The 6 Best Macrame Wall Hangings of 2021

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Macrame is more in the technique than the materials, as it defines the type of square knot you see in macrame products. This beautiful technique can come to life through jute, twine, yarn, leather, or a series of other materials in a woven fashion. “Macrame wall hangings are a great way to add texture to your space and pair well with pops of color that may already be infused in your room’s décor,” says Lowe’s Trend Strategy Manager, Caroline Harmon. “Since most hang macrame wall hangings are vertical, they are typically best for narrow spaces that need a bit of brightening up, but you can also pair them with greenery or unique wall art to fill up a larger wall.”

Ahead, we rounded up the best macrame wall hangings out there, so you can add a little flair to your home.

Our Top Picks
Woven from wool and featuring a global-inspired design, this wall hanging will add some texture and earthy vibes to your space.
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This affordable macrame fits right into a muted space.
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At 55 inches wide, this large macrame will make a bold statement in any room and will function as a stunning piece of art.
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Crafted with 100 percent cotton cords, wooden beads, and metal, this macrame will elevate any aesthetic.
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With 36 stunning colors to choose from, this macrame is sure to accent any decor scheme and add a fun pop of color.
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This cute shelf with a macrame hanger rope is a great way to display your houseplants.
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Best Overall: Dakota Fields Feickert Wool Wall Hanging

Dakota Fields Feickert Wool Wall Hanging

The overstitch design of the Dakota Fields Feickert Wool Wall Hanging has a worldly feel, where you can imagine it originating from countries like Peru or Chile. The black and cream colors of this macrame accent would liven up a neutral space and draw attention to an eclectic piece in the living room or bedroom. 

Best Budget: Safavieh Sedona Woven Wall Art

Safavieh Sedona Abstract Wall Panel

When you need a vertical wall hanging that is not too loud in color, but fits just right in a muted space, then the Safavieh Sedona Woven Wall Art panel would be a good choice. The ivory color is neutral but has tons of texture to give a distinct free-spirited feel to your room of choice.

Best Oversized: BlueGreenMacrame Extra Large Macrame Wall Hanging

BlueGreenMacrame Extra Large Wall Hanging Macrame

The designer was inspired to create a macrame wall hanging that could be used as an alternative wedding arch. The horizontal, draping cotton macrame ropes have a very romantic feel and could also serve as an over-the-bed wall hanging or in a neglected corner of your house.

Best Mixed Metal: Lexmoderne Macrame and Metal Wall Hanging

Lexmoderne Macrame and Metal Wall Hanging

For a macrame wall hanging that will turn heads twice, the 1.5 foot-long Modern and Minimal Macrame piece is made from 100 percent cotton cord and is a mixture of beads and circular metal accents. The neutral cream color means that it will fit virtually into most spaces in your house and add a touch of chic flair.

Best Colorful: TillySophia Macrame Wall Hanging

TillySophia Macrame Wall Hanging

When you need a custom macrame hanging that will fit your color schemes in the room of choice, this Wall Hanging found on Etsy comes in several different colors that range from dark gray, aqua, lemon, and melon. Also, the beadwork can make or break your macrame hanging, but with this seller, you can choose from six different types of beads from round to geometric.

Best Planter: MadeTerra Macrame Plant Hanger Shelf

MadeTerra Macrame Plant Hangers Shelf

For those plant lovers that believe that the floor is never enough, there is a macrame planter for you, and it hangs in the air. Madeterra’s Macrame Plant Hanger Shelf is large enough to hold a few small plants, like succulents or climbing pothos vines. The rope length is around 47 inches, so choose a space for your hanging planter that will capture attention but not be knocked around.

Final Verdict

We chose the Dakota Fields Feickert Wool Wall Hanging (view at Wayfair) as our top pick because of its ability to liven up any space and its worldly feel. However, these intricate wall hangings don't have to be on their own. If you have some plants you want to display, you can't go wrong with MadeTerra’s Macrame Plant Hanger Shelf (view at MadeTerra). It's big enough to house a few small plants.

What to Look for in a Macrame Wall Hanging


Whether you desire a colorful wall hanging or a more classic white one will likely depend on your decorating aesthetic and the hues present in the space where you plan to display this piece. However, do note that most macrame hangings are plain white, so if that is the style to which you're drawn, you will have a greater number of options to choose from.


Take sizing and measurements into account before placing your order. Some macrame wall hangings are quite expansive, while others are best for more petite spaces. Note that smaller pieces can also be styled as part of a gallery wall, if you wish.


Macrame wall hangings are made from different types of materials—wool, cotton cord, etc.—and depending on how much texture you wish to add to your space may affect the type of material to which you are drawn.

  • How do you hang a macrame wall hanging?

    To display a macrame hanging on the wall, simply loop the top cord over a nail or adhesive bracket.

  • How do you dye a macrame wall hanging?

    One way to do this is with food coloring, which you should combine with vinegar and hot water.

  • How do you clean a macrame wall hanging?

    Use cold water and avoid bleach when cleaning macrame. Clean by hand with a cloth; do not use the washing machine.

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