The 10 Best Instagram Accounts for Maximalists

Bright colorful house

theflamingoandthefox / Instagram

When it comes to designing our homes, we look to the trends we connect with that represent who we are. While it's perfectly fine to hold a "less is more" mindset, for some people decorating means taking what they love and going big and bold with their style. Maximalism has become the perfect way to incorporate colors liberally, experiment with patterns, and display unique and mismatched decor that still coexists in an eye-catching and beautiful display.

Below, we've rounded up some of our absolute favorite maximalist Instagram accounts that we know you will love just as much as we do.

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    Room with rainbow-colored decor

    the.hectic.eclectic / Instagram

    We're enamored with the colorful designs featured on Brandi's feed. The rooms in her home feel playful and eye-catching, and it's easy to get caught up in her pictures. If you're looking for inspiration to deck out your own home according to maximalist principles, you'll definitely want to follow her.

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    Rooms with bright neon decor

    theflamingoandthefox / Instagram

    Sarah isn't afraid to embrace every color of the rainbow in her designs, and we couldn't resist adding her to this list. Her bright patterns and bold color choices don't feel overwhelming, but are rather delightful to look at. If you're wanting motivation to go more fluorescent in your maximalist approach, look no further.

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    Patterned wallpaper in a blue-toned room

    fallowgrey / Instagram

    Maximalism should be playful and representative of who you are, and based on Emily's feed you'll relate impeccably well if you prefer more monochrome schemes in your maximalism. The pops of color and patterns she chooses really shine through, and you'll definitely want to give her a follow.

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    Dark colored bedroom with floral wallpaper

    sallydoessassy / Instagram

    While bright colors can be fun, we absolutely dig the vibe we get when scrolling through Sally's Instagram. With the bold mixing of patterns and styles that give a chic aesthetic touch, she shows a sophisticated side of maximalism that we think anyone can get behind.

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    Neon colored room with bold colored decor

    prettypocketprojects / Instagram

    Tasha's feed is full of energy and excitement, so we had to add her to the list. She fully embraces bright hues, bold patterns, and imaginative murals, and it's easy to get caught up wandering through her posts.

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    Bright red wallpaper with artwork in a living room

    dazey_desert_house / Instagram

    The vibrant images radiating from @dazey_desert_house's feed will inspire you to revamp your own mid-century modern home. With their mix of of bright colors, funky patterns, and geometric shapes, you'll wonder why you ever preferred minimalism.

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    Bright blue couch in a living room

    thatssogemma​ / Instagram

    Gemma's colorful photos are a must-add to your every day Instagram scrolling. We love the way she incorporates DIY projects in her home, and the gorgeous snapshots she takes will easily brighten your day.

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    Blue bedroom with lots of plants

    martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Martina's account features photos that gorgeously exhibit the rooms in her home. She delves deep into eclectic styles with muted palettes and her detailed feed will certainly draw you in.

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    Room with floral wallpaper and a window

    ahometomakeyousmile / Instagram

    Sarah's feed features her take on maximalist ideas in her home feel, which feel classic and timeless. While its certainly maximalism, her photos still give off a peaceful vibe.

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    Blue room with red area rug and artwork

    jessjones.the_art_room / Instagram

    We love the creativity that Jess Jones has cultivated in her home. Her whimsical murals and bright colors will never fail to draw you in and her take on maximalism will provide all the motivation you need to do something similar in your home.