The 7 Best Macramé Plant Hangers to Buy in 2018

Try this throwback when hanging greenery indoors and out

Courtesy of CB2

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Macramé plant hangers may evoke images of the 1970’s, the hippie age, and leafy green plants suspended in mid-air. But these woven decorations are making a comeback in homes, patios and outdoor spaces everywhere.

Macramé plant hangers are a great way to add a touch of boho-chic style to your home or to add plants when you’re tight on space. Available in a variety of materials and styles, there is the perfect macramé plant hanger to fit your needs.

Natural fibers, such as jute and cotton, are popular choices for macramé plant hangers. But poly cord is also increasingly being used — thanks to the wide range of colors available, as well as it’s durability in outdoor settings. You can also find plant hangers that will accommodate multiple tiers of planters or kits to help you knot your very own macramé plant hanger! You can hang pretty much anything is these hangers — it just depends on the size of your plant and pot, think succulents, ferns, aloe plants and much much more. 

If you’ve got macramé on the mind and need more plants in your life, here are the best macramé plant hangers to buy.

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    Best Overall: CB2 Macramé Plant Hanger

    macramé plant holderCB2 Exclusive
    Courtesy of Crate&Barrel

    For the best overall value in a macramé plant hanger, the classic cotton version from CB2 is a popular choice.

    This hand-braided plant hanger is made with a combination of cotton and nylon rope that is braided into four legs to support an open weave basket for holding your greenery. It measures 58 inches long, including the 18-inch tassel that hangs below the planter.

    Available in simple white and black, this macramé plant hanger is a modern update to a classic 1970’s statement piece. People rave about the quality and construction of this macramé plant hanger. Just be sure to measure the space you plan to hang it in — since it is on the long side for a plant hanger. Overall, though, this is a well-made macramé plant hanger that will give your space a great look while offering outstanding value.

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    Best Budget: Mkono Colorful Macramé Plant Hanger

    If you’re looking to save a little green while shopping for a macramé plant hanger, this colorful version offered by Mkono is a good choice.

    Available in a rainbow of seven different colors that will match any décor, this cotton macramé plant hanger is suitable for pots up to 10 inches in diameter. It measures 40 inches long and has four legs to keep your plant suspended in the air. It is one of the more budget-friendly macramé plant hangers available. While a few people felt that the quality was just so-so, most purchasers were satisfied with the overall value of this plant hanger.

    Using a hook, hang the Mkono Colorful Macramé Plant Hanger from the ceiling inside to brighten up any room, or suspend it from your porch or patio for outdoor decoration. As a bonus option, you can also hang this plant hanger against the wall. For a versatile macramé plant hanger that’s easy on the wallet, can be used inside or outside, and comes in different colors — purchase the Mkono.

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    Best to Hang on the Wall: Anthropologie Macramé Plant Hanger

    Macrame Plant Hanger
    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    For a macramé plant hanger that will make a statement on your wall, choose the simple but impressive version available from Anthropologie.

    This boho-chic macramé plant hanger measures 50 inches from top to bottom. It features a tightly-woven macramé descending from the ring and trailing into a braided basket capable of holding a pot up to 9 inches in diameter. The basket allows the hanger to lay flush against the wall, while placing your plant front and center for all to see.

    This natural jute plant hanger is only available in an undyed variation and should be used indoors for best results. People love the quality and construction of this macramé plant hanger and it will add a natural aesthetic to your home while adding visual interest to any wall.

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    Best Double Plant Hanger: MainlyMacrame 2-Tier Plant Hanger

    2 Tier Plant Hanger
    Courtesy of Etsy

    If you’re looking to put two plants on display, choose a double plant hanger like this popular version available on Etsy.

    The Two-Tier Plant Hanger handmade by MainlyMacrame is available in natural jute, plus 25 more colors made of 6mm poly cord. Measuring between 55 and 60 inches in total length, this plant hanger will be a real eye-catcher thanks to the four braided legs supporting each pot. Note that this plant hanger is made from poly cord (or natural jute if that is your selection) — it is not as soft and lacks the natural texture of cotton cord. However, the poly cord may hold up better when being used outdoors.

    The top tier can hold a planter measuring up to 6 inches, and the lower tier will hold a planter measuring up to 12 inches. If you are ok with foregoing a macramé plant holder made from cotton, than the plant holders from MainlyMacrame are a popular choice for the color selection, attention to detail, and complexity in pattern and knots.

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    Best Kit: ReformFibers Macramé Kit

    ReformFibers Macramé Kit
    Courtesy of Etsy

    Looking to try your hand at making your own macramé plant holder? Check out a kit, like this one available on Etsy.

    ReformFibers offers a make-your-own Macramé plant hanger kit, available in two styles. Choose from long spiral legs from the ring down to the pot holder, or a combination of braided and spiraled legs. The kit includes everything you need to create a plant hanger, including 100 percent cotton rope.

    We especially like that the rope is pre-cut and attached to the included wooden ring. It’s ready to go for your first knotting session! Additionally, the kit includes a Beginner’s Knot Guide and there are online videos available to guide you through the process. People found the directions to be easy to follow and the process fun.

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    Best with Beads: Mkono Macramé Plant Hanger with Beads

    If you’re looking for a macramé plant hanger with beads, the Mkono Macramé Plant Hanger with Beads might be your best bet.

    This 100-percent cotton plant hanger comes in a neutral shade of white and is accented with painted brown beads to complete the look. It measures 35 inches long. The four legs suspend a basket capable of holding a planter up to 10 inches in diameter. Since it’s cotton, it may be possible to dye it a different color — but keep in mind that a natural material like cotton may be subject to shrinking when washed.

    What stands out about this macramé plant hanger with beads is the simple braid and knot design that allows the beads — and the plant — to steal the show. This plant hanger lacks the tassel common on many other macramé plant hangers, and lots of people prefer the design of this version.

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    Best Set: Hanging Macramé Terrarium - Set Of 5

    Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

    If you’re looking for a set of macramé plant hangers, this five-piece collection with glass bowls is a chic choice. The shape of these glass bowl is better suited for terrarium like plants because there is no drainage hole and the bowls come up high on the sides making it a warm hospitable environment for succulents and such, that won't need a lot of water for upkeep. 

    The set comes with four single planters and one double so you can get a lot of different heights going in your space which will give it visual appeal. Besides plants, you can also hang stuff like votives and string lights for a festive look that would work great when you are entertaining.