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Humans spend nearly a third of their lives asleep, and while washing sheets and pillowcases is a regular part of a cleaning routine, plenty of households completely overlook the need to clean the mattress itself. These surfaces can collect dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, and even mold or mildew.

Mattress cleaning services remove the soil and buildup through multiple methods, restoring the freshness of your mattress and, in some cases, extending the mattress’s lifespan by several years. Here are the best mattress cleaning services.

Best Mattress Cleaning Services of 2023

Best Mattress Cleaning Services
Best Mattress Cleaning Services

Best Overall : Clean Sleep

Clean Sleep

Clean Sleep

Why We Chose It: This Texas-based company specializes in mattress cleaning and sanitization, offering portable solutions and earning the trust of healthcare and hospitality companies.

What We Like
  • Specializes specifically in mattress cleaning

  • Chemical-free, eco-friendly technology

  • Mattresses are dry after cleaning

  • Removes more than 99 percent of bacteria, allergens, pests, stains, and other contaminants

What We Don't Like
  • Not available in many smaller cities

As one of the only companies in the country focused solely on cleaning mattresses, Clean Sleep has revolutionized the process with its portable tools and chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning materials. The growing franchise is relatively small, with locations in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Canada, and its home state of Texas. But with Clean Sleep’s approach—which leaves the clean mattresses completely dry afterward—the company may continue to expand.

The cleaning process takes about 15 minutes, during which the Clean Sleep Machine will remove dust mites, bacteria, stains, odors, and even bed bugs from the mattress using a combination of methods. UVC light tackles germs and a high-powered vacuum removes debris. Clean Sleep also applies a low-moisture cleaning solution, using dry steam to deep clean even the dirtiest mattresses. Lastly, the company extracts moisture and sanitizes with infrared heat before neutralizing any remaining odors. The result is a mattress that feels like new, with no drying time required and zero chemicals applied in the process.

Cleaning a mattress with Clean Sleep costs about $175 for normal sanitation and $225 for a deep clean. Prices are regardless of size. Clean Sleep also works with commercial entities like hotels, hospitals, and dormitories.

Best for Spring Mattresses : Zerorez



Why We Chose It: Known for its detergent-free carpet, textile, and mattress cleaning, Zerorez has locations in more than 70 cities around the country, making it the best widely available company for cleaning a standard spring mattress.

What We Like
  • No detergents or soaps

  • Available in more than 70 cities

  • 30-day ”Gotta Love It” Guarantee

What We Don't Like
  • Website does not include much information about the service

Best known for its detergent-free carpet cleaning, Zerorez also tackles other chores like air duct, upholstery, and tile cleaning. Like its carpet cleaning process, the company’s mattress cleaning services leave no soapy residue behind, making it a great choice for sensitive skin and preventing any stickiness that might attract more dirt in the future.

The Zerorez-patented cleaning process does not use harmful chemicals or cleaning agents. It uses Zr Clean, enhanced water that has been electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution that cleans like detergent but is safe enough to drink. The special protectant helps keep your mattress a safe place to sleep.

Customers can also opt for additional services like stain removal, pet odor neutralization, and so much more. The company boasts a 30-day “Gotta Love It” guarantee, too, which promises that if you’re unhappy with the service, Zerorez will return and treat the area again.

Best for Nationwide Availability : Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer

Why We Chose It: A trusted name in textile cleaning since 1947, Stanley Steemer provides carpet, hardwood floor, tile, and upholstery cleaning in addition to mattress cleaning services. Hundreds of locations make it easy to find a franchise nearby.

What We Like
  • About 300 locations in 49 states

  • Gentle cleaning agents

  • Wide variety of services make it easy to book multiple cleaning jobs at once

What We Don't Like
  • Mattress are wet after cleaning

  • Cannot be used on memory foam mattresses

Stanley Steemer has been serving customers since the 1940s, starting with carpet cleaning in Columbus, Ohio, and growing to nearly 300 locations in 49 states—each of which offers upholstery, tile, hardwood floor, and mattress cleaning in addition to the original rug and carpet services.

For mattresses, Stanley Steemer uses a steam-cleaning process—also known as hot water extraction—so it’s best for spring mattresses and is not suitable for memory foam. Every appointment begins with an inspection of the mattress for any preexisting stains, odors, or damage before vacuuming the surface for insoluble fibers like hair or dirt. After vacuuming, Stanley Steemer spot treats problem areas (which may come with an extra cost) and uses an upholstery cleaning agent to deep clean the mattress with hot water and a gentle cleaning agent. However, people with chemical or fragrance sensitivities may want to avoid this method.

