The 8 Best Locks of 2022

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Padlocks are a handy item to have around the house—you never know when you’re going to need to secure a locker, shed, storage unit, or other containers. Locks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths to suit every situation, and most of them are quite affordable, too.

One of the main choices you’ll have to make when buying a lock is your preferred unlocking mechanism. There are many traditional keyed locks, as well as combination locks that use both numbers and letters. You can even find high-tech locks that unlock via your fingerprint or Bluetooth on your phone—though these are more expensive. 

No matter what you need to secure, here are the best locks for the job.

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Best Overall: Master Lock 178D Set Your Own Combination Lock

Master Lock 178D Set Your Own Combination Lock

Courtesy of Amazon

What do buyers say? 91% of 17,600+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Master Lock is one of the leading padlock brands, and this model is one of your best options for an all-purpose combination lock. It has a 2-inch-wide lock body and a 1-inch hardened steel shackle that resists cutting for added security.

This lock opens via a four-digit code, and what’s great is that you get to choose the combination yourself, ensuring it’s something you’ll remember. The combination change tool is included, allowing you to change the code down the line if needed. This Master Lock padlock can be used both indoors and outside, making it a great choice for lockers, gates, sheds, storage units, and more.

Best Combination: Puroma 2-Pack Combination Locks

Puroma 2-Pack Combination Locks

Courtesy of Amazon

For a pair of reliable combination locks, you can’t go wrong with this two-pack from Puroma. The compact padlocks come in five different colors, and they open via a four-digit code that you can choose yourself. There are more than 10,000 combinations available, making them extremely secure.

These lightweight locks have side windows for easy combination viewing, and they have a 0.75-inch shackle that’s ideal for lockers, toolboxes, sheds, and more. Plus, they’re constructed from a durable zinc alloy with a steel shackle, helping to deter theft.

Best Keyed: Schlage 994831 Solid Steel Round Padlock

Schlage 994831 Solid Steel Round Padlock

Courtesy of Amazon

If you have trouble remembering combinations or prefer using a key, the Schlage Round Padlock is a good option for you. These durable locks come in a set of two, and each unit comes with two sets of keys to unlock the shackle.

The whole padlock is made from hardened solid steel and features an oversized 2.5-inch shackle useful for large applications. The lock has a double deadbolt locking mechanism for greater strength, and its six-pin brass cylinder helps to resist picking, so you can rest assured your belongings are safe. Overall, Schlage padlocks are a high-security choice for indoor and outdoor uses—just don't lose the keys.

Best Smart: igloohome Smart Padlock

igloohome Smart Padlock

Courtesy of Amazon

The igloohome Smart Padlock makes it easier than ever to access your belongings. This Bluetooth-enabled lock syncs up with your smartphone, allowing you to open it from several feet away. The heavy-duty design and hardened steel construction resist cutting and pulling force. It’s made from anti-corrosion materials that allow it to be used both indoors and outside.

Its functionality doesn’t end there. The igloohome Smart Padlock allows you to create and send PIN codes to guests for easy access. You can select between one-time, recurring, or permanent PINs, which recipients can punch into the number pads. It is a great choice for Airbnbs or other rentals; you can send guests a code that expires after their stay.

The smart padlock offers several advanced security features, including lockout mode, automatic relocking, and an emergency jumpstart.

Best Password: Master Lock 1535DWD Set Your Own Word Combination Padlock

Master Lock 1535DWD Set Your Own Word Combination Padlock

Courtesy of Amazon

Instead of using a numerical combination, the Master Lock Password Combination Padlock allows you to select a four-letter word to use as a password. This lock is ideal for younger children or anyone who struggles to remember standard combinations. You can select from real words or abstract letter sequences.

The round lock comes in several colors (selected randomly upon shipment) and has four rotating dials, a metal body, and a hardened steel shackle. It’s only recommended for indoor use. The unit is a little over 3 inches long with a 0.25-inch shackle.

Best Dial: Master Lock 1530DCM Locker Combination Padlock

Master Lock 1530DCM Locker Combination Padlock

Courtesy of Amazon

Dial locks may make you feel like you’re in middle school again—after all, they’re a classic choice for school lockers. The Master Lock Combination Padlock has a traditional spinning dial design, and the locks come in several bright colors. If you order online, the color you get is randomized.

These inexpensive locks have a metal body, a hardened 0.75-inch long steel shackle, and an anti-shim locking mechanism. Each lock comes with a preset three-digit combination that can’t be changed. You enter each number by spinning the dial in alternating directions.

While these dial locks may not be high-security, they’re a classic choice for school or sports lockers, as well as other small uses around your home, such as locking cabinets or sheds.

Final Verdict

The Master Lock 178D Set Your Own Combination Lock (view at Amazon) is a durable and versatile padlock for everyday use, and you'll be able to set a four-digit combination to open it. However, if you prefer a key-operated lock, the Schlage 994831 Solid Steel Round Padlock (view at Amazon) offers a large 2.5-inch shackle and an extremely durable solid steel build.

What to Look for in a Lock

Opening Mechanism

The first thing you’ll want to consider when buying a lock is how it opens. Today, most models use either a key or a combination of numbers or letters. While keys are technically more secure, dials tend to be more convenient, as you don’t have to carry a key around. However, there are also smart locks that you unlock with your phone. The best option depends on your particular needs.


Where will you be using your lock? In particular, you’ll want to consider whether it will be inside or outside, as some locks are not weatherproof and may rust or otherwise deteriorate when exposed to harsh conditions. 


Locks come in varying degrees of durability and security. The thicker the shackle, the tougher it will be for someone to cut through. However, more durable, heavy-duty locks often cost more than inexpensive, lightweight locks. If you’re protecting something valuable, you may want to spend a little extra for a better lock. But, if you’re locking a locker, for instance, a budget option may work just fine. 

  • Where can I buy a secure lock?

    You can shop for secure locks online or in person. Hardware stores, such as Lowe's or The Home Depot, have a wide selection of locks in-store and on the web. You can also search for locks by features on some manufacturers ' websites; many have links showing where you can purchase the genuine product.

  • Which lock is easiest to use?

    The easiest lock depends on your personal preference and needs. Combination locks are best for those who prefer not to keep track of keys or remember a code. A simple, short combination is best if children need to remember the code. Fingerprint or electronic locks are great for those who enjoy technology and don't want to carry a key or remember a code.

  • Where can I find a durable lock?

    When looking for a durable lock, you can search online or in hardware stores for high-security locks that can withstand harsh conditions. Many hardware websites and manufacturers ' websites allow you to search for locks by feature.

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