The 8 Best Mechanic Tool Boxes to Buy in 2018

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Excel 4 Drawer Roller Tool Chest
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Good storage around the garage or worksite is crucial for keeping everything organized. Projects can be drawn out or delayed if you are constantly spending time searching for the appropriate tool. That is why a mechanic tool box can make the difference between productivity and frustration. Whether it's a small and portable box or an entire set of drawers, tool boxes allow you to organize your workspace to your liking. But they aren't all the same.

The biggest differences between mechanical tool boxes are size and the number of compartments. Bigger boxes are good for stationary purposes such as organizing garages and basements. They offer more storage at bigger bulk. Smaller boxes are more portable, but are limited by the amount of space they offer. For extra convenience, some even come with wheels and pads for you to sit on.

Big and small, here are the top mechanic tool boxes to buy.

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    Best Overall: Excel TB2201X

    The Excel TB2201X combines a lot of storage space, options and some mobility in a small package. The steel roller cabinet is the best choice if you are looking for something to keep your tools together as you work around a single space. Plenty of drawers and a bottom storage compartment offer many places to organize your tools. Four casters on the bottom make it easy to push around hard surfaces (read: concrete floors).

    The powder coat finish will protect the box against the usual assortment of scratches and chemical damage. The casters are also built to stand up to abuse and feature locks for stability.

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    Runner Up, Best Overall: WEN 74706

    While bigger mechanic tool boxes make great long term storage solutions, they are typically meant for larger or uncluttered workspaces. For a more manageable box with a high amount of storage, the WEN 74706 does away with casters and handles. Instead, you will get a simple box divided up into six separate drawers, plus a single top tray. In total, you will get almost 2,000 cubic inches of storage.

    Everything about this tool box is made with heavy duty construction in mind. The steel shell is perfect for daily abuse. Each drawer slides along self-locking slides and protective drawer liners, so you can slam tools down onto the drawer without causing damage.

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    Best Budget: WEN 73015

    Budget tool boxes tend to do one job well: storing and organizing your tools. You may sacrifice a little heavy duty construction, but good options like the WEN 73015 can still keep your tools protected during everyday use. In total, this box comes with three drawers, plus extra side holders for tools you are using on the fly. Organizing screws, bolts and nails is easy with two foldable, magnetic storage trays.

    If you move around a lot in the garage, the 73015 also does double duty as a seat. A padded top and four casters makes this comfortable and mobile to scoot around the garage, knowing that your tools are within reach. For larger spaces, this is also great for secondary storage if you want a box for the tools you are using on any given project.

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    Best Chest: Viper Tool Storage V1804SSR

    A chest mechanic tool box offers the best long-term storage and organization. With the most space and protection, these are the types of boxes you reach for when you need that one tool or item you rarely use. The Viper Tool Storage V1804SSR has a premium build at a premium price. With 5,800 cubic inches of storage, it dwarfs anything else on this list in terms of what you can store. Three drawers and two upper/lower storage bays keep tools organized.

    For extra safety and protection, the Viper Tool Storage is constructed out of stainless steel to resist chemical damage and common scratches. An internal locking system will secure each drawer in case you are worried about tool theft.

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    Best Starter: WorkPro W009044A

    With mechanic tool boxes, more drawers typically is a good thing. A simple box fails to provide the necessary organization most people need when using their tool sets. The WorkPro W009044A not only comes with great organization, it also provides a complete set of tools to get you started. For a beginner’s tool box, this option will give you everything you need. Three drawers and a top compartment round out the storage options with this box.

    In addition, each compartment already comes fully stocked with common, everyday tools such as a hammer, level, hex keys, sockets, bits and screwdrivers. Each tool is made of durable components such as fiberglass, steel and nickel plating.

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    Best Cart: Performance Tool W54032

    Working around the garage, basement or worksite can get cluttered as you progress through a project. Things may start organized, but can quickly fall apart as you try to keep track of the tools you need at any given moment. The Performance Tool W54032 cart will provide you a mobile and steady way to keep frequently used tools and parts within arm's reach without cluttering the rest of the space up.

    The cart comes with two compact shelves and a single drawer. To keep it light, the cart uses a combination of molded plastic and metal to form a sturdy frame. While it won’t give you much long term storage, the durability and mobility from the casters is perfect when you need a temporary spot for a random object.

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    Best for Portability: Homak BW00200200

    If you have a few tools or a basic set you frequently use, a traditional mechanic tool box can be enough to stay organized. The Homak BW00200200 will give you the most simple setup you could ask for: a single storage compartment with nearly 1,800 cubic inches of usable space. This is the type of tool box you will want if you just need to reach in and find a hammer or screwdriver while on the job.

    A solid construction and foldable handle make the box portable enough for long or multiple projects. Inside, a steel tool tray fits above the main storage compartment, so you have a spot to place smaller tools and parts.

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    Best Specialized: Boomerang ToolStool

    For some types of projects that have you moving around the garage or even to different worksites, large tool boxes won’t cut it. They still might be necessary if you have a lot of tools to haul around, but when you only have a few core sets you work with, smaller is better. The Boomerang ToolStool will give you a small, mobile frame with two trays and a drawer that offer just enough storage for things you are most likely to lose: nuts, bolts, nails, etc.

    The molded seat and casters provide a solid foundation to sit on as you work. For some professions such as auto maintenance, this box/seat combination can be a time and body saver. Keep your tools and parts close while taking a load off of your back.