The 8 Best Mechanic Tool Sets to Buy in 2018

Stock the basics you need for any project with these essentials for your garage.

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A good set of tools can get you through most typical projects. Better still, the occasional emergency fix or repair usually requires a diverse set you can use quickly. Mechanic tool sets include the all purpose type of tools that you will reach for anytime you need to screw, hammer, ratchet, etc around the home or on the job. What makes a good mechanic tool set?

The number one thing to consider is the size and variety of the set. How many tools and what types does the set come with? Do you need a...MORE specialized or just a typical, all around set? Whether the tool is plastic, fiberglass, or metal, its build quality should be good enough to last you years of everyday use. Most importantly, the set should meet the size standards of each tool that’s included. Don’t waste your time with abnormally sized sockets or hexes. Only standard imperial or metric-dimensioned sets should be on your list.

Take a closer look at your best options with these top eight mechanic tool sets.

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    The best all around mechanic tool set should offer you plenty of variety and flexibility to tackle any number of projects. Since small parts come in both imperial and metric measurements, it doesn't hurt to have an assortment of both types of tools as well. The Stanley STMT73795 offers 210 separate metric/imperial tools and sockets/drivers that will be enough for most screws, nuts, and bolts you may encounter.

    All the tools are forged from high strength steel and are ergonomically designed...MORE for a comfortable grip. Many of the tools are also designed for quick use. The ratchets can easily switch different sockets and extensions, and reverse direction with a simple thumb flick. Everything is contained in a durable, easy to carry case.

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    Sometimes, a more specialized mechanic tool set can be more useful if you have certain types of projects continuously. The DeWalt DWMT72165 offers 204 pieces and tools with a greater focus on sockets and ratchets than other tool sets. The set is meant for people who work on parts or projects with a large amount of nuts and bolts. The sockets come in virtually any common size you may need and provide clear markings of the size.

    The standout part of this set is the primary ratchet that will work...MORE with any of the sockets included in the set. The ratchet has a 72-tooth gearing system that gives you precise control over the amount of torque you apply. The body of the ratchet is slim for difficult to reach places and is designed for one hand operation with quick socket changes.

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    For a starter kit, a budget tool set is a perfect option when you want something with the basics. Budget kits tend to skip the specialized tools and focus on the more commonly used pieces you may need. The Hi-Spec 67 Piece Auto Mechanics kit will provide you a decent set of sockets and a pro grade ratchet. In addition, you will find other common garage tools like needle nose pliers, hex keys, and even a voltage tester.

    If you have a large collection of tools already, this set is also a good...MORE option for a smaller, more mobile tool set. Instead of reaching for tools from all corners of your workspace, this one keeps everything in a sturdy case for you to keep at your side as you work.

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    One tool set to do it all is the dream of many professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Why stock your garage with every single tool you might need when one tool set will be enough? While it may just be a dream, the Crescent CTK170CMP2 certainly gets close by offering 170 assorted tools you can use on virtually any project. With ratchets, sockets, wrenches, pliers, and more, this is the best choice if you only want one tool set to store.

    One of the best features about this set is the storage...MORE case. The inside compartments make it easy to organize the tools so each one has a proper, easy to reach spot. When closed, the convenient handle also means you can carry this set with you wherever you need on projects that require moving around.

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    The Craftsman 311 Piece ratchet set offers any and all types of ratchets and sockets you could ever want in a tool set. Since these are some of the most common types of tools you will use on any number of projects, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with the obscure socket and driver sizes you may encounter every now and then. The set includes 75 tooth ratchets, 14 wrench heads, and 15 bit sockets.

    Three ratchets come with this set. Each one is made with the same durable, high polished metal, and...MORE features a quick release mechanism for quickly changing sockets as you work. The ratchets move in 4.8 degree increments allowing for fine adjustments while torqueing down nuts and bolts.

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    If you don’t need a professional assortment of tools, a home mechanic set is a more affordable substitute. Similar to budget tool sets, home sets are specially designed for common home and garage projects that require a similar group of tools. The GreatNeck GN205 comes with the usual assortment of ratchets, sockets, and hex key wrenches in addition to more home specific tools like utility knives, screwdrivers, and PVC tape.

    A set like this is a great emergency tool kit to have on hand when...MORE unexpected problems come up. During times where you need one type of tool like a claw hammer, it can be useful to keep these tools all in one place so you know where to look. The included storage case has three separate drawers so you can further organize the tools to your liking.

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    When quantity is important, the more tools a set includes, the better. Craftsman’s 413 piece tool set offers one of the most complete and extensive kits available on the market. This is the kind of tool set you should buy if you want to cover all your bases or to be prepared for random, unexpected projects that can come up.

    While 271 sockets and 55 combination wrenches might seem like overkill, it can be smart to have an extensive collection of tools. Usually, smaller tool kits will leave...MORE something out that inevitably becomes important right when you least expect it. Having a large collection of tools like this minimizes the chances of this happening while allowing you to tackle more specialized projects.

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    A small mechanic tool kit makes it easier to keep track of the most important or common tools you use regularly. For something small and manageable, the Stanley STMT71651 focuses on quality over quantity. With 145 pieces, the set offers some of the most common tools you will need for typical projects around the home and garage. Each tool is made from high quality steel and finished using nickel or black chrome.

    The ratchets of the set include Stanley’s Max-Drive design which increases the amount...MORE of torque you can deliver while tightening nuts and fasteners. The design will also help the tool last longer since it minimizes the amount of contact with fasteners while delivering more torque than other common ratchets.

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