The 9 Best Magazine Racks of 2023

The HofferRuffer Magazine Holder is our clear winner

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Best Magazine Racks of 2023

The Spruce / Brian Kopinski

Depending on your personal style, a robust magazine collection can be a thing of beauty or a thing of dust-covered chaos. When multiple members of our edit team recently agreed that they could use a magazine storage system, we knew it was time to explore the best magazine racks up for the job. Lucky for us, and other magazine lovers out there, there’s a plethora of choices currently offered from some of our favorite retailers. 

Anyone who is a lover of physical magazines knows that the selection of magazine racks is vast, so we narrowed down the list based on a set of criteria, including material, capacity, aesthetic, and durability.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

HofferRuffer Magazine Basket

HofferRuffer Magazine Basket


What We Like
  • Available in six colors

  • Budget-friendly

  • Neutral design matches variety of decor styles

  • Handles

What We Don’t Like
  • Not as sturdy as other styles

  • Magazines not fully visible

You can’t go wrong with a classic yet convenient bin, and this versatile option easily fits the bill. It’ll fit right in, nestled next to your couch or favorite chair, and the open design means your favorite magazines are never more than an arm’s reach away. Just in case you need to move it, built-in handles make it easy to lift and adjust. 

This organizer is constructed with faux leather and comes in six neutral shades, with some subtle design variations, depending on your color of choice. It has the look of a far more expensive container, but because it’s made with lighter-weight materials (the reinforced bottom is paperboard), it’s less pricey. We could see this working well in a variety of homes, but your magazine covers won’t be visible, so you’ll need to flip through your magazine collection or get close enough to see the spines to pick your reading material. For some, this is ideal, but if you’re after a storage solution that allows covers to show, you’ll want to consider other options. 

Price at time of publish: $24

Type: Freestanding bin | Dimensions: 13.8 x 7.8 x 11 inches | Weight: 1.32 pounds | Magazine Capacity: Not listed | Material: Faux leather, cardboard base

Best Budget

Spectrum Diversified Magazine & Newspaper Rack

Spectrum Diversified Magazine & Newspaper Rack

Home Depot

What We Like
  • Sturdy metal construction

  • Easy to see covers through grates

  • Minimalist design

What We Don’t Like
  • No handles

  • Only one color available

For an equally chic display piece that’s a little easier on your wallet, consider this versatile metal magazine rack. It’s well-suited for a modern living room or den and has a slim design that will look subtle and settled as soon as you set it up. We also like that it’s slimmer than some of the other picks, so it’ll take up less real estate on your floor if that’s an area of concern. Metal balls at the bottom keep it comfortably in place and balanced, while wide slats keep your favorite issues visible. 

Unlike a few of our other picks, this magazine holder doesn’t have handles, so plan accordingly if you intend to move it around. It also works best with a healthy collection of magazines inside, so they stay upright instead of sliding down. The brand also offers a white design, as well as wall-mount options, but we’re especially partial to this upright style, given its versatility and classic design. 

Price at time of publish: $24

Type: Freestanding rack | Dimensions: 7 x 12.5 x 10.5 inches | Weight: 1.7 pounds | Magazine Capacity: Not listed  | Material: Metal

Best Leather

Crate & Barrel Galen Brass Leather Magazine Rack

Crate & Barrel Galen Brass Leather Magazine Rack

Crate & Barrel

What We Like
  • Contemporary design

  • Sleek brass accents

  • Natural textile

What We Don’t Like
  • Smaller capacity

  • Pricey

We were struck by the chic design of this leather-and-brass magazine holder. This shape of rack, a sturdy frame with a hammock, or sling-style storage pouch, popped up a few times in our research, and this version from Crate & Barrel comes out as a winner as our Best Leather pick for its attention to detail and years-long record of positive reviews. It’s a pricier piece, but that’s to be expected from the leather construction. We think it’s worth the investment given the long-term usage you can expect from it, and the fact that it won’t go out of style. 

It’s a sturdy piece, but take note if you have a large collection of magazines—it’s better suited for a handful of your recent issues, not the entirety of your backstock. Capacity will, of course, depend on the shape and size of the magazines you keep, but with a depth of 10 inches, you won’t want to overfill it. 

Price at time of publish: $149

Type: Freestanding rack | Dimensions: 17.75 x 10 x 16 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Iron and Leather

Best Wooden

IRIS USA Wide 4 Pocket Magazine Rack

IRIS USA Wide 4 Pocket Magazine Rack


What We Like
  • Available in two colors

  • Ideal for wall placement

  • Magazine covers can be visible

What We Don’t Like
  • Not as sturdy as solid wood

  • Assembly required

This wooden rack makes it easy to keep your magazines visible yet tidy. We especially like how the rows are designed so that the top halves of covers are on display, while the lower halves rest behind the shelves, allowing you to see what issues you have at the ready without too much extra visual clutter. It comes in either a light or dark finish and is made from manufactured wood. While that construction keeps the costs down, it isn’t as sturdy as solid wood. Still, each row can handle roughly 5.5 pounds of reading material, so even your favorite double issues will fit right in. 