The wand vacuums out the hot water along with loosened soil and allergens. Additional services like odor neutralization can be added at this time, too. Once the cleaning process is complete, Stanley Steemer inspects the mattress again to ensure you’re satisfied. The mattress generally takes five to eight hours to dry, although this is largely dependent on the environment.

Best for Pet Stain Removal : USA Clean Master

USA Clean Master

USA Clean Master

Why We Chose It: With straightforward base pricing and a wide service area, USA Clean Master uses techniques specifically designed to rid your mattress of allergens, fleas, urine stains, and residue from your furry best friends—in addition to standard soil and wear.

What We Like
  • Base price for mattress cleaning listed clearly on website

  • Special techniques exist for pet stain removal, although they cost extra

What We Don't Like
  • Service areas are unclear

Plenty of us enjoy cuddling with our furry friends, but when they leave stains, dander, or odors in the place we sleep, it can become a big problem—and one that’s difficult to solve on your own. Enter USA Clean Master, a company that cleans carpets, upholstery, air ducts, and mattresses with special techniques to rid your bed of those pesky smells and stains.

USA Clean Master performs basic steam cleaning as well as deeper water-extraction cleaning with an upholstery cleaning wand. The company’s methods claim to rid mattresses of mold, mildew, allergens, odors, and stains regardless of where they come from, including an especially impressive slate of options for pet owners (that do come with an extra cost). Review any pet stains with a representative when you make your appointment—cleanings start at $89 for a twin bed and increase based on your bed size and how soiled the mattress is.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

The clear standout among mattress cleaning services is Clean Sleep, one of the only businesses devoted completely to cleaning mattresses. Serving both commercial and residential clients, Clean Sleep uses chemical-free technology to rid mattresses of germs and allergens—without leaving you with a wet mattress and hours of drying time. Zerorez, on the other hand, uses a detergent-free electrolyzed water detergent. Its 30-day “Gotta Love It” Guarantee makes it easy to book with confidence, too.

Stanley Steemer leaves mattresses wet after service, so expect to set aside a few hours for your mattress to dry, and look elsewhere to clean memory foam. USA Clean Master has a wide variety of services, including standard steam cleaning and deep water-extraction cleaning for most mattresses and the ability in many locations to dry clean mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Mattress Cleaning Service?

Mattress cleaning services extract the dirt, mold, allergens, dust mites, and other buildup from your old mattresses, freshening the surface and often making them last longer. Many mattress cleaning services are performed by carpet cleaning companies, which use the same water extraction technology that they apply to upholstery and carpet cleaning appointments.

Which Mattress Cleaning Methods Are Best for Companies to Use?

While standard spring mattresses can be cleaned with many different methods, including hot water extraction, Memory Foam mattresses can be ruined by many common cleaning tactics. If you’re unsure of what kind of mattress you have and whether it’s a fit for a particular company’s cleaning methods, call before making an appointment and confirm that your mattress can be cleaned.

How Much Do Mattress Cleaning Services Charge?

Mattress cleaning services range in price depending on your location, the size of your bed, and the level of stains and soil in the mattress. The base cost can be up to $225, with additional charges for spot treating stains, neutralizing odors, or applying protection against future spills. Be sure to ask about extra charges before booking and confirming a service, especially if you’re on a budget—these costs can add up quickly.


We considered companies’ online reviews, service areas, and ease of booking an appointment. We also looked at the methods companies use to freshen up the mattress and considered how those might affect consumers in a practical way. Clean Sleep immediately stood out as a leader in this space: Not only does the growing company focus solely on mattress maintenance, but it’s one of the only services that immediately leaves customers with a clean, dry mattress that’s ready for linens and a good night’s sleep.

Plenty of other businesses—mainly carpet cleaning companies—offer mattress cleaning services as well, even if they may leave you with a lengthy drying time. Zerorez emerged as a top pick for leaving behind no residue and providing a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Stanley Steemer is available almost everywhere, and its longstanding reputation as a textile cleaner makes it a solid choice for consumers in areas with few other options. And while USA Clean Master can be a little unclear on which areas it services, the company’s solutions for pet stains and odors make it an impressive option for anyone who lives near one of its franchises.

Best Mattress Cleaning Services

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