The 6 Best Makeup Mirrors of 2021

Get up close and personal with your skin

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If you have been getting by with your bathroom wall mirror and so-so overhead lighting for putting on makeup and tweezing your brows, you are ready for a game-changer. High-quality mirrors, favored by professional hair and makeup artists, are having their moment in the spotlight.

Today's contenders are packed with features like phone-charging ports, LED lighting with custom settings (such as "office" and "evening"), auto turn-on capability, and Bluetooth speakers. If highly trafficked bathroom space is an issue, a versatile mirror that you can set up in another room might make mornings less stressful. In a pinch, a good light-up mirror can double as soft lighting for a video call or selfie.

Here are the best makeup mirror options for every preference and price point.

Our Top Picks
Thin and sleek, this cordless, rechargeable, and Bluetooth-enabled mirror is great for travel and has a phone mount for selfies.
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Best Splurge:
HiMirror Slide at Amazon
The mirror slides open to reveal a tablet with a camera, and has an augmented reality feature for trying on different makeup styles.
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With 10 times magnification, this mirror gives you a seriously close-up view of your skin to help with applying detailed makeup.
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This light-up mirror rotates between portrait and landscape orientation and tips forward and backward.
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Small and sleek with LED lights, one side of this compact mirror is a regular mirror and the other has 10 times magnification.
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This practical trifold mirror has LED lighting that can be adjusted with a slider switch to mimic daytime, office, evening, or home.
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Best Overall: Riki Loves Riki Skinny Mirror

Riki Loves Riki Skinny Mirror

Although this cordless, rechargeable, and Bluetooth-enabled mirror is loved by celebrities like Oprah and J.Lo as well as many Instagram influencers, you don't have to have your own YouTube channel to appreciate its many charms. It measures 13 x 9.5 inches (about the size of an iPad) and comes with a stand you can prop up on a table or vanity.

The "Skinny" is sleek—just three-eighths of an inch thick. It weighs only 1.5 pounds. It's ideal for travel, although the carrying case is sold separately. The clip-on phone mount can be used for selfies, following step-by-step makeup tutorials, or even just looking good on Zoom. Also included is a round magnetic mirror with 5 times magnification, which works well for close-up jobs like eyeliner application.

Riki claims their LED lights have a high color rendering index (CRI), which refers to the light source's ability to reveal color accurately—this is the type of light you'd want, say, in a museum or photography studio. It's an investment, but it's cheaper than putting in a second bathroom.

Best Splurge: HiMirror Slide

 HiMirror Slide

These days there are smart doorbells, smartwatches, and even smart refrigerators, so a smart makeup mirror is a logical option. As the name suggests, the mirror slides open to reveal a tablet screen with a camera. It can be flipped to landscape mode, which some users love for doing makeup tutorials. The tablet is eight inches long, while the mirror is 11 inches. The HiMirror Slide weighs about two pounds. The magnification is done digitally through the camera, which some eyeglass wearers might find tricky. 

There are two LED light strips. You can adjust the brightness and the color temperature using the touchscreen, recreating five different scenarios, including sunset, bright overhead office lighting, and a dim restaurant setting. The built-in, skin-analyzing software can pick out dark circles and red spots. The tablet includes apps such as Spotify, Google Duo, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can even see how neon eyeliner or glittery shadow looks before applying it by using the mirror's augmented reality (AR) feature, which allows you to try out different makeup styles.

Best Magnifying: simplehuman Mini Countertop 5-Inch Sensor Mirror


For those who require a serious close-up to get through their morning routine, this rechargeable countertop mirror has ten times magnification, making it ideal for tweezing those tricky spots or applying detailed eye makeup. It has sensor activation, so it lights up as soon as you walk over to it and shuts down when you walk away.

The mirror measures 5 inches in diameter and about a foot high. It also has LED bulbs that simulate natural sunlight and have a lifetime guarantee. If you're planning to travel, you can fold the mirror and pack it in the included carrying case. It recharges with a USB cable, so you won't have to deal with messy cords. One charging session should last about five weeks.

Best Adjustable: Funtouch Large Lighted Makeup Mirror

 Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

One of the most generously sized light-up makeup mirrors, this attractive, affordable option measures 14.5 x 9 inches (a smaller size is also available). It can rotate between portrait and landscape orientation, and it also tips forward and backward to help you get the best angle on your face. There's a tray at the bottom that works for storing accessories or products, but note that the base doesn't detach, so that the mirror won't work well for travel.

The mirror has a border of 35 LED lights that can be brightened and dimmed by holding and tapping a finger on the power button. It includes a small detachable mirror with 10 times magnification used for detailed tasks like applying eyeliner or mascara. You can charge it using the USB cable or use AA batteries.

Best Compact: Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

The basic purse compact gets a techy makeover with this sleek upgrade, which comes in six colors, including turquoise, metallic blue, and rose gold. One side is a regular mirror and the other has 10 times magnification. The ring of battery-powered LED lights makes on-the-go spot checks simple.

This mirror measures just 4 inches across and weighs 4.5 ounces, so you'll barely know you're carrying it. The surface is guaranteed to be distortion-free, and the mirror is covered by an 18-month warranty.

Best Tri-Fold: Jerdon LED Trifold Makeup/Shaving Mirror

Jerdon-LED-Lighted-Tri-Fold-Makeup/Shaving Mirror

Your grandma might have had a trifold mirror sitting on her vanity table, and these practical workhorses have been popular for decades. This one measures 12.5 x 11 inches when open and has LED lighting that can be adjusted with a slider switch; choices include daytime, office, evening, and home. The center mirror can switch between 1 to 5 times magnification.

This mirror include a 120V outlet if you need to plug in an accessory like a flat iron. You will need to plug the mirror into an outlet (battery power isn't an option), but there's also a USB port for those mornings when you also need to charge your phone. You can adjust the angle of the mirror using its stand.

Final Verdict

Our first choice for a makeup mirror is the Riki Skinny (view at Ulta) since it's durable, lightweight, and has high-quality lighting, not to mention extra features like Bluetooth capability and a phone mount.

What to Look for in a Makeup Mirror?


Makeup mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and you will want to choose the style that best suits your lifestyle. If you travel frequently, a mirror that is more compact will serve you best, but if you plan to keep your mirror in the bathroom or on a vanity at home, you may wish to consider purchasing a larger piece.

Tech Components

Many of the mirrors highlighted above are high-tech to some degree, whether they offer Bluetooth-enabled features or built-in apps. Whether you choose to purchase one of these may depend on your comfort level with such forms of technology as well as how frequently you plan to use your mirror. If you only anticipate using your mirror to get ready for more formal events (as opposed to using it on a daily basis), you may not need so many bells and whistles.


Like any gadget, makeup mirrors are offered at a range of prices. You will want to consider factors such as frequency of use and durability when making your purchase. If you travel often, you will want a mirror that won't scratch easily when packed in a suitcase, for example.

  • How do you install a wall-mounted makeup mirror?

    Using screws and anchors, drill the mirror into the wall. Check that it is level and secure and is hung at the right height for your needs.

  • How do you clean a makeup mirror?

    Spray glass cleaner on a cloth and gently rub the mirror to remove any streaks or stains.

  • How high should you hang a makeup mirror?

    You will want to be able to use your mirror comfortably, whether you prefer to sit or stand. Determine how you plan to apply your makeup—whether that is standing in the bathroom or while seated at a vanity—and install the mirror at eye level.

  • How do you replace the light bulb in a makeup mirror?

    Make sure the mirror is unplugged, then unscrew the portion of the mirror containing the light bulb, place a new one inside, and reattach the backing before plugging it back in.

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