Best Locations for the Microwave in the Kitchen

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    Best Placement Options for the Microwave

    Microwave. Huw Jones via Getty Images

    Microwaves can be tricky little devils. People either swear they use them ten times a day or haven't touched theirs twice since moving in. There is very little gray area when it comes to the topic of the microwave, but regardless of how often you use or plan to use this little appliance, most people want one incorporated into their kitchen space for resale. So with that being said the question becomes where do you put it? Obviously there are options galore, some more aesthetically pleasing...MORE than others. so which location is best for you? My biggest piece of advice is to keep the microwave as low profile and out of sight as possible. Even the most expensive and sleekest microwaves don't have enough aesthetic "umph" to be a focal point in the kitchen. 

    With that being said I have several suggestions for you to consider...

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    Install the Microwave Over the Ovens(s)

    Microwave Oven Stack. via Pinterest

    In my opinion the only time you should willingly have your microwave up high, is if it is stored over an oven. In general appliances, regardless of the finish, break up the cohesiveness of a space. This is not a negative thing as appliances are obviously very much necessary in a kitchen, but the fewer times the aesthetic has to be "chopped" with a different finish the sleeker the space will appear. By having your microwave installed above your oven/double oven you are essentially...MORE allowing the microwave to blend seamlessly with the oven which is a like finish element in the space. 

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    Keep the Microwave Down Low

    Microwave Drawer.

    Installing the microwave down low in a base cabinet is the approach I used in my personal kitchen and is the option I utilize most frequently in my kitchen designs. I like the fact that the microwave is easily accessible without being at eye level. I opted for the Wolf Microwave Drawer for my personal kitchen (which I love) but a standard microwave can work just as well sitting in an open cubby or built-into the cabinet. 

    As  enticing as this option is, there are a good number of people that...MORE appreciate the benefits of the microwave being out of clear sight but don't want to have to bend down or stoop to access the appliance on a daily basis. I can say from personal experience this has never been an issue for me because I went with the drawer, so while I have to look down on the contents in the microwave, I really don't have to stoop. BUT these are definitely things to consider as you ponder which one of these options is best for you and your family long term. 

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    Keep the Microwave Behind Doors via Pinterest

    Another cool way to keep the microwave out of sight is to place it behind cabinet doors. A lot of people love the idea of a breakfast bar with items like the microwave, toaster and coffee maker stored behind closed doors but easily accessible when ready to use. One of the most popular concepts is to have pocket door hardware installed on these cabinets so when you are ready to utilize the space you simply slide the doors back and wah-lah your appliances await and then when you are done using...MORE them you slide the doors back in place and all components are completely out of sight. This concept works especially well if you do not want to store the microwave down low because of all the bending and stooping required to use it, but you also do not want it at eye level.