Assembly is required for this unit, so have a screwdriver ready. Once it’s set up, we think it’ll look good, especially up against a wall or nestled against a couch. At just under 24 inches, it’s also a great height for kids. (Be mindful that you’ll need reinforcements to ensure that it doesn’t tip.) Whether you use it in a living room, bedroom, office, or den, we could see it being a staple piece for any magazine lover’s home. 

Price at time of publish: $40

Type: Freestanding rack | Dimensions: 22.62 10.63 x 23.23 inches | Weight: 18.16 pounds | Material: Engineered wood

Best for Small Spaces

Urban Outfitters Armand Magazine Rack

Urban Outfitters Armand Magazine Rack

Urban Outfitters

What We Like
  • Stylish design

  • Doesn’t take up floor or surface space

  • Made with solid wood

What We Don’t Like
  • Pricey for small size

  • Installation required

When it comes to a magazine rack for a small space, we want something compact yet stylish, allowing you to make the most of the precious room it takes up. Enter the wall-mounted Armand Magazine Rack from Urban Outfitters, a chic and simple two-toned design made from solid pine wood. (In fact, it was a contender for our Best Wood pick, too.) The front bar holds your reading material in place while adding visual appeal, and the rounded edges offer definition without feeling too harsh. 

We love the idea of installing it next to your bed for late night reading, or even by the front door to hold the most recent issues that arrive in the mail. Speaking of location, you do want to ensure that you pick the perfect spot, because it’s wall-mounted and therefore not easy to move. But once you have it in place, we think you’ll be pleased with the form and functionality it brings to your space. 

Price at time of publish: $59

Type: Wall mount | Dimensions: 19 x 3 x 7.5 inches | Weight: 1.4 pounds | Material: Solid wood

Best Basket

Pottery Barn Austin Woven Utility Basket

Pottery Barn Austin Woven Utility Basket

Pottery Barn

What We Like
  • Suits almost any design style

  • Roomy

  • Versatile and practical enough for other storage

What We Don’t Like
  • Lower weight capacity of 3 pounds

For a more elevated version of our Best Overall pick, the Austin basket from Pottery Barn is an excellent choice. It’s handwoven with wicker and features leather handles so you can easily adjust its position, or transport your collection of magazines from room to room, or even to your favorite outdoor reading spot when the mood strikes. 

It’s a big basket, but Pottery Barn recommends a weight capacity of three pounds so you’ll want to heed that advice to help this handsome basket last. The 12 x 12-inch footprint also means you can lay issues flat or tilt them upright. We like that this pretty and practical piece gives you options for how you’d like to store your magazines, and also that you can always repurpose it for other kinds of storage. 

Price at time of publish: $69

Type: Freestanding basket | Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 9 inches | Weight: 2 pounds  | Material: Wicker, leather

Best Splurge

Rosendahl Wallpaper Magazine Rack

Rosendahl Wallpaper Magazine Rack


What We Like
  • Design-forward contemporary style

  • Doubles as art piece

  • Sturdy and long-lasting

What We Don’t Like
  • Smaller capacity

  • May not suit all tastes

Imagine sliding the latest issue of your favorite magazine into one of the compartments of this chic piece. From Danish designer Maria Berntsen, this wall-mounted aluminum rack has the look of undulating waves, shaped in just the right way to hold magazines. The treated aluminum material is sleek and durable, and the curved design is both modern and minimalist. In fact, we think it would suit homes with contemporary decor. It works well on its own as a statement piece, and if price were no object, multiple pieces could be placed together for a more dramatic display (and more storage to boot). 

Notably, this rack does offer less storage space than some of the other pieces on our list. It’s not the item to buy if you need a sturdy case for years of back issues, for example. But if you want a designated spot to keep your favorite magazines until you’re ready to sit down and relax with it—and that will be a constant reminder of your good taste—then we think it's a smart choice. 

Price at time of publish: $222

Type: Wall mounted | Dimensions: 7.87 x 29.9 x 2.76 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Anodized aluminum

Best Design

Rifle Paper Co. Magazine Holder

Rifle Paper Co. Magazine Holder


What We Like
  • Elegant design

  • Available in multiple styles

  • Matching decor sold separately

  • Gold accents

What We Don’t Like
  • Floral prints may not suit all styles

  • Lightweight materials

Rifle Paper Co. is no stranger to The Spruce, with many of us using their desk and stationery supplies in our day-to-day routines. This magazine holder is designed with exactly that in mind; the angled edge gives you a peek-a-boo view of your collection, with the tops of your magazines’ spines visible so you can grab the exact issue you need. A metallic gold label holder is on the tall side, so if you want to keep the spines hidden, you can still keep track of what you’re storing. 

This holder comes in three different prints, all of which are vibrant and either floral or botanical so as gorgeous as we think these designs are, if you’re not a fan of plants and flowers in your decor, they’re not going to be right for you. They’re also made with paper-wrapped greyboard, which is fairly lightweight, so they’re not going to be as strong and sturdy as some of the other options we’ve mentioned. Still, when it comes to aesthetics, it’s hard to compete with the vibrant prints and patterns here. An array of matching desk accessories can also be purchased if you want to snag a whole set. 

