The 10 Best Madeleines Recipes

Raspberry madeleines
Verdina Anna

Known as Madeleine cookies, Madeleine cakes, French tea cakes or French butter cakes, Madeleines are soft confections that originated in France and are often served with afternoon tea or with coffee. These are the best Madeleine recipes on and beyond.

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    This is a traditional French Madeleines recipe, perfect for baking these darling, delicious cookie-cakes from scratch. They are wonderful for pairing with teas for afternoon tea. I particularly recommend trying them with Earl Grey or Ceylon black tea.

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    This French Madeleines recipe includes vanilla, which is not always used as an ingredient in French Madeleines but is delicious nonetheless! It also includes a tip for getting your Madeleines out of the pan without breaking them, which is very useful for those new to baking Madeleines.

    For an added treat, try these Madeleines alongside a vanilla Earl Grey, such as Creme de la Earl Grey or Earl Grey Cream, or with a vanilla black tea.

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    If vanilla isnt entirely traditional in Madeleine recipes, then chocolate certainly isn't! However, these Madeleines are undeliably delicious and they can be a welcome change from classic French Madeleines from time to time. You might also enjoy this similar chocolate Madeleines recipe.

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    This quick, easy Madeleines recipe takes less than half the time that most Madeleines take. The recipe also includes tips for storage and freezing.

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    These spiced Madeleines are perfect for pairing with a bold, spicy coffee or a spiced tea (such as masala chai).

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    Like the cinnamon Madeleines recipe above, this recipe uses the citrus zest in classic French Madeleines as a natural compliment to spices. This recipe includes orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, and is delicious with spiced teas or spicy coffees.

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    This illustrated recipe comes from David Lebovitz of "The Sweet Life in Paris." He offers up some great tips for baking Madeleines, as well as his usual style of related anecdotes and colorful photos.

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    Shredded coconut adds extra flavor to these Madeleines and makes them great for pairing with coffee, coconut milk coffee or coconut tea blends.

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    If you are sensitive or allergic to gluten, try these gluten-free Madeleines. They are great paired with green tea.

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    These vegan Madeleines are a great option for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant.