieces can impact the roller's effectiveness. You may need to brush your own hands across the roller multiple times to get it clean. You can wash some reusable lint removers under water or wipe them with a wet paper towel.

  • How do you remove lint without a lint roller?

    Washing and drying your clothes can also remove lint and pet hair. Using a dryer sheet or wool dryer ball is a great way to reduce the lint on your clothing when it is in the dryer, as well. You can even use dryer sheets around your home to reduce the lint that clings to surfaces and fabrics.

    You can also clean your washer’s filter to keep lint from building up and potentially getting on your clothing. Some fabrics do hold onto lint and hair more than others, so keep that in mind when buying clothes if you have a pet that sheds a lot.

  • Can you use a lint roller on wet clothes?

    You can use a lint roller on wet clothes without damaging them, but do not expect it to be as effective as using it on dry clothes. The adhesive style lint rollers will get wet, which reduces their stickiness and ability to pick up lint and hair. Brush-style lint rollers can have the same problem. Scraper tools are the most effective to use on wet fabrics but they may be more likely to pull and snag.

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This article was researched and written by Katie Begley, a freelance writer specializing in home and family products. She has been writing for The Spruce since 2019. Growing up with cats for pets, she is familiar with the essential nature of having a reliable lint roller. She keeps one in her coat closet, car, purse, and office. For this roundup, she took style, value, and fabric compatibility into consideration when selecting the best lint rollers for your home.

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