Price at time of publish: $22

Type: Desktop bin  | Dimensions: 10 × 3.75 × 12.5 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Paper-wrapped greyboard

Best Tower

Vasagle Tree Bookshelf

Vasagle Tree Bookshelf


What We Like
  • Contemporary aesthetic

  • Room for large collections

  • Anti-toppling accessories included

What We Don’t Like
  • Assembly required

  • May feel bulky in some spaces

When you want your magazines to be part of the display, then Vasagle’s tiered bookcase is for you. It boasts a total of eight shelves, with two sets of four tilted to parallel angles, giving it a tree branch vibe. It’s perfect for showcasing your favorite magazines, books, trinkets, and more. It’s one of the roomiest picks that made our list, so we could see it being a great choice for someone who likes to keep their favorite back issues at the ready (although, if you don’t plan to fill it right away, we could see it feeling a bit bulky). It also comes in different finishes (rustic brown, white, and walnut). 

If you do pick this tower-style rack, plan to give yourself time to set it up, because assembly is required. Anti-toppling accessories are included, which are a must for safety, but that also means you’ll want to ensure that you have a secure space near a wall at the ready. Once you have your preferred spot picked and have it set up, we could see it being your next favorite piece. 

Price at time of publish: $78

Type: Freestanding rack  | Dimensions: 9.8 x 19.7 x 55.7 inches | Weight: 28.7 pounds  | Material: Engineered wood

Final Verdict

For a versatile, attractive bin that’s perfectly suited for magazines, check out our Best Overall pick, the HofferRuffer Magazine Basket Holder. We like the roomy design, the built-in handles, and the fact that it comes in six different colors. If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, the Spectrum Diversified Magazine & Newspaper Rack is another great choice, made in a timeless design with wide metal slats that allow you to see your latest issue.

What to Look for in a Magazine Rack

Size and Magazine Capacity

The shape and size of your magazine rack will have a significant impact on how many issues you can store. If you’re looking for something that’s meant to hold a few months of a few favorite magazines, you’ll find plenty of options (check out our Best Budget and Best for Small Spaces picks in particular), while roomier choices that can handle a whole collection are fewer and further between—although we definitely still found some worthy choices, like the Best Tower. Consider whether you’ll be using your magazine holder for current reads, as a safe place for your favorite back issues, or a combination of the two, and that will help you narrow down your options and prioritize the ideal shape and size.


You can find magazine racks in a variety of popular household materials, including wood, leather, metal, plastic, and wicker. For many choices, the construction of your piece is a significant influence on the aesthetics, but don’t overlook how it affects their sturdiness and durability, too. As much as we love the lighter-weight materials (like our Best Design), we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that they won’t suit every magazine fan. If you have a treasury of double issues, make sure you select a hardier piece that’s up to the task. If you’re on the fence about what will work best, our Best Basket pick may be a great solution, given its overall versatility.


Freestanding magazine racks give you the benefit of flexibility. You can move them around and adjust their location in your home as you see fit, which is why we opted to feature one as our Best Overall. However, mounted racks, like our Best for Small Spaces, can save precious floor space and can double as wall art, too. We see plenty of pros and cons to either choice, and your personal preferences, allotted space, budget, and decorative aesthetic can help you narrow down your picks.

  • What are the benefits of magazine racks?

    The proverb, “A place for everything, and everything in its place” even holds true for reading material. A designated spot for periodicals gives your space (and your reading habits!) intentionality, which is always a good thing. Not only can it look nice and serve as an extension of your decor, but it also makes it super-easy to keep magazines in one place and save you from clutter (not that we think of magazines as clutter, but in case someone else in your household does).

  • Should magazines be stored flat or upright?

    Flat storage allows the magazines' weight to be distributed evenly, while upright storage gives you a view of the cover or spine, and makes it easier to reach in and select an issue to flip through. With these factors in mind, flat storage can be better for long term situations or for any magazines you might consider collectible. 

    For the short term or for magazines that you’re not opposed to showing light wear, upright storage will probably suit you just fine. Just keep in mind that a variety of factors can contribute to your magazines’ conditions over time, like their paper and binding style, and the humidity of your space. For collectibles or anything you want to preserve for years or more, we recommend more protective storage, like plastic bins.

  • How much do magazine racks typically cost?

    The collection of racks we’ve compiled ranges from $24 (our Best Budget pick) to $222 (Best Splurge), with many hovering in the $20 to $30 range. You can spend more or less, depending on the product’s material, size, and design.

Why Trust The Spruce?

Dena Ogden is a lifestyle and commerce writer who’s been writing professionally since 2016, and with The Spruce since August 2022. For this story, Ogden researched magazine storage options currently available at major retailers and evaluated products based on size, features, material, design, and overall value. 

She also brings a lifelong obsession with magazines and is considering the Vasagle bookshelf (in rustic brown) to accommodate the multiple subscriptions she refuses to cancel.